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Yale is the brand name for a full line of lift trucks including forklifts sold as part of the NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG). Yale lift trucks are well known for their quality and are being sold worldwide through 223 authorized dealerships. Yale has 80 years of experience of developing hoists and lift trucks. It's also credited for inviting one of the first electric trucks to use both raised forks and an elevating mast.

History - Yale started as a small company, very far away from the currently know global manufacturer of lift trucks into which it has evolved today. First product that the company produced was a pin tumbler cylinder lock invented by Linus Yale Jr. in 1844. In 1868 the first factory was established by Linus Yale and Henry Towne located in Stamford, Connecticut called Yale Lock Manufacturing Co. Linus Yale passed away during the company’s first year in business and Towne has taken over the leadership. In 1875 Yale has introduced its first hand powered chain hoist after acquiring patterns from Western differential pulley blocks. By 1883 Yale was the country top lock produced but also has taken the leading in as in a hoist manufacturer with the addition of gears and electric powered hoists.

The Leap to Lift Trucks - In 1920 Yale and Towne expanded its involvement after the purchase of C.W. Hunt Co. of Staten Island. One year before, The Hunt Co. had introduced a new battery powered low lift platform truck. The merger of Hunt Co. has given the chance Yale and Towne to afford the opportunity to invest its very first forklift truck in 1923. It was also credited for producing the very first electric truck that used to raise forks and elevating mast.

By the 1920’s Yale had already produced a line of complete line of trucks.

• Model K 20 narrow high platform truck

• Model K 21 wide high platform truck

• Model K 22 general utility elevating platform truck

• Model K 23 low platform truck

• Model K 24 three wheel tractor truck

By 1929 company has incorporated Hunt-designed trucks under the Yale name brand and had introduced a new family of battery operated trucks that had features for both low and high platform, non-tipping tow tractor, a low slung and the first forklift that came with an clamp attachment. In 1931 the company has moved its headquarters to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, rounding up production of its electric trucks, hoists and hand trucks all under the same roof.

Merger with Eaton - In 1963 Yale and Towne have gotten a chance to merge with a multinational company called Eaton Manufacturing Co., operating in the industrial truck divisions. Under the Eaton umbrella, Yale has continued to grow rapidly. It was later renamed to Eaton Corp.

Partnership with Sumitomo - by 1971 Yale was selling its Japanese made trucks all over North America and Europe. As the result of that a joint venture was agreed upon with Sumitomo called Sumitomo-Yale Co. Ltd.

Yale Materials Handling - in 1984 Yale Materials Handling Corp. was formed and the company was restructured. In 1992 Yale Europe Materials Handling was formed to supply forklifts to Middle East, Africa and Europe.

NACCO Buys Yale Brand - In 1985 NACCO has purchased Yale Materials Handling Corp. Yale's new owner became the largest producer of lift trucks in the world, selling over a 70.000 forklifts worldwide in 1994.

Company Today - the Yale brand is sold and marketed worldwide as part of NACCO Materials Handling Group. NACCO is currently the largest producer of lift trucks inside the U.S. and the third largest in the world. It generates about $1.5 billion in revenue annually.