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Fiat Tractor Models

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Tie Rod End: 72094252V, 5117314, 72094252 Fuel Pump: 72093848 for Long, White, Fiat, Ford/New Holland, International/CaseIH, Allis Chalmers Tie Rod, Inner: 5109526, 4987961, 4954941, 312906277, VPJ3162, A-5109526 for Fiat
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Filter, Power Steering: VPJ4510, 566999, 1909144 For Fiat Tie Rod, Inner: 5109553, 72093231, 4033926, 4033810, 312906276, 312902245, 312901916, 312900313, 4955011, 4956562, 4982356, 58170069, 995310, 5117220 for White, Fiat, Oliver, International/CaseIH, John Deere, Ford/New Holland Flywheel Ring Gear: E2NN6384AA, 83949153
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Tie Rod, Inner, Ball Joint: 87395648 for Fiat, International/CaseIH, Ford/New Holland Tie Rod: 4998975, 5109530 For Fiat Fuel Sending Unit: 83943961, SW07658, E3NN9A316CA For Ford/New Holland
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Water Pump: 72089683, 677209AS, 4813370, 4784454, 4679242, 4655054, 4612675, 312903228, 312900665, 72090472, 11511010, VPE1045, TX10252, 12A90 MFWD King Pin: 83952503, 3475348M1, 153326212, 137700410835, CAR118526, N13504 Starter Switch: 4180375, 677481A, VPF3228, TX10954, 7180375, 72093812, 5118444 For Fiat
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Pump, Hydraulic: 8280040, 569306, 5179730, 31-2906458, 1930058, 1901323, VPK1033, 5129478 Power Steering, Pump: 3539857M91 for Long, Fiat Air Conditioner, Compressor: 72504984 for White, Allis Chalmers, Fiat, International/CaseIH, Ford/New Holland
In Stock! Same Day Shipping In Stock! Same Day Shipping In Stock! Same Day Shipping

Fiat Tractor Parts - Online Catalog

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Fiat Tractors History
  3. Why Should I Replace Fiat Tractor Parts?
  4. Buy Online Replacement Parts for your Fiat Tractor
  5. Benefits of Buying the correct Fiat Tractor Parts
  6. Fiat Tractor Parts at Lift Parts Warehouse: New, Used, and Rebuilt
  7. Parts in Stock for the Most Popular Fiat Tractor Models
  8. Takeaways


Fiat tractors have been a big part of the agriculture sector. Its impact has been strong in the past, and it is still going today. They are an excellent option for many small and medium farmers. Lift Part Warehouse offers you an extensive catalog of New, used and rebuilt parts for Fiat tractors. Let us help you find what best suits your needs and get the best possible deal.

Fiat Tractors History

Fabbrica Italiana de Automobili Torino "FIAT" was founded in 1899 to build cars and rapidly diversify. They started tractor development in 1910. The first model, called the Fiat 702, was launched in 1919 with a 30 hp. This tractor was very different from other tractors at the time. It was more powerful, could handle uneven terrain, and responded better to slopes.

Fiat tractor 702
Fiat tractor model 702

The Fiat 702 was replaced by the lighter Fiat 700 model in 1927, built in a Crawler version, the Fiat 700C. In the 1970s, a whole range of modern machine models was introduced with the 100 series. And in 1990, they introduced the 90 series and became the biggest manufacturer in Europe.

Later, the company sold some of the American Allis-Chalmers models as Fiats in the UK and then took over the Allis corporations UK construction business to form Fiat-Allis. After adding the Case IH business, they formed CNH Global to compete with the big AGCO group (which was partially the Allis Gleaner Corporation from the USA). Fiat badge-engineered the models from the mid-1990s and launched the 66 series.

In 1991, with FIAT as the largest serial tractor manufacturer in Europe, it acquired control of Braud and took over 80% of Ford New Holland. The integration process was consolidated in 1994 and led to the penetration of New Holland in the rural areas of European countries.

