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Toyota Forklift Filters - The Best Spare Parts for Your Forklift

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. What Do the Filters in My Toyota Forklift Do?
  3. How Many Types of Filters Does My Toyota Forklift Use?
  4. What Happens When My Forklift Filters Wear Out?
  5. Get the Best Toyota Forklift Filter at Lift Parts Warehouse
  6. Takeaways


Like all machinery, Toyota forklifts need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. One of the most important parts of routine Toyota Lift truck maintenance is changing the filters. Filters avoid that dirt or any contaminating agents affect the most vulnerable parts. So you must not neglect this point. If you do, it can lead to damage to your lift truck. To prevent any of that, Lift Parts Warehouse makes available what you should know about them and how to choose the right filter replacement.

What Do the Filters in My Toyota Forklift Do?

A Toyota forklift filter plays a crucial role in keeping fluids such as oils, fuels, or air clean and free of contaminants. By blocking dirt and other particles, the filter helps extend the life of those components that use fluids to do their jobs, thus avoiding costly repairs.

 Toyota forklift engine where the oil filter location is highlighted with a red circle
On most Toyota forklift engines, the oil filters stand out easily thanks to their distinctive cylindrical shape

Toyota forklift transmission where the oil filter location is highlighted with a red circle
Just like the engine, the transmission also needs a filter to keep its oil clean as it circulates between its moving parts

Depending on the type of fluid the filter works, its shape, materials, and characteristics will change. Aspects such as the working fluids' density and temperature are essential elements to consider when we talk about filters. If the wrong filter is chosen, we put the integrity of our Toyota forklift at risk.

Oil filter whose internal parts have been exposed for a better appreciation
The internal parts of the filters are designed in such a way to trap dirt and dust particles while letting the fluid pass through without any problems

Over time, the material used to block unwanted elements becomes saturated or loses its properties. Manufacturers brands like Toyota have set a safe working time for you to replace filters before that wear point is reached. By replacing the corresponding Toyota forklift filter regularly, you can help extend the life of your lift truck and ensure that it continues to operate at peak performance.

How Many Types of Filters Does My Toyota Forklift Use?

There are a variety of Toyota forklift filters available, each designed to meet the specific needs of your forklift. You must know them well and the role they play.

Air filter

A Toyota forklift powered by an internal combustion engine needs oxygen for the combustion process. The air filter prevents insects, dust, particles, sand, or debris from reaching the engine and ensures a good mixture of air and fuel to support performance. Toyota forklift air filters come in different shapes: panels, circular or cylindrical. They are made of a pleated material that filters the air, like cotton, synthetic paper, or foam.

An Aftermarket Replacement Filter - Air For Toyota: 17741-98333-71-E
Air filter for Toyota lift truck 17741-98333-71-E

Fuel filter

One of the most critical parts of an engine is the fuel system. The fuel must be clean and free of any contaminants for the engine to run properly. That's why a fuel filter removes any particles that might be present in the fuel before it enters the combustion chamber. Toyota forklift fuel filters are typically located between the fuel tank and the engine. They are designed to trap contaminants such as dirt, dust, and rust particles.

 New Aftermarket Replacement Fuel Filter For Toyota: 23303-76002-71
Fuel filter for Toyota lift truck 23303-76002-71

Hydraulic filter

Toyota forklift hydraulic filters play a vital role in the proper functioning of a Toyota Forklift. The hydraulic pump generates the hydraulic pressure required to lift loads. The filter helps keep the pump in optimal condition by ensuring that the hydraulic fluid is always clean. The filter is usually located inside the hydraulic reservoir or between the pump and the reservoir.

A new aftermarket replacement hydraulic filter for Toyota : 67502-U2230-71
Hydraulic filter for Toyota 67502-U2230-71

Oil filters

Toyota forklifts use different types of oil to keep their mechanical parts that require it most lubricated. As a result, friction is avoided, protecting internal components from wear and maintaining an optimal working temperature. Oils need to stay clean to fulfill their function properly. Toyota lift trucks use oil filters to keep the oils clean. They are usually identified easily by their cylindrical shape.

New aftermarket replacement oil filter for Toyota 15601-76009-71
Oil filter for Toyota 15601-76009-71

LPG filters

The modern Toyota forklifts powered by liquid propane gas are equipped with two filter types - a liquid gas filter located before the gas regulator and a vapor gas filter located before the injectors. Poor quality gas accelerates the wear of the system. These filters usually have the form of paper cartridges fitted in housings constituting integral elements of the LPG system. Toyota forklift LPG filters should be regularly changed to protect the injectors and ensure the entire system's proper operation.

A new LPG Toyota forklift filter assembly 236502660071
Forklift powered by a LPG fuel system required LPG filters to maintain fuel injectors clean

Choosing the right filter is essential to ensuring that your Toyota forklift works smoothly and efficiently. By investing in quality filters, you can extend the life of your Toyota forklift and keep it running like new.

What Happens When My Forklift Filters Wear Out?

If the filter becomes clogged or damaged, it can decrease performance efficiency and increase parts deterioration. Below, we will summarize the main consequences of working with expired or damaged filters.

Worn Air and oil Toyota forklift filters
The forklift's performance is negative affected when the filter material loses its properties

Reduce combustion efficiency

The combustion of an internal combustion engine depends on the mixture between air and fuel. This mixture must be in the right proportions and conditions to be efficient. Air and fuel filters are essential to achieve this condition. When the filters are damaged or expired, the engine won't work as well.

Deterioration of internal mechanical parts

The internal mechanical parts of the engine and transmission need oil to stay lubricated. When the oil deteriorates, it loses its properties. This makes the friction between the parts increase, leading to damage. If this isn't fixed right away, it will be very expensive to repair or replace the parts.

Temperature increase

Due to contamination agents present in oils used on Toyota forklift, the working conditions of the vehicle are altered. One of the most frequent alterations is usually the increase in temperature. The elements tend to deteriorate faster when this occurs, especially seals and gaskets.

If you want to avoid the negative effects mentioned above, you have to change the corresponding filter at the right moment. Also, to avoid the negative effects of using the wrong filter on your Toyota forklift, you must consult the manual for your specific model. The manual will indicate which filters are compatible with your forklift and when they need to be replaced.

Get the Best Toyota Forklift Filter at Lift Parts Warehouse

When the time to change your Toyota forklift's filters comes, there's no better place to find replacements than Lift Parts Warehouse. You will find the best compendium for Toyota forklift filters in one place. We have you covered whether you need an oil, fuel, air, or even an LPG filter. Our prices will not be indifferent to you.

New aftermarket replacement transmission filter for Toyota lift truck 32670-12620-71
Aftermarket replacement transmission filter for Toyota lift truck 32670-12620-71

To help you in your task, you will only have to give us the model and year of your Toyota forklift, and our staff will provide you with a complete list of the filters that will be useful to you.

In addition, we offer you an excellent delivery service that will leave your order at the door of your home, so you don't have to worry about anything else. Taking care of your Toyota forklift has never been so easy. For any questions you may have, we invite you to write to us or, if you prefer, call us today.


Filters are important for the proper functioning of your Toyota forklift. They keep the different fluids clean and help prevent dirt from getting into the system. If they're not working right, it can damage many essential parts of the forklift. That's why it's always a good idea to have a replacement on hand. To help you with this task, Lift Parts Warehouse puts at your disposal the best range of filter models for Toyota forklifts. Do not miss the opportunity. With our filters, your Toyota forklift will operate at peak efficiency for years to come.

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