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SL 2700 MOLDED SEAT Sl 2700 Molded Seat
Our Price: $245.85
Forklift operators who work seated for many hours on a daily basis are facing serious risks for the development of musculoskeletal problems that can start as mild discomfort and gradually become severe pain problems. The main reasons behind these problems are the vibrations that pass from the forklift wheels to the operator's seats, the constant acceleration and breaking that leads to sudden posture changes and stress the back of the operator, and the body strain from having to stretch your body in order to gain the required visibility for that maneuver or turn.
These tiny things are happening multiple times during the shift of the forklift operator, and so they slowly build up musculoskeletal injuries that can often lead to complete inability to work, not to mention the irreversible body damage. All of the aforementioned risks can be greatly mitigated with the use of well-designed and well-made seats, and while forklift manufacturers do what they can in that part, not all seats are made equal, and not all forklift models are comfortable enough to work with. This is because they still have to cut the production costs in order to keep their competitive position in the market. Usually, most low-cost forklifts come with an “adequate” seat that isn't ergonomic nor comfortable enough for multi-hour use.
Lift Parts Warehouse acknowledges the needs of our customers in that area and offers aftermarket seats that address all of the problems that lead to common forklift operator injuries. More specifically, our seats boast:
A swiveling base for increased visibility that relieves the operator from having to stretch left and right.
• Comfortable adjustable armrests and headrests that will take the fatigue out of the neck and upper back area.
• Well-balanced weighted suspension that absorbs vibrations and shocks and saves your back vertebrae from attrition.
• Neck, leg, and head protection in case of a tip-over incident will save the operator from serious injuries.
Moreover, all of our seat models are made out of high-quality PVC materials that are both comfortable and durable, won't stain, can be easily wiped if wet, and are suitable for extended exposure to UV sunlight. They are universal, meaning that they can fit in any forklift model and are very easy to install. We offer one year of warranty on all our seat models.
If you are a forklift operator, don't overlook the quality of your seat as you will soon be regretting it as inabilities to work will prove to be a decisive factor for your professional career. Talk to your manager and kindly suggest the change. Even if they won't accept, you should buy your own personal seat and fix it on your machine. It's easy and quick to install, so you shouldn't risk your own health because of bad manager decisions.
If you are a manager, be sure to keep the quality of your forklift fleet seats at the highest level. Musculoskeletal injuries can cost your company a lot in terms of covering medical costs, will have a significant impact on your productivity, and you will most probably need to run time and resource-costing hiring rounds, personnel training sessions, etc. Since those seats can be used in any of the forklifts, they can be reused again in new models, so they are an investment and an asset on their own respect.