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CYLINDER TILT FOR CLARK 8038324 Cylinder Tilt For Clark: 8038324

Clark Forklift Parts

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Clark Forklift Parts

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Clark Forklift Parts

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Clark Forklift Hydraulic Parts - Replacements & Accessories

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Main Clark Forklift Hydraulic System Parts
  3. How does a Clark Forklift Hydraulic System Work?
  4. How to Know if a Clark Forklift Hydraulic System is Failing
  5. The Risk of Using Defective Clark Forklift Hydraulic Parts
  6. Get Brand New Hydraulic Parts for Clark Forklifts at Lift Parts Warehouse
  7. Takeaways


Clark forklifts are excellent vehicles that have stayed relevant in the material handling industry for over 100 years. Much of this achievement has been thanks to the reliability and efficiency of their hydraulic systems. The hydraulic parts for Clark forklifts are key elements that have made a difference in these vehicles since, due to their simplicity, they are easy to maintain and repair. But, it is important to recognize when it is time to replace them since no matter how good a component is, it will not last forever. That's why, at Lift Parts Warehouse, we want to expand a little more about what role these hydraulic parts play and what considerations we should have when buying their replacements.

Main Clark Forklift Hydraulic System Parts

Clark Forklifts are essential lifting vehicles for many businesses and industries, from construction to farming, from warehousing to the food industry, etc. And while there are many different types of Clark forklift models out there, they all have something in common, and that is excellent and reliable hydraulic parts.

Basic diagram of the hydraulic system of a Clark forklift
Clark Forklift Hydraulic System - Basic Diagram

All Hydraulic parts for Clark forklifts are designed to be simple but efficient. These elements are located in any Clark lift truck in such a way that makes them easy to access and maintain, which reduces a lot of the costs associated with maintenance and repairs. Thanks to this feature and the quality of the components, Clark forklifts are one of the most long-lasting and reliable vehicles in the material handling sector.

The main Clark forklift hydraulic parts you would find on any of their models are the following:

  • A Hydraulic Pump. The Clark hydraulic pump helps to increase the pressure of the hydraulic fluid. This increased pressure is used as potential moving energy, which later would activate the main Clark forklift hydraulic cylinders. It is important to note that the hydraulic pump is essentially the heart of any Clark lift truck- if it fails or does not work properly, the lifting capacity of the vehicle will be severely compromised.
New hydraulic pump replacement for Clark Forklifts: 2334954
Hydraulic Pump for Clark Forklifts: 2334954

  • A Hydraulic Control Device. It is an element that allows the driver to maneuver and manage different lifting moving parts. Thanks to this element, the vehicle can handle its load according to the driver's requirements; in other words, the operator controls the pressure of the hydraulic fluid.
  • A Relief Valve. The relief valve is a safety device that ensures that the rest of the Clark forklift hydraulic system parts always operate within safe working pressure levels. Otherwise, overpressure could endanger the hydraulic system.
  • Hydraulic Hoses. The hydraulic hoses are elements responsible for connecting and communicating the rest of the Clark forklift hydraulic parts. They are made up in such a way that they can withstand high-pressure levels and simultaneously be flexible enough to easily access their connection points.
New hydraulic hose replacement for Clark lift truck
Hydraulic hoses are one the most important hydraulic parts for Clark forklifts

  • Clark Forklift Hydraulic Cylinders. Many Clark lift trucks rely on hydraulic cylinders to fulfill activities: the lift cylinder, the tilt cylinders, and the power steering cylinder. The lift cylinder is responsible for lifting or unloading the loads. The tilt cylinders control and help stabilize the loads. Finally, the steering cylinder in many models allows the steering wheel to turn to the left or right.
The most important Clark forklift hydraulic cylinders - Tilt cylinder, steering cylinder, lift cylinder
Clark forklift hydraulic cylinders (Tilt Cylinder - Steering Cylinder - Lift Cylinder)

How does a Clark Forklift Hydraulic System Work?

Like almost any other forklift, Clark models rely on Pascal's principle to handle their loads. This principle states that when an incompressible fluid is enclosed in a container, any increase in pressure at one point or side of the container will be distributed equally to all other points. More specifically, this hydraulic principle allows large amounts of weight to be lifted without much effort.

Clark forklift hydraulic parts rely on an enclosed hydraulic fluid under certain levels of pressure to transmit force throughout the system. The pressure force is generated by a hydraulic pump that continuously tries to accumulate and push the fluid. The tension between liquid particles will increase each time because the hydraulic fluid itself is incomprehensible and will continue increasing until it reaches the desired level or until it reaches its maximum working point.

The hydraulic fluid passes through a series of hoses until it reaches a control device. From there, the fluid is distributed to the different Clark forklift hydraulic cylinders, allowing them to expand or contract so that they can manipulate and handle loads according to the operator's requirements.

