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New, Used & PG DRIVES - ELECTRICAL Forklift Parts in Stock!

Penny and Giles Drives Technology is a motor speed controller developer and manufacturer that was founded back in 1976. Their products proved to be very reliable and well-performing since their very first series, so PG became world known and established in the global market very soon after their conception. Their focus has been on the mobility vehicles and industrial equipment, developing and also optimizing their energy and power management algorithms to perfection. Nowadays, Penny and Giles Drives Technology operate a modern design and manufacturing site located in the United Kingdom, a fully fledged sales and service unit in the USA, and customer support offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Penny and Giles Drives Technology uses state of the art design, modeling, and simulation software tools which enables them to optimize their controllers and increase their efficiency level to the utmost points. They manufacture their products according to the guidelines of the ISO 9001 standard, meeting all quality and safety requirements. Currently, PG operates under the umbrella of the Curtiss Wright Industrial Group, manufacturing Electronic Throttle Controls, Hand Controls, Joystick Controls, Mobility Vehicle Solutions, Motor Controllers - Hybrid Vehicles, Motor Controllers - Industrial Vehicles, Multi-Function Controls, Power Distribution Solutions, Sensors, Solenoids, Transmission Shifters, Faders, and Legacy Products to cover the demand for discontinued and/or obsolete products that were made available to the market in the past. PG remains a cost-efficient and reliable choice for those who want a peace of mind and a high-quality replacement part for their forklift.

Lift Parts Warehouse offers a wide range of PG Drives brand new or rebuilt controllers for forklifts at the best price in the market. Our expert technicians have attended workshops and training courses conducted by PG Drives experts so they know exactly the correct procedures, proper tools, right methods, and technical guidelines that pertain to the controller remanufacturing procedure. We already have a relatively large stock of PG Drives rebuilt controllers that are ready to get shipped right away, but we can also receive your own controller and have it tested and appreciated in a short time. We only use genuine PG Drives spare parts for the replacement of those that are worn out or damaged, and we test the rebuilt controllers extensively before we ship them back to you. This is reflected by the fact that we offer a minimum of 6 months of guarantee in rebuilt PG Drives controllers which can be optionally extended to up to 36 months! On top of that, we offer the most client-respectful customer service, with minimum waiting times, complete transaction transparency, a team of experienced part specialists at your disposal, and detailed online shipment tracking services. We always work towards the goal to build a trust relationship with you from the very first time that you will reach to us with your query.

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D50134.5 : PG Drives Trio D50134.5 : PG Drives Trio


Our Price: $710.04
D50878.3 : PG Drives Trio D50878.3 : PG Drives Trio


Our Price: $710.04
D50878.8 : PG Drives Trio D50878.8 : PG Drives Trio


Our Price: $710.04