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Jungheinrich AG is a material handling equipment developer and manufacturer that is based in Hamburg, Germany. The company was founded in 1953 and currently employs about 15000 expert engineers. Jungheinrich has a long history of worldwide success and is known across the globe for its innovative and reliable counterbalanced forklift trucks, reach trucks, low-lift trucks, tow tractors, high rack stackers, and order pickers. Most of these products are proudly made in Germany following the strictest of quality assurance standards and the most methodical production processes. The most notable advantages of Junheinrich forklifts include the reliable heavy-duty electrical components that consist of splash-proof plugs and connections, compact fuse boxes, and easy to access electric compartments.

On the electro-mechanical side, Jungheirich forklifts boast an electronic-controlled smart cooling system made out of aluminium that eliminates coolant evaporation and material faults, a vibration reduction system which expands from the drive shaft to the operator’s seat, maintenance free wet-disc brakes, performant and energy-efficient motor controllers that yield the best torque to energy consumption ratios and also reduce the emissions, and a sensor-based torque converter that has passed the vigorous two-month endurance tests of Naturseinwerk Borst in 2013, demonstrating its ability to work seamlessly without performance drops for hundreds of hours of continuous operation. This makes Jungheinrich a trusted and respected brand name in the forklift parts market and a synonym of high quality and ruggedness.

Lift Parts Warehouse offers a wide range of Jungheinrich brand new or rebuilt controllers for forklifts at the best price in the market. Our expert technicians have attended workshops and training courses conducted by Jungheinrich experts so they know exactly the correct procedures, proper tools, right methods, and technical guidelines that pertain to the controller remanufacturing procedure. We already have a relatively large stock of Jungheinrich rebuilt controllers that are ready to get shipped right away, but we can also receive your own controller and have it tested and appreciated in a short time. We only use genuine Jungheinrich spare parts for the replacement of those that are worn out or damaged, and we test the rebuilt controllers extensively before we ship them back to you. This is reflected by the fact that we offer a minimum of 6 months of guarantee in rebuilt Jungheinrich controllers which can be optionally extended to up to 36 months! On top of that, we offer the most client-respectful customer service, with minimum waiting times, complete transaction transparency, a team of experienced part specialists at your disposal, and detailed online shipment tracking services. We always work towards the goal to build a trust relationship with you from the very first time that you will reach to us with your query.

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50460792 JUNGHEINRICH/TEXT # IS AS2405I 50460792 : Jungheinrich AS2405I Controller


Our Price: $969.03
51037707 JUNGHEINRICH AS2405I 51037707 : Jungheinrich AS2405I Controller


Our Price: $969.03
51037707C : Jungheinrich AS2405I Controller w/CAN 51037707C : Jungheinrich AS2405I Controller w/CAN


Our Price: $969.03
51007437 : Jungheinrich Controller 51007437 : Jungheinrich Controller


Our Price: $1,177.58


Establishing the Company and Early Progress – The Jungheinrich Group was founded by Friedrich Jungheinrich, born on October 20, 1899. It began as H. Jungheinrich and Maschinefabrik, in Hamburg, Germany on August 7, 1953. The same year, company has unveiled their first electric four wheeled lift truck, known as the Ameise 55. The year 1953 was the beginning of the company’s own subsidiary and service network, the first branch which was opened in Mulheim an Der Ruhr, Germany.

Product Development through the Years - In 1956 H. Jungheinrich and Co. developed its first reach truck "the Retrak". Also they have begun developing and producing electric motors. In 1958 the first Jungheinrich IC engine diesel-powered counterbalance truck, the Ameise 65 DFG 15 G, was introduced. In 1960 the company has produced its first wheel supported lift truck, the Ameise Junior. This model incorporated starter batteries and tiller steering. It allowed companies with small space to maximize the advantages of pallet storage. The company’s product line has continued to grow in 1962 when it unveiled its Teletrak line of AGV’s. Jungheinrich reach new heights in 1968 with a new introduction of new high stacking and narrow aisle trucks' called the “The ETX". With its higher reach the ability to move in very narrow spaces, the trick facilitated better use of store height. This development would be the last as Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich has passed away on January 28, 1968.

Ever-expanding the Sales Network - In the late 195-'s trough the 60's company has started to extend their sales outside Germany. In 1956 Jungheinrich established a sales subsidiary in Austria - it’s the first one that was outside Germany. The upcoming year, Jungheinrich began with construction of a manufacturing facility in Hamburg-Wandbek, Germany. When he plant was opened in 1958, Jungheinrich's manufacturing capacity was significantly improved. The company's network has even extended further and sales were opened in Italy, Norway and Sweden.

Other Developments: ‘90s into the New Millennium - The Company continued to introduce new products to the market, such as drive in system in 1991. In 1994 the company has introduced the comFOUR concept financing, leasing or renting options for people who were not able to buy equipment outright. In 1999 the company has introduced its newly developed hand pallet trucks from 1957 and to this point as many as 2.5 million hand pallet trucks have been produced and sold.

The company today - Today, Jungheinrich has more than 500 sales consultants and over 2,800 mobile service engineers as in Europe alone. It also has sales and services office located in 30 countries outside of Europe.