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LS722A : Lens (Amber) LS722A : Lens (Amber)

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Our Price: $4.25
LS525A : Forklift LENS (AMBER) LS525A : Forklift LENS (AMBER)

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Our Price: $5.07
LS515A : Forklift  LENS AMBER LS515A : Forklift LENS AMBER

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Our Price: $5.23
LA3318 : Forklift  LENS AMBER 3318 : Forklift Strobe Lamp (Red)

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LS624A : Forklift  LENS AMBER LS624A : Forklift LENS AMBER for DOOSAN for HYSTER

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LS624B : Forklift  LENS BLUE LS624B : Forklift LENS BLUE

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LENS, REAR LAMP FOR NISSAN : 26520-50K02 Lens, Rear Lamp For Nissan : 26520-50K02


Our Price: $7.18
216G2-40731 : LENS FOR TCM 216G2-40731 : Lens For TCM, KOMATSU


Our Price: $7.20
51595-CAGE : Forklift  STROBE GUARD 51595-CAGE : Forklift Strobe Guard

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LENS, REAR LAMP FOR NISSAN : 26520-90K00 Lens, Rear Lamp For Nissan : 26520-90K00


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4943232 : Forklift  LENS 4943232 : Forklift Lens for KALMAR AC

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LENS FOR KOMATSU : 3EB-55-12321 3EB-55-12321 : Lens For Komatsu & Allis-chalmers


Our Price: $7.74
LENS FOR KOMATSU 4943232 4943232 : Lens For Komatsu & Allis-chalmers

Komatsu Forklift Parts

Our Price: $7.74
4943232 : FORKLIFT LENS 4943232 : Forklift Lens


Our Price: $7.74
LAMP ASS'Y FOR NISSAN : 26130-FE300 Lamp Assembly For Nissan : 26130-FE300


Our Price: $8.98
2029548 : Forklift  LAMP ASS'Y 2029548 : Forklift Lamp Ass'y

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LAMP ASS'Y  HYSTER HY2029548 Lamp Assembly For Hyster: 2029548

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9247374-00 : Forklift  LAMP ASS'Y 9247374-00 : Forklift Lamp Ass'y

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4943280 : FORKLIFT FRONT LAMP (12 VOLT) 4943280 : Forklift Front Lamp (12 Volt)


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4943280 : Forklift  FRONT LAMP (12 VOLT) 4943280 : Forklift Front Lamp (12 Volt) for KALMAR AC

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Our Price: $9.45
214A2-42162 : LENS FOR TCM 214A2-42162 : Lens For TCM


Our Price: $10.24

Forklift safety lights: Types and importance

Reading time: 5 min 12 sec.


You may not think of forklifts as needing lighting, but if you work with them daily, then you would know that it is essential to have the perfect light. Not only does good lighting allow for better visibility when working in tight spaces, but it also prevents accidents from happening. This post will go over the different types of available lights and their importance.

Table of contents

  1. Forklift lights
  2. Types of Lights for Forklifts
  3. Forklift Headlights
  4. Brake light
  5. Strobe light
  6. Blue pedestrian spotlights
  7. Red side pedestrian light
  8. Importance of forklift lights
  9. Difference between Forklift LED lights and halogen lights
  10. Forklift lights at Lift Parts Warehouse
  11. Takeaways

Forklift lights

Forklift lights are essential for the safety of the person that works in a warehouse. The forklift safety lights. comes in a variety of colors that have a specific meaning. Also, there are different kinds of lights depending on the place put on, such as forklift headlights, tail or brake lights, strobe lights, and more. All operators must know how to use their lights properly, so they do not create any problem with visibility or activities in the workplace.

Forklift lights
Forklift lights

Types of lights for forklifts

Forklift Headlights

One of the most critical lights for your forklift is the headlights. These lights have a few functions depending on the setting it's being used.

Forklifts are essential for moving heavy objects around warehouses, but sometimes the conditions are not as suitable as we desire. For this reason, it's necessary to keep their forklift headlights well maintained at all times so that you can see what's in front or behind the truck when driving through dark areas.

Brake light

The purpose of these lights is to let other drivers know that there's a forklift nearby so as not to collide with them. These forklift safety lights allow less confusion during routine operations and when something unexpected happens, like someone backing up without warning.

Thankfully, tail and brake lights exist on most forklifts nowadays, making it easier for everyone involved by providing an unobstructed view of the back end of a moving vehicle.

Strobe light

To operate a forklift safely, it is important to be aware of its risks. One such risk is the potential for injury due to collisions with other objects. Forklift operators can reduce this risk by making use of strobe lights.

