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Forklift Engines and their parts for sale

Lift Parts Warehouse has got them when it comes to amazing forklift engines. We sell mount and engine parts for internal combustion forklifts and electric powered forklifts.

Also, when it comes down to finding the right engine for your electrical forklift, you need to know where to look and how. All in all, you need no less than the expertise that comes from those who have been there in your shoes, and that's what the service team over at Lift Parts Warehouse is all about. You may visit our online page to discuss mass ordering options on forklift engines, as well as all kinds of replacements parts.

And you also need experts who know the latest models and serial numbers, as well as add-on features, for the newest electric engines, much more when it deals with forklifts. And our staff knows the ins and outs like it's the back of their hand. So why not try them out? And while you are at it, feel free to message them online, as well, should any question come up while you are browsing. Your inquiry is guaranteed to be responded to on time.

Table of contents

  1. How a forklift engine works
  2. Additional facts to note
  3. Some CNG & Diesel Considerations
  4. Forklift engines and their parts at Lift Parts Warehouse

How a forklift engine works

Forklift engines, also more commonly known as IC engines or Internal Combustion Engines, are made for forklifts that require very heavy lifting. They all carry a similar, or the very same, type of functionality as well, dependent upon the brand name representing them, the model version in question, and a few other key factors.

First and foremost, it all begins with the engine being forced to "crank over" by means of the gear-driven starter and the ignition battery, respectively. What follows is the commencement of the internal combustion process begins. The carburetor involved will then properly mix a combustible to follow suit from what has just occurred. This is usually in the air combined with liquid fuel while injecting it straight into the cylinder. It does so through a valve. Then, the rod attaches itself to the piston inside the cylinder and then attaches itself to the crankshaft, in turn.

Toyota 4Y 2.2 Engine
Toyota 4Y 2.2 Engine

Furthermore, to produce the required mechanical energy, the spark plug will introduce (mainly to the fuel and air, compressed mixture) a spark that will ignite the subsequent explosion. Such explosion then drives the piston down further into the cylinder, along with the rod. Due to the unique way the crankshaft's initially designed, it is made to convert the piston's stated downward energy, not to mention the rod's, to mechanical energy (the RPMs process more commonly known to many). The block's crankshaft then connects a whole group of these cylinders together.

The engine block also contains a host of other mechanisms alongside here, such as those of the camshaft that uses the RMPs of the engine. It does so by opening and closing all valves involved in a carefully timed sequence. The stated mechanical energy will also help drive the generator (or alternator, as others call it), usually belt-driven. This generator will then supply the needed current straight to the electrical components of the forklift. In addition, note that the electricity produced by this method is also used to properly drive the lift/tilt hydraulic pumps and the power steering.

Check the following video about the Internal Combustion engine parts:

Additional facts to note

Furthermore, keep the following in mind concerning forklift engines:

  1. Gasoline engines of this type are known to use the same fuel as cars.
  2. Engines categorized as LPG (for Forklift Liquefied Petroleum Gas) tend to run on naturally - occurring gas. LPG also tends to be the standard choice for gas grill products, used most often.
  3. Engines that work with CNG (for Compressed Natural Gas) tend to use the same fuel that most furnaces, electric stoves, and other similar household appliances of modern homes and businesses.
  4. Some engines are of the diesel kind, such as many that Toyota offers, employing diesel fuel instead.

Some CNG & Diesel Considerations

The following are a few primal examples of which Toyota - specific forklifts may already include CNG engines or forklift diesel engines within them:

CNG Possibilities:

The Toyota Core IC Cushion

This one works with a max capacity of 6,500 lb. And its minimum lifting capacity starts at 3,000 lb. It offers SAS, which is otherwise more commonly known as a System of Active Stability. SAS is a patented feature proving that the forklift bearing its label has undergone significant longitudinal and lateral improvements as of late. This type of forklift can also navigate its way easily among 12 - ft. isles and gets a lift height of more than 23′.

Toyota Core IC Cushion
Toyota Core IC Cushion

The Toyota Core IC Pneumatic

It's got the same lifting capacity as the one just previously mentioned. It also incorporates the best of modern SAS and displays the patent in numerous areas. In addition, it's got a bolt-on overhead guard as well as a start safety switch for neutral engine use, not to mention key lowering interlock settings of its design. It gives all credit to its manufacturers. Its main function is for outside usage, but it may also be used inside warehouses and other buildings. This would even be preferable in the United States, given the intense winter temperatures experienced every year in many country areas.

Diesel Engine Possibilities:

The Toyota Mid-IC Pneumatic

Here, the totaled lifting capacity extends to 800 - 1,100 lbs. Two-speed transmission is involved. Its primal application makes it most suitable for longer lumber yard days and outdoor use mainly, but it can serve numerous other functions.

The Toyota Large-IC Pneumatic

This forklift gets the most lifting capacity of all forklifts seen here thus far, maxing itself out at 13,500 - 17,500 lb. in lift potential. It's highly supersized and offers significant SAS and outdoor power of its own, in addition to a two-speed transmission, once more. It's specially designed for use in all conditions, be they indoor or outdoor; it also takes into account numerous weather settings. It comes from within specialized Toyota warehouses and heavy-duty plants of manufacture, respectively. Its material handling grip and retention features are some of the best they could ever be.

The Toyota Large - IC Pneumatic
The Toyota Large-IC Pneumatic

One Diesel - Engine Only Option:

The Toyota High-Capacity IC Pneumatic

This - internal combustion, high-capacity type of forklift works with shorter load centers, which are available in LP. Its overall lift capacity starts off at 22,000 lb. and goes up to 125,000 lbs. It's made for the heaviest of industrial-grade products or extensions. It's a Toyota THD line forklift offering an MD4 7" Touchscreen Display original to its own. You can get instant diagnostic data from it as well.
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