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ROTOR  LINDE LIKM22157-55K10 Rotor For Linde: 22157-55K10

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Linde Forklift Starters, Ignition & Fuel System

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Table of Contents

1. Summary
2. Linde
3. Forklift Starter
4. Forklift Ignition System
4.1. So do you need ignition?
5. Forklift Fuel System
5.1. Forklift Fuel System Components
6. Why choose Lift Parts Warehouse
7. Takeaways


This article will talk about starters, ignition, and fuel system.


Linde industrial truck is used across many industries, including pharmaceuticals, primary metals, food & beverage, and general manufacturing. Linde Forklift is also used in warehouse and retailers' material handling and storage.

Forklift Starter

A forklift starter is used to start the engine of a forklift truck. Starter motors are an important part of any machine, whatever its power source may be. They often provide the best way of starting power-producing engines quickly and easily by converting human energy into mechanical work.

The main product features or characteristics of Starter Motors are:

  • They have at least one Reversible Cut Automatic Switching Motor (RCASM) with carbon brushes that contact friction surfaces, allowing maximum electrical current to flow during insulation failure.

  • They have overheating protection that interrupts the electricity supply when the temperature is too high, protecting both people and machines from damage due to overheating. The useful life for Starter Motors varies from 6 months to 10 years, depending on the application, usage patterns, and environment.

When Starter Motors are defective, they require replacement. Starter motors may be tested using a multimeter or physically inspecting for damage. Starter motors can be tested by measuring their resistance with an ohmmeter while manually turning the shaft of the starter motor. Starter motors often have windings, which allow torque to be created even when disconnected from other components. Still, if there is not enough resistance in these coils or any of the carbon brushes are broken, this will create problems that cannot be fixed without replacement.

A Starter Motor has two magnets, each with opposite polarity located inside its housing. The armature's core is steel laminations for strength and magnetic properties that allow the Starter Motor to serve as a motor or electromagnetic clutch. Starter Motors have a variety of configurations depending on their use, utility, construction materials, mechanisms, the power source they are connected with, etc. Starter Motors can be either AC or DC.

Forklift Starter

A Starter Motor performs three main functions:

  1. It provides the necessary torque required to rotate an engine's crankshaft (via the belt pulley or direct drive) to start the engine

  2. It provides remote control for changing gears.
  3. A Starter Motor can also act as an electrical generator called a dynamo. Starter motors generally do not provide enough power for driving high-power electrical devices like refrigerators, electric heaters, etc.

Still, they may be used for powering lights or other low-power devices in cars that provide auxiliary power for radios, etc.

Forklift Ignition System

When it comes to forklift Ignition, the first name that usually springs to mind is either a "key switch" or a "reversing relay." If a key switch is made of sturdy materials and the owner has taken some time to learn how it works, then this system can last years. The only problem with key switches is if they are not cared for, forgetting to turn them off. On the other hand, Reversing Relays have been long known as more reliable than key switches.

Forklift Ignition System

So do you need ignition?

The answer is yes! Ignition systems allow trucks to start manually whenever needed and prevent accidents caused by drivers forgetting to turn off their vehicles before exiting. However, just like everything else involved in operating a forklift, ignition also has its share of disadvantages.

The main disadvantage with ignition is that it does not allow for automatic startup. Thus, if there are no drivers around to turn on the Ignition switch upon entering the truck, nobody will use the vehicle until somebody enters it and manually starts it up. This can result in lost time, money, and productivity.

Another disadvantage with ignition is that these systems are connected to external electricity sources, which means they can sometimes be disrupted by power outages or other unforeseen circumstances - which can cause serious problems when people depend on them. The only way to avoid this happening would be to have two separate Ignitions for your lift trucks - one that stays put and is used for emergencies. The other ignition can then be placed inside the truck itself to allow the operator to start the vehicle manually.

Forklift Fuel System

A forklift is a type of lift truck. The purpose of these vehicles is to make lifting and carrying large loads simpler and more efficient than with other methods such as the use of ramps as well as traditional hand carrying. Forklifts typically use batteries as an energy source and therefore require recharging from time to time, not just by charging stations but also by being replaced after a certain number of hours have been attained, depending on the design.

The most common types are classified into two categories: electrical-powered trucks/lifts powered by batteries that must be replaced or charged often, that travel short distances at slow speeds; and gasoline/kerosene powered trucks/lifts which can travel longer distances faster but have the disadvantage of emitting pollutants and being a fire hazard.

Forklift Fuel System

Forklift Fuel System Components

The fuel system on a fork truck is designed to receive fuel from a tank. It may be used as an energy source for powering electric generators, hydraulic pumps, or other components that use the proper fuel type to run effectively. Fuel systems on these vehicles vary in design based upon the specific purpose of the vehicle, as some are intended for indoor use within commercial facilities. In contrast, others are designed to be used outside in distribution warehouses where weather conditions may be present that would make certain designs less effective.

In either case, there are some common parts found on most models, including a filter, a pressure regulator, