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New & Used GENIE Electrical Forklift Parts in Stock!

Genie Industries was founded in 1966 and started manufacturing compressed air cylinders to help in material lifting activities. Since then, they have grown and introduced innovative solutions in the field such as the Z-lift in 1984. In 2002, Genie became part of the Terex Arial Work Platforms, a company that shares equal values around quality, reliability, and safety in lift equipment. Currently, Genie is specializing in the design and development of telescopic boom lifts that are known to offer greater horizontal outreach than any other aerial lift platform made by a competitor. This provides an unmatched operational accessibility advantage for those who choose Genie, and a certainty that they made the right choice.

At this time, Genie manufactures pioneering telehandlers, vertical mast lifts, aerial work platforms, rough terrain scissor lifts, slab scissor lifts, articulated booms, and telescopic booms. The parts and accessories for all of the above products are also specifically design and made by Genie, so they meet the same level of performance and quality as the main machines. The innovation that stems from Genie right now include a “Quick-Attach” TM system that allows telehandlers to seamlessly change between different types of material handling, a variable-speed hydrostatic drive that achieves ultimate performance under all conditions, highly-optimized four-wheel-drive transmissions, proportional leveling systems that maximize the machine’s stability, integrated battery charging systems, multiple disc braking unit for smooth deceleration, zero inside turning radius, drive speed interlock during the elevation action, and low level of noise and vibration based on careful design and implementation of a set of shock absorbing units.

Lift Parts Warehouse offers a wide range of Genie brand new or rebuilt spare parts for forklifts at the best price in the market. Our expert technicians know exactly the correct procedures, proper tools, right methods, and technical guidelines that pertain to the required remanufacturing procedure. We already have a relatively large stock of Genie rebuilt spare parts that are ready to get shipped right away, but we can also receive your own controller and have it tested and appreciated in a short time. We only use genuine Genie spare parts for the replacement of those that are worn out or damaged, and we test the rebuilt parts extensively before we ship them back to you. This is reflected by the fact that we offer a minimum of 6 months of guarantee in rebuilt Genie spare parts which can be optionally extended to up to 36 months! On top of that, we offer the most client-respectful customer service, with minimum waiting times, complete transaction transparency, a team of experienced part specialists at your disposal, and detailed online shipment tracking services. We always work towards the goal to build a trust relationship with you from the very first time that you will reach to us with your query.

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GN137634 : Genie Joystick Controller GN137634 : Genie Joystick Controller for CROWN

In Stock. Ready to Ship

Our Price: $292.61
7041410 24V GENIE CHARGER W/ GEL OPT 7041410 : Genie 24V Battery Charger


Our Price: $351.14
78725 ECU SLAB GEN 4 78725 : Genie ECU Slab Gen 4 for JLG (Rebuilt)


Our Price: $583.94
100839 : Genie 24V ECU Slab Gen 5 100839 : Genie 24V ECU Slab Gen 5


Our Price: $652.81
55297 : Genie 24V ECU Slab 55297 : Genie 24V ECU Slab


Our Price: $652.81

Genie Forklift Electrical Parts


Lift Parts Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all your Genie forklift parts needs. We offer a comprehensive selection of new and used parts for Genie forklifts, ensuring you have the resources to keep your fleet operating at peak performance. From genuine Genie parts to guaranteed compatible alternatives, we provide high-quality options at competitive prices. Our user-friendly website allows for easy online ordering with secure payment options and fast shipping with real-time tracking. Partnering with Lift Parts Warehouse streamlines your parts procurement process and keeps your forklift running smoothly.

About Genie

Genie, a leading brand under Terex Corporation, has established a reputation for excellence in material handling equipment. Their forklifts are renowned for their power, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Genie forklifts are a popular choice for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers, and they have a range of models catering to various lifting capacities and application needs.

Genie Forklift

Available Genie Electrical Forklift Parts

At Lift Parts Warehouse, we offer an extensive selection of electrical forklift parts to keep your equipment running smoothly. Our inventory includes:

Batteries and Chargers

Power your Genie forklift with our durable batteries and chargers, designed to offer long-lasting performance and quick charging.