In 1999, the FiatAgri and Ford-New Holland brands and all the lesser brands disappeared to make way for simply New Holland. But the three brands' heritage has not been forgotten; FiatAgri is recalled in the leaf symbol, Ford-New Holland in the blue livery, and New Holland in the name.

Why Should I Replace Fiat Tractor Parts?

Fiat tractors are popular for several reasons. These tractors are known for their quality and durability, so many people continue to use them even after decades of heavy use. Maybe you're a new entrepreneur farmer who bought his first fiat tractor or have many years of experience working your fields with one of those; in any case, it's indispensable always to be aware of the tractor parts conditions.

 Fiat tractor parts replacement
Replacing new parts in a Fiat tractor

As a farmer, you know that your tractor is one of your most essential pieces of equipment. Not only does it help you with the heavy lifting, but it also allows you to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time.

Note that even minor problems can quickly escalate into major repairs if they are not addressed in a timely manner. Whether it's a filter, a fuel pump, or a belt, replacing Fiat tractor parts on time could be the difference between financial success and operations delay for your farming business.

Buy Online Replacement Parts for your Fiat Tractor

Fiat tractors have proven to be among the best of their time. Thanks to its versatility and easy maintenance, they have allowed many farmers to complete long and exhausting work days without any problem. This handle is not accomplished by itself. A worker who cares about his machine will always watch over it.

And we are in the best time to achieve this goal. If you require replacement parts for your Fiat tractor, Lift Parts warehouse has you covered. With a few clicks, you can find the exact spare you need to keep your tractor running like new. Avoid looking for all over town that elusive replacement part; we offer Same-Day Shipping on all orders by 2 PM PST.

And if you're not sure what spare you need, we suggest you take a look at the Lift Parts Warehouse online catalog to identify the appropriate one. So whether you're looking for a new front axle and steering system or just a simple gasket, Lift Parts Warehouse is the place to find it. Getting your Fiat tractor back up and running is easier than ever.

Benefits of Buying the correct Fiat Tractor Parts

Any farmer will tell you that having a tractor is essential for getting the job done. But even the best tractor won't be able to do its work if it doesn't have the right components.

 Fiat tractor model 640
Fiat tractor model 640

When it comes to finding Tractor Parts for your Fiat model that will stand the test of time, quality is vital. To find something that will last for years (or even decades), you need to look for a certain standard, so you'll get the benefits:

  • Save you time and money.
  • Your Fiat tractor will extend its working life for many years.
  • A better capacity to respond to demanding situations.

Fiat Tractor Parts at Lift Parts Warehouse: New, Used, and Rebuilt

Fiat tractors are very popular worldwide, and many different models are still in use. At Lift Parts Warehouse, we know the high demand that these vehicles still have. Whether you need to find spare parts for your tractor or are interested in selling your equipment, Lift Parts Warehouse is the place you need.

We carry a wide selection of part replacements and offer competitive pricing and fast shipping on all our new or used parts. Don't wait any longer; check our Fiat tractor part online catalog, contact our customer service here on our page, or call us (1.800.210.8170) today.

Parts in Stock for the Most Popular Fiat Tractor Models

We source tractor parts for the most popular Fiat tractor models, such as:

Our OEM and Aftermarket parts are from only the most reputable manufacturers to the most, so you can be confident that you're getting quality components that will last. And if you can't find what you're looking for on our website. With our huge selection of tractor parts for the Fiat brand, we're sure to have what you need.

Fiat Tractor model 580
Lift Parts Warehouse have in stock OEM and Aftermarket parts for Fiat tractor 580

These models of tractors remain popular in rural areas because they are low-priced and versatile. They have great demand in Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the USA.


If you are starting a farming business, Fiat tractors can be a good option. Remember that they have been working well for many years and that today there are many tractors available on the market in excellent condition at very affordable prices. You have a wide variety of models to choose from for all kinds of needs. If you are not interested in buying, but selling, know that its replacement market is still very active and will remain so for many more years.

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