The strobing effect also provides a high level of visibility lights are typically located on top of vehicles for maximum effect and visibility. Still, some newer models use either side-mounted or undercarriage-mounted lamps with reflectors to achieve similar results. They can also help operators be more aware of their surroundings when operating in reverse. In certain applications, strobe lights can enhance safety by providing an additional indicator that a forklift could begin the movement, change speeds, or alter directions quickly. OSHA does not require strobes, but they can be helpful in some work environments and provide extra safety features for those who need them most.

Blue pedestrian spotlights

The blue pedestrian spotlights are a safety measure that is often utilized in environments where blind intersections are prevalent, as they warn other operators and pedestrians of the forklift's approach. These forklift safety lights serve as a precautionary measure for everyone's protection. They can be used in warehouses, parking garages, and other venues with high pedestrian traffic.

Red side pedestrian light

A Red Side Pedestrian Light is a lighting device affixed to the forklift to warn pedestrians of the danger posed by the lift truck. When you need to be careful while walking, the Red Side Pedestrian Light will help illuminate your surroundings so that other workers aren't hit. The Red Side Light may lower the chances of getting hit by the rear-end swing of a turning lift truck. The Red-Zone LED warning light helps reduce the chances of workers getting hit by the rear end swing of a turning lift and provides a safe zone around other equipment like scissor lifts.

Importance of forklift lights

Forklift lights are an important part of any workplace, and they help to prevent accidents and injuries by alerting people to the presence of a forklift. Many workers suffer from non-serious injuries every year due to the negligence of other workers who don't use proper safety equipment. The best way to avoid accidents would be to equip every forklift with safety strobe lights that could warn others that they are near.

The safety strobe lights on the forklifts are a good idea to use as they help to ensure pedestrian safety. When a pedestrian walks in front of a forklift, they do not see it because it has a small turning radius and is often at a different height from pedestrians, so the safety strobe lights can help to make them visible. Safety strobe light also ensures that the pedestrians know where the forklift will turn by giving them an area to stay out of. Safety strobe lights are important for the visibility of the forklifts, especially in warehouses where there are many blind spots and corners. Drivers of these industrial trucks need to be experienced with their equipment and the know-how it handles.

It is also important for all workers to take extra care when operating their forklifts because even one mistake can result in severe consequences for themselves and their co-workers.

Difference between forklift LED lights and halogen lights

Forklifts are often used in warehouses and other places where much of the work is done at night, so businesses must find a light source that will provide visibility without costing too much in terms of energy or replacement costs.

  • LED lights are a superior option to halogens for many reasons, including their durability and lack of filament. LEDs don't get as hot or drain your battery as traditional bulbs do, so they're more efficient.
  • LED lights are typically more expensive but could save you money over time due to their durable nature and long life, which can help make up for the initial expense.
  • Halogen lights use a typical bulb with a filament that can be damaged due to vibration or shock. They also have more amp draw than forklift LED lights.

Forklift lights at Lift Parts Warehouse

At Lift Parts Warehouse, you can find everything you need for your forklift, from motors to lights. It is important to think about the safety of your workers, so we decided to make this post and recommend some of the lights available in our stock.

The 37B-1EH-2011: Lamp for Komatsu or Allis-Chalmers provides good lighting for the operator to see better when they are loading material. The lamp reflects off of the material being loaded to light up the rear of the truck or trailer. This increases the operator's visibility, making it safer for their operation on site.

37B-1EH-2011 : Lamp for Komatsu & Allis-chalmers
37B-1EH-2011: Lamp for Komatsu & Allis-chalmers

The 37B-1EB-3010A is a combination lamp that is designed to work with both Komatsu and Allis-Chalmers forklifts. It's a versatile option that can be used in various applications and offers superior performance and durability.

37B-1EB-3010A: Lamp - Combination
37B-1EB-3010A: Lamp - Combination

The 3EB-55-A7720-E is a popular lamp that is designed for use with forklifts. It is a tail lamp that helps improve the safety of the operators of the forklifts. It also has a long life, so it does not need to be replaced often.

3EB-55-A7720-E: Lamp - Tail for Komatsu & Allis-chalmers
3EB-55-A7720-E: Lamp - Tail for Komatsu & Allis-chalmers


  • Forklift headlights and a reversing light help others in a warehouse know where you're going.
  • The red side pedestrian light will help illuminate your surroundings so that you can be seen.
  • All workers need to take extra care when operating their forklifts. Even one mistake can result in severe consequences.
  • Halogen lights are vulnerable to damage due to vibration or shock and use more power than forklift LED lights.

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