Batteries and Chargers

Motors and Drives

Choose from various motors and drives that provide the necessary power and control for your forklift's operations.

Motors and Drives


Our precision controllers ensure accurate handling and maneuverability of your Genie forklift, enhancing safety and productivity.


Braking Systems

Safety comes first with our reliable braking systems, which are essential for the controlled operation of your forklift.

Brake Assembly

Sensors and Switches

Maintain the responsiveness of your forklift with our high-quality sensors and switches, which are crucial for efficient functioning.

Sensors and Switches

Wiring Harnesses

Ensure electrical reliability with our robust wiring harnesses, designed to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments.

Wiring Harness

When to Replace Your Genie Forklift Parts

Regular maintenance is vital for your Genie forklift's safety, performance, and longevity. However, parts inevitably wear down over time, and replacements become necessary. Here are some signs indicating it's time for new Genie forklift parts:

Decreased Performance

A noticeable decline in lifting capacity, reduced travel speed, or sluggish battery life can point toward worn-out components.

Visible Wear and Tear

Cracked or broken parts, excessive tire wear, or fluid leaks indicate that replacements are needed.

Unusual Noises

Unusual grinding, clunking, or squeaking sounds often signify parts malfunctioning or requiring lubrication.

Maintenance Schedule

Following the recommended maintenance schedule outlined in your Genie forklift manual is crucial for proactive part replacements.

How Do You Select The Right Part For Your Genie Electrical Forklift?

Finding the correct replacement parts for your Genie forklift is essential for optimal performance and safety. Here are a few methods to ensure you choose the right parts:

Model and Serial Number

The first step is identifying your Genie forklift model and serial number. This information is usually found on a decal affixed to the machine's frame.

Genie Parts Manuals

Genie provides detailed parts manuals for their entire forklift range. These manuals often include parts diagrams, specifications, and replacement part numbers.

Lift Parts Warehouse Website

Our user-friendly website allows you to search for parts by your Genie forklift model and serial number, simplifying the process of finding compatible parts.

Contact Lift Parts Warehouse Support

Our knowledgeable customer support team is readily available to assist you in identifying the correct parts for your Genie forklift. We can be reached by phone, email, or live chat.

Benefits of Choosing Lift Parts Warehouse for Genie Electrical Forklift Parts

Competitive Prices (New and Used)

We offer a wide range of parts at competitive prices, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your budget, whether you need brand-new Genie parts or high-quality used alternatives.

Wide Selection and Availability

Our extensive inventory ensures you can find the specific electrical forklift parts you need, minimizing downtime for your operations.

High-quality parts (Genuine Genie or Guaranteed Compatible

We offer genuine Genie and guaranteed compatible parts that meet strict quality standards, ensuring optimal performance and machine safety.

Easy Online Ordering and Secure Payment

Enjoy a convenient and secure online ordering experience with various secure payment options.

Fast Shipping and Tracking Options

Get your parts quickly with our fast shipping options and real-time tracking information.

Tips for Maintaining Genie Electrical Forklift Parts

Regular maintenance is essential for preventing unexpected breakdowns and ensuring the longevity of your Genie forklifts. Always refer to your Genie maintenance manuals for specific recommendations on maintaining your equipment. Here are some general maintenance practices to keep in mind:

Regular Inspections

Regularly inspect your Genie forklift to identify signs of wear and tear on parts such as tires, brakes, and hydraulic components.

Timely Replacements

Proactively replace filters, fluids, and other consumable parts according to the recommended schedule in your Genie manuals.

Proper Charging Practices

Follow proper charging protocols for your Genie forklift batteries to maximize lifespan and avoid potential damage.

Tips for Maintaining


By partnering with Lift Parts Warehouse for your forklift parts needs and implementing a regular maintenance routine, you can ensure your fleet operates at peak efficiency and maximizes productivity.

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