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Prestolite rebuilt electric motors

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Electric motors are an essential part of many products and machines. Prestolite has been making them for a long time, and they make some of the best electric motors out there. You can buy small or large ones depending on what you need. This post will take a closer look at these electric motors and how they work while also talking about the benefits of buying Prestolite rebuilt electric motors from Lift Parts warehouse.

Table of contents

  1. About Prestolite company
  2. Prestolite electric motors
  3. Prestolite drive motors
  4. Prestolite pump motors
  5. Prestolite rebuilt electric motors at Lift Part Warehouse
  6. Takeaways

About Prestolite company

Prestolite Asia is a company that provides quality products and services. They have been recognized for their innovative technology and work with corporations to create successful outcomes on diverse tasks.

The company has been in business for a long time. They have lots of loyal customers and are taking new paths into markets like India, China, and Europe because they want to grow even more than before.

In 1998, Prestolite opened a new research center. They have done many things since then. One of the things they did was make the first AC induction motor for electric forklifts in Korea and contribute to other projects that were related to the improvement of this device. Nowadays, Prestolite is focused on finding new technology for small electric vehicles.

Prestolite electric motors

Prestolite motors are designed to be high-quality and long-lasting. They are vital so that they can handle tough conditions, like industrial use. Prestolite motors are suitable for electric vehicles:

  • Forklifts
  • Aerial lifts
  • Cranes
  • Mining vehicles

Electric motors from Prestolite can be found controlling hydraulics that power loader functions like digging and bucket movement on backhoes and loaders. The automotive industry also takes advantage of electric motors from Prestolite in a variety of ways. In some models of utility cars, electric motors from Prestolite are used to start the vehicle. Other common applications for electric motors from this company in the automotive industry include power steering, hydraulic system, window lifts, and more.

Prestolite electric motor
Prestolite electric motor

Prestolite drive motors

Prestolite drive motors are AC induction motors designed to provide reliable performance for commercial vehicles, industrial equipment, and other demanding on/off-road applications. Prestolite offers AC Induction drive motors for forklifts. With a range of speeds from 1500 to 5000 rpm, these induction motors can provide the perfect power you need in your application with an output rate of up to 20kW! These engines can be found as single type or dual type. The electric drive motor of Prestolite can be found in :

  • CounterBalance Trucks
  • Warehouse trucks
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Industrial Vehicle
  • Electric Vehicles
  • E-Mobility
Prestolite electric motors
Prestolite drive motors for electric CounterBalance Trucks

Prestolite pump motors

Electric pump motors are a type of ac induction motor that is specifically designed to power pumps. They are available in a range of voltages and speeds, making them suitable for a variety of pumping applications. The Prestolite electric pump motors can be used in various vehicles, from forklifts to warehouse trucks. These kinds of pump motors feature an output power between 7-28 kW for warehouse equipment or 7 -16 kW for Agricultural Machinery or Industrial Vehicles. Commonly these Prestolite pump motors speed up 1500 -4500 rpm.

Prestolite pump forklift electric motor
Prestolite forklift pump motor

Prestolite rebuilt electric motors at Lift Part Warehouse

Electric motors for forklifts provide an economical means for companies to move products around their facilities. These electric forklifts are emissions-free and quiet, making them ideal for indoor use in warehouses and other commercial settings. Additionally, electric motors offer great flexibility with regards to traveling speeds and loads capacity, making them perfect for a variety of tasks.

If your forklift's motor is on the fritz or totally damaged, Lift Parts Warehouse has you covered. We offer rebuilt Prestolite motors that are as good as new. Our rebuild process begins with a complete test of an old motor. Every part is inspected and cleaned before being reassembled with new bearings, seals, and gaskets. The finished product is then tested to ensure it meets or exceeds OEM specs.

You can rest assured that our rebuilt Prestolite motors will provide years of reliable service. So if your forklift's motor is in need of a replacement, come to Lift Parts Warehouse first. We'll get your forklift back up and running in no time!

If you're looking for quality and durability, Prestolite rebuilt electric motors are the best choice that you can make. At lift Parts Warehouse, you can find a Prestolite rebuilt motor at affordable prices as the electric motor model 150-18-0019-0. There are many advantages to a Prestolite rebuilt motor, and these include low emissions, easy installation, and superior performance, and it is affordable and high-quality.

The Prestolite rebuilt motor model 1377794-01 is another option in stock and has several advantages. It is very reliable, and it will work well no matter what the conditions are like. It is easy to maintain, and it can be serviced quickly and easily by any qualified technician.

With Lift Parts Warehouse, you can find everything for your forklift on one site, including parts and products never needed. You get easy access to hundreds of different inventory items in size or product type, so there is no hassle whatsoever! The best part? We take all the work out by providing what people need right when they search our website.


  • Prestolite is a company that has done many things since 1998, including the first inventing an AC induction motor for electric forklifts in Korea.
  • Prestolite motors are high-quality, long-lasting electric motors found in many types of industrial and utility vehicles.
  • Prestolite drive motors are AC induction motors made for commercial vehicles, industrial equipment, and other demanding on/off-road applications.
  • Electric motors power pumps. Electric motors are available in a lot of different sizes and speeds.
  • If your forklift motor is not working, Lift Parts Warehouse can help. They offer new motors that work just like a new one.

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