The following video explains in detail how the hydraulic system works on most forklifts:

How to Know if a Clark Forklift Hydraulic System is Failing

Any hydraulic parts for Clark forklifts rarely fail without any warning. Usually, if we pay attention, we can notice when one or more hydraulic components are not working as they should. If we spot these symptoms when they start appearing, we can take action immediately, which will help extend the lifespan of the Clark lift truck. Below we will highlight the most common signs that could indicate a failure in one or more Clark forklift hydraulic parts.

  • Slow Operations. If one or more of the hydraulic cylinders for Clark forklifts mounted in the truck take longer than normal to extend or retract, it is a clear sign that something is not working as it should. A delayed response may indicate a possible leak or could be a problem with the seals in the Clark forklift hydraulic cylinders.
  • Abnormal Noises. If, while operating your Clark forklift, you notice louder noises each time you manipulate its hydraulic system, the source is most likely the hydraulic pump. Among all Clarks forklift hydraulic parts, the pump has the most internal moving parts. If any of these elements break or wear out, it will negatively affect its functions by spreading annoying unusual noises in the process.
  • The Clark Forklift Hydraulic Cylinders Feel Hot. This phenomenon occurs when the hydraulic cylinders are not properly lubricated. There is likely a leak somewhere in the Clark forklift's hydraulic system. Lack of lubricant causes any hydraulic cylinders for Clark forklifts to heat up from friction as they move. This friction will accelerate the wear of the seals and eventually damage all of the other cylinder parts.
  • Low Hydraulic Fluid Level. The low hydraulic fluid level in the reservoir is mainly due to leaks somewhere in the system. You must be very careful and watch out for this failure as it is the main cause of damage to all Clark forklift hydraulic parts.
  • Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid. If you see this sign, it means that the hydraulic filter is not working properly. If you keep using the lift truck without replacing the hydraulic filter or changing the contaminated hydraulic fluid, one or more Clark forklift hydraulic system parts will be damaged.

The Risk of Using Defective Clark Forklift Hydraulic Parts

Clark forklifts are a type of vehicle specifically designed for use in material handling environments. They are equipped with hydraulics that allows them to lift and move heavy loads, making them an essential part of any warehouse or factory.

However, Clark forklifts are not just any type of vehicle, like any other forklift, they require special preparation and certification by the driver to be used safely. Clark forklifts are also subject to specific regulations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Neglected maneuvers can lead to serious workplace accidents, so drivers must take the time to learn how to operate their Clark forklift properly.

According to OSHA, operators who choose to drive Clark forklifts whose hydraulic parts are not working as they should are putting their lives at risk. This is because Clark forklift hydraulic parts are essential for the safe operation of the lift truck. The vehicle could become unstable and tip over if these parts are not working properly. As such, operators must ensure that their hydraulic parts for Clark forklifts are in a good working state before driving their Clark lift trucks.

If you are not quite sure where to start your Clark forklift inspection, you can take a look at the following video:

Get Brand New Hydraulic Parts for Clark Forklifts at Lift Parts Warehouse

Hydraulic parts are essential for the proper operation of all Clark lift trucks. When it is time to replace any of them, the first thing to consider is the quality of the part. And there is no better place to find high-quality Clark forklift hydraulic parts than Lift Parts Warehouse. In our online catalog, you will find all the replacements necessary for your Clark forklift model to handle its loads safely and smoothly.

Operator using the hydraulic system of a Clark forklift to unload a package
Lift Parts Warehouse only sell the best quality hydraulic parts for Clark forklifts

Our priority is the complete satisfaction of our clients, which is why we strive every day so that you can find all the Clark spare parts they need at the most affordable prices in one place (For more information about our prices policy, click here.) In addition, we have an excellent delivery service, which will make your order arrive in a very short time. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with what you received, you can return it and receive a refund (For more information about our returns policy, please click here.)

Don't wait any longer! Let us show you why we are one of the largest distributors of Clark forklift Hydraulic parts. We know that low productivity and unnecessary stops can drag your operations, but with our Clark forklift hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic pumps you can get the most out of your Clark lift truck. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to chat or call us at +1 800 210 8170.


When we think of hydraulic parts for Clark forklifts, the first thing that comes to mind is the Clark forklift hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic pumps; however other components such as hydraulic filters or hoses are equally relevant. Thanks to these devices, any Clark lift truck can carry out its material handling operations quickly and efficiently. When any of their hydraulic parts deteriorate, all this capacity is compromised. That's why when you require a new replacement for one or more hydraulic parts of your Clark forklift, do not hesitate to contact Lift Parts Warehouse services.

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