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Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco is a Sweden-based developer and manufacturer of high-quality industrial equipment with focus on sustainability, innovation, and advanced manufacturing techniques. Having a global presence with seven subsidiaries and over 45 individual brand names, the Atlas Copco company is one of the market leaders in the field of compressors, vacuum engineering components, gas treatment, air management, valves, exhaust management systems, aerospace and automotive components, power tools, assembly systems, mining and rock excavation systems, drilling components, and construction tools and equipment. Within all this, Atlas Copco also manufactures forklift components, especially motor and pump controllers for electric forklifts that feature advanced power management and operational safety systems.

Atlas pump controllers have been developed and manufactured according to the strictest standards in the industry, ensuring a minimal risk of leakages, perfect fitting of liquid separators as well as inlet commissioning screens or filtering elements, and finally a relatively high level of access for maintenance and fixes. Atlas Copco have been perfecting their control algorithms so that their controllers can deliver unmatched performance at the lowest possible energy consumption. Their sophisticated variable speed driven lead pump (VSD) is capable of reacting quickly to sudden and continuous changes in the performance demands, maintaining a stable system pressure under all conditions and at all times. Moreover, their well-thought-out pump activation system ensures that the operation hours burden is equally distributed among the available and connected pumps so that not a single one of them works for more than the rest, minimizing the resulting wear and tear and thus the need for maintenance. Finally, the data logging and monitoring system of Atlas Copco controllers is a game-changer, providing insightful information to the user’s benefit, ensuring that no damage is done by constantly monitoring all of the critical elements of a system.

Lift Parts Warehouse offers a wide range of Atlas Copco brand new or rebuilt pump controllers for forklifts at the best price in the market. Our expert technicians have attended workshops and training courses conducted by Atlas Copco experts so they know exactly the correct procedures, proper tools, right methods, and technical guidelines that pertain to the controller remanufacturing procedure. We already have a relatively large stock of Atlas Copco rebuilt controllers that are ready to get shipped right away, but we can also receive your own controller and have it tested and appreciated in a short time. We only use genuine Atlas Copco spare parts for the replacement of those that are worn out or damaged, and we test the rebuilt controllers extensively before we ship them back to you. This is reflected by the fact that we offer a minimum of 6 months of guarantee in rebuilt Atlas Copco controllers which can be optionally extended to up to 36 months! On top of that, we offer the most client-respectful customer service, with minimum waiting times, complete transaction transparency, a team of experienced part specialists at your disposal, and detailed online shipment tracking services. We always work towards the goal to build a trust relationship with you from the very first time that you will reach to us with your query.

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152902-P02 ATLAS MASTER CONTROL BT 152902-P02 Atlas Master Control Bt


Our Price: $671.24
PUB-24220 ATLAS/DANAHER TRACTION PUB-24220 Atlas/danaher Traction


Our Price: $671.24