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Toyota Forklift Motor Brushes - The Best Replacements for Your Lift Truck

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. How do Toyota Forklift Motor Brushes Work?
  3. Where are Toyota Forklift Motor Brushes Placed?
  4. What Happens When a Toyota Forklift Motor Brush Wears Out?
  5. Get Your New Toyota Forklift Motor Brushes at Lift Parts Warehouse
  6. Takeaways


Motor brushes are a type of item that works by carrying current back and forth between the stationary and moving parts of the electric motors. These are easily replaceable parts that are designed to wear out. Thanks to this feature, the lifespan of important electrical components of your Toyota forklift is preserved. If you're looking to replace one or more Toyota forklift motor brushes, you've come to the right place. At Lift Parts Warehouse, we want to share all you need to know about these elements and what you must consider when purchasing their replacements.

How do Toyota Forklift Motor Brushes Work?

Carbon brushes are a small but essential feature of many electric motors that run on Toyota forklifts. These small elements conduct electricity between the stationary part (stator) and the motor's moving part (rotor). The brush is typically made up of one or more carbon blocks and can come with one or more shunts or terminals.

A typical motor brush showing its most important parts
Typical parts of a motor brush

In an electric generator or motor, the commutator is a rotating switch that allows electricity to flow through the armature windings and complete the circuit. It consists of a cylinder of conducting material (usually copper or brass) mounted on the shaft of the armature. The commutator segments are insulated from each other so that only one pair of segments is connected to the brush at any given time. As the armature turns, the brushes ride on the segments, making and breaking the electrical connection in rapid succession.

New aftermarket power steering brush replacement for Toyota lifter trucks: 14512-22501-71
Electric power steering brush replacement for Toyota lift trucks: 14512-22501-71

Where are Toyota Forklift Motor Brushes Placed?

Toyota forklift motor brushes can be found on electric motors and generators used by Toyota lift trucks. The amount of brush used may vary depending on your forklift model. Below we highlight which components depend on the brushes to be able to work.

  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Drive Electric Motor

Toyota forklift starter whose motor brushes are being replaced
The brushes are not difficult to find, with a little elbow grease you will be able to access them

In most of these components, their motor brushes are located on the backside. To easily access their location, it would be convenient to disassemble the equipment from the lift truck completely. Once you do that, you can unscrew the rear cover on a workbench and find a plate where the brushes are usually attached.

What Happens When a Toyota Forklift Motor Brush Wears Out?

The brush material in a Toyota forklift motor is excellent at conducting electricity. These carbon materials are soft, which allows for consistent contact and helps with the electricity flow. However, this material does wear out over time. As they wear out from contact, the other components in the electric motor will last longer. The good news is that they are cheap and easy to replace.

Two motor brushes for Toyota forklifts. You can tell the difference between a new one and a worn one.
When the size of a motor brush is reduced by more than 50%, it will begin to have contact failure

When the Toyota forklift motor brushes start to wear out, the contact becomes more and more precarious. In the end, the ability to conduct electricity to the moving element of the electric motor is lost. This wear-out is progressive, so you will have time to spot when the motor brushes no longer work as they should.

Here are some signs that your Toyota forklift motor brushes may be degrading:

  • Low performance. The electric motor might still be running, but it is not working as well as it should.
  • Burning smell. If one of the brushes wears out, it will cause friction between the parts. This will create a burning smell.
  • Sparkings. If you open the electric motor and see large sparks near the brushes when you turn it on, it is a sign that the brushes have degraded and are not making proper contact.
  • No power. If the electric motor stops working or starts working intermittently, it's a clear sign that the brushes need to be replaced.

Get Your New Toyota Forklift Motor Brushes at Lift Parts Warehouse

Whether you need new brushes for your starter or the electric motor of your Toyota forklift, Lift Parts Warehouse has you covered. In our online catalog, you will find a wide variety of Toyota forklift motor brushes compatible with many Toyota lift truck models.

Do not buy just a replacement. These items are relatively cheap, so purchasing enough spare parts is recommended, so you do not have to worry about them for a long time.

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Aftermarket Replacement Brush Set - 4 For Toyota: 00590-40856-71

By changing the motor brushes on time, you guarantee that the lifespan of alternators and other electric motor parts is extended, so do not miss the opportunity. Take advantage of our excellent delivery service, and you will enjoy your order in a few days.

We remind you that you also have other spare parts for your Toyota forklift that may interest you. Among the most requested by our customers, we highlight the following:


Motor brushes are items that allow the conduction of current between the stator and the rotor of DC electric motors or alternators. Today many Toyota forklifts use this type of electric device, so elements such as the starters or hydraulic pumps work. They have the peculiarity of being made of a material that wears out due to use, so Toyota forklift motor brushes must be replaced once in a while. When your Toyota forklift requires new motor brushes, do not hesitate to visit the Lift Parts Warehouse website, we are sure you will find the right replacement so that in no time, your Toyota lift truck will be running smoothly.

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