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Toyota Forklift Lights - Best Quality Components for Your Lift Truck

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Toyota Forklift Lights Main Function
  3. The Most Important Toyota Forklift Light Types
  4. Toyota Forklift Lights Options
  5. Toyota Forklift Lights Not Working
  6. Buying Toyota Forklift Lights at Lift Parts Warehouse
  7. Takeaways


Lights are a vital component of any lifting vehicle. Forklift lights allow drivers to see in low-light conditions and serve as a warning signal to the surrounding people, and also letting them know when the material handling vehicle is in motion and operating. There are several different types of lift truck lights available. Each has its specific purpose and should be used accordingly. If you're looking for new Toyota forklift lights, you've come to the right place. Lift Parts Warehouse will share everything you need to know about these elements and the best way to choose their replacements.

Toyota Forklift Lights Main Function

Lights are a mandatory feature of any Toyota forklift. These components help operators do their maneuvers in low lighting environments and help prevent accidents because they warn other people when the lift truck is operating. Each of the lights fulfills a specific function, which should not go missed by any qualified operator. Most forklift lights are usually mounted in such a way that they are projected through lenses, which are usually configured with specific colors.

Operator using a Toyota forklift at night to unload a load from a truck via a ramp. Tail-lights alert other workers that the lift truck is in operation.
Forklift lights help guide the drivers in poor lit environments

The Most Important Toyota Forklift Light Types

Depending on their purpose, forklift lights can vary in where they are placed, luminous intensity, and color type. Some of these lights may change depending on the Toyota model. Another thing that can make you use a particular type of light will depend on which regulations are used in your work environment. These regulations may change depending on the state or country in which you are working.

Here we will summarize the most essential lights that any Toyota forklift must have. But, we recommend, in any case, to consult the manual of your specific model to know more about it.


Toyota forklifts are equipped with powerful headlights that can help to improve visibility in low-light environments.The headlights can also help pedestrians and other forklift operators see the truck in poorly lit environments. Forklift drivers focus on what's in front most of the time, so it's important to keep the headlights well maintained under any circumstances.

Headlight mounted to the front of a Toyota forklift
The headlights commonly are located in the top front of the forklifts

Brake/rear lights

Brake/rear lights warn others that the lift truck is slowing down or about to stop. These lights are especially important when other vehicles are operating in indoor places with poor lighting or if they are maneuvering outdoors at night.

new aftermarket Toyota forklift rear light replacement for a Toyota lift truck model 56630-26601-71, 56630-26600-71 8FD 8FG
Toyota forklift rear brake light for Toyota lift truck 56630-26601-71,56630-26600-71 8FD 8FG

Reverse light

Toyota forklift reverse lights are designed to help other drivers and surrounding people that the lift trucks are moving in reverse direction. Reverse lights are typically white in color and may have a red or amber lens. Also, when they are activated, they are usually accompanied by a characteristic sound as a complement when the vehicle is reversing.

Top-Mounted warning flashing light

One great thing about Toyota forklifts is that they come with various safety features. One of their most notable one is the top-mounted warning flashing light. This light is designed to help keep operators and pedestrians safe by alerting them to the presence of a forklift.

The light can be seen from all angles, so it's a great way to make sure everyone is aware of your forklift's presence. This LED light is easy to install and provides bright illumination. It works well in warehouses, distribution centers, dockyards, or other forklift job sites.

Top-Mounted flashing warning light commonly used on Toyota forklift trucks to communicate to other people that the lift truck is operating.
Top-Mounting light are also known as strobe lights

Blue spot warning lights

Toyota's blue light attachment is great for shining a spotlight on the floor a few feet in front of the lift. This light warns others that you're coming through and helps them stay alert to their surroundings. Blue light is great for outdoor areas with fog, regular nighttime duty, and dimly lit indoor areas.

Red zone light

The Toyota forklift red zone light projects two red beams on each lift truck side to illuminate lines that pedestrians need to stay behind when approaching the sides. The red zone light may lower the chances of getting hit by the rear-end swing of a turning lift truck. These forklift lights can be more effective where the light stands out in the given environment.

A Toyota forklift operator using a red light at a warehousing place to warn other workers where the safety distance is.
Red lights are use to warn other workers where the safety distance is placed

Green forklift warning light

Green-light serves the same function as red zone light, but the green LED lights are more visible in high light conditions compared to red lights.

A Toyota forklift operator using a green light in a well-lit environment to indicate to other workers where the safe distance is.
Green light are commonly use in well-lit environments

Toyota Forklift Lights Options

LED Lights

LED lights are more durable than halogen due to the lack of a filament, they don't get as hot as halogen, and they don't have as much amp draw from the battery. LED headlight lenses are also typically made out of plastic instead of glass, which is ideal for companies that work with consumable goods. LED lights are typically more expensive but could save you money over time due to less replacement cost and lower electricity bills for battery-powered products.

Bulb types

Halogen lights use a typical bulb with a filament that can be damaged due to vibration or shock. They also have more amp draw than LED lights, meaning your battery will be drained faster, reducing your runtime on battery-powered forklifts. Halogen lights are cheaper than LED in most cases, meaning they will cost you less money upfront.

Bulb light commonly used on Toyota forklift
Aftermarket Replacement Bulb - 48 Volt 25 Watt For Toyota forklift model 00591-33419-81

Toyota Forklift Lights Not Working

There could be a few reasons why your Toyota forklift lights are not working. If the lights of your Toyota forklift are not out of work due to an unwanted blow, you may have to check other elements of your vehicle.

First, check to see if there is power going to the light fixture. If there is no power, the issue could be with a fuse or circuit breaker. Another possibility is that the bulbs may need to be replaced. Try replacing the bulbs first and see if that solves the problem.

If neither of those solutions works, there may be an issue with the wiring. Inspect the wiring for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If you find any damaged wires, they will need to be repaired or replaced. If you're still having trouble, consult a professional for further diagnosis and assistance.

new aftermarket 12-Volt forklift lamp replacement for Toyota lift trucks 56610-205442-71
When the 12 Volt lamp of a Toyota forklift 56610-20542-71 model are not working any more, an aftermarket replacement could be an excellent solution

Buying Toyota Forklift Lights at Lift Parts Warehouse

When replacing a component so important as the lights on your forklift, the first thing you should consider is the quality of the spare. And there's no better place to find quality Toyota forklift lights than Lift Parts Warehouse. In our catalog, you will find the lights your Toyota lift truck requires to function in all environments.

Visit our online store today to place your order; whether you need to replace your headlights, lenses, or your rear lights, we have what you need. Finding the right type of lights for your forklift can be stressful. To help you with this task, Lift Parts Warehouse puts a highly qualified staff at your disposal. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

New Toyota forklift lights replacements - rear lights, headlights, reverse lights, etc.
Find out the best Toyota forklift light at Lift Parts Warehouse

In addition, we have an excellent delivery service, and all our products come with a 1-year warranty, so you will not have to worry about anything else. Once you buy your Toyota forklift lights at Lift Parts Warehouse, you won't have to keep looking for more suppliers. From now on, we will be your trusted online retailer.


Forklift lights are essential components that you should not overlook. These lights are necessary to carry out material handling work with all safety standards. Working with broken or faulty lights can lead to serious workplace accidents. Therefore, the best thing you can do is always to have quality lights available. And there is no better place than Lift Parts Warehouse to get them. All of our lights come with a one-year warranty and are compatible with many Toyota forklift models. Don't miss this opportunity; buy your Toyota forklift lights today.

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