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Toyota Forklift Mounting Brackets - The Best OEM and Aftermarket Replacements for Your Lift Truck

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Main Function of Toyota Forklift Brackets
  3. When it is Time to Change My Toyota Forklift Brackets?
  4. What are the Main Causes of the Deterioration of My Toyota Forklift Brackets?
  5. Get New Brackets for Your Toyota Forklift at Lift Parts Warehouse
  6. Takeaway


Even though people don't usually pay much attention to them, brackets are essential components of Toyota forklifts. Different parts and accessories are mounted to our lifting vehicle thanks to these elements. When the Toyota forklift brackets are worn, they risk those elements that depend directly on them. Brackets are made with resistant and durable materials, but they will eventually need to be replaced. If you are looking for new Toyota forklift mounting brackets, perfect! Lift Parts Warehouse has the information you need to purchase a suitable replacement.

Main Function of Toyota Forklift Brackets

Toyota Forklift Brackets are essential in maintaining the stability and strength of your Toyota forklift components or accessories. These elements can be used on your forklift's frame, engine, or mast to provide additional support.

Toyota forklift showing the complete LPG tank bracket assembly attached to the vehicle frame.
You can use brackets to fix the liquid propane gas tank of the LPG Toyota forklift

Toyota forklift mounting brackets are usually made from steel, making them very strong. The shape and thickness of the bracket will depend on the model of the forklift and the specific application.

Toyota forklift mounting brackets hold many Toyota lift truck items in place. You can find brackets to attach forklift sensors, fix a seat, or hold mirrors and lights. You can also use brackets to connect the load rollers, hydraulic tilt cylinders, or auxiliary screens.

New aftermarket headlight bracket replacement for Toyota lift trucks: 56501-U1160-71
Headlight bracket for 30-7FBCU15 Toyota forklift

In short, you can find brackets for many elements of the forklift. Finding the right Toyota forklift mounting brackets for specific tasks can be a bit difficult, so it's best to consult your forklift's manual, so you can determine the correct part number.

New aftermarket bracket - tilt sensor for Toyota lift trucks: 58851-26600-71
Bracket - Tilt sensor for Toyota: 58851-26600-71

When it is Time to Change My Toyota Forklift Brackets?

You don't have to wait until your supports are completely deteriorated or broken to replace them. The brackets and connectors will slowly deteriorate over time, so it's essential to know when the right moment is to get new ones. This can save you a lot of inconvenience in the future.

Operator supervising the condition of the mounting brackets of a group of Toyota forklifts
Check the condition of your Toyota forklift mounting brackets regularly

Here we point out the main signs to spot when Toyota forklift brackets should be replaced.

  • Vibrations. The brackets may deteriorate, and the attachment could be affected. When this happens, you could notice the erratic movement of the elements as a consequence of the vibration produced.
  • Impact noises. If the brackets on your forklift reach a certain level of deterioration, then the pieces that are supposed to be fixed will start hitting the base. This will cause an irregular noise when your forklift is in use.
  • Signs of corrosion. Toyota forklift mounting brackets can corrode if they are exposed to corrosive elements. This will cause pitted areas on the bracket surface. If this condition is not stopped, it will continue to degrade the bracket until it breaks and detaches completely.
  • Rust signs. The first signs of rust are usually seen on the paint. This type of rust grows on small nicks, cracks, and scratches. As the clear coat wears, your paint becomes vulnerable to wear and abrasions. Once water penetrates the unprotected metal, it oxidizes. Rust usually appears as a red, brown, or orange flaking or pitting of the forklift bracket's steel surface.
A pair of extremely rusty Toyota forklift brackets.
Make sure that the Toyota forklift brackets do not get to a point where they are no longer safe and could damage the rest of the lift truck elements

Toyota forklift mounting brackets generally do not have a default schedule that suggests when they should be replaced. Everything will depend on the conditions they are exposed to and the maintenance they receive. Remember that not all mounts wear out equally. Depending on their application, some may deteriorate more rapidly than others. If you detect these signs of wear on the brackets of your Toyota forklift in time, you will be able to locate the corresponding spare part well in advance.

What are the Main Causes of the Deterioration of My Toyota Forklift Brackets?

An old Toyota forklift damaged by the use and passage of time
The agents that can deteriorate the brackets also affect the rest of the forklift components

The causes that can lead to the deterioration of the brackets of your Toyota forklift are varied. Here we highlight the most common:

  • Overloads. Each Toyota forklift bracket is designed to fulfill a particular task. This means that they will be made to support a range of specific loads. When these load parameters are continually exceeded, they will inevitably deform. When there is no possible repair, the Toyota forklift brackets must be immediately replaced.
  • Use wrong Toyota forklift mounting brackets for a specific task. Toyota produces different types of brackets for various purposes. If you try to use a Toyota forklift bracket for something it was not designed for, it will wear out faster. Before replacing any Toyota forklift brackets, we suggest you consult the forklift's manual and find out what the proper replacement should be.
  • Outdoor weather conditions. The weather is an essential factor to consider when using a forklift outdoors. The weather can speed up the deterioration of the forklift brackets. In particular, cold weather, high humidity, or coastal areas can lead to rust and corrosion formation.
  • Exposure to corrosive agents. Many industry sectors, like electrical generation, oil production, construction, or even food production, will be corrosive agents that can corrode the most vulnerable steel elements of forklifts. That's why it's essential to keep the forklift brackets clean, so it doesn't start to decay sooner than expected.
  • Unexpected and unwanted blows. It can be challenging to operate a forklift, so only specially trained drivers should do it. However, accidents can happen since forklifts are used to move heavy objects. For example, if the forklift driver suddenly makes a quick move, he could hit something and damage it. If this happens to a bracket on the forklift, it could warp or even come off.

Get New Brackets for Your Toyota Forklift at Lift Parts Warehouse

When replacing your Toyota forklift mounting brackets, you need to find the best replacements available. And there is no better place to find a new forklift bracket than Lift Parts Warehouse. In our catalog, you will find the necessary brackets so that your Toyota forklift can operate without any issue.

New aftermarket bracket assembly tank replacement for Toyota lift trucks: 00591-51160-81/>
Aftermarket replacement bracket assembly tank for Toyota: 00591-51160-81

You will not need to look for more alternatives. Our prices will not leave you indifferent. We remind you that all our products count on a full-year warranty. And if that were not enough, depending on the amount of your order, shipping can be free! Contact our staff today to know more, do not miss this opportunity. You can contact us via chat, or if you prefer, you can also call us (1.800.210.8170.)

New aftermarket replacement engine mount bracket for Toyota lift trucks: 12301-26600-71
Aftermarket replacement bracket - engine mount for Toyota: 12301-26600-71

You also have other spare parts for your Toyota forklift that may interest you. Among the most requested by our customers, we highlight the following:


It is more than clear of the vital role that comes to play Toyota forklift mounting brackets. Thanks to them, many forklift elements can be held and attached in their place. If one or more Toyota forklift brackets fail, it can deteriorate several components. When you need to replace any of the supports of your Toyota forklift, do not hesitate to contact the Lift Parts Warehouse service. We are sure that you will find the appropriate bracket in our online catalog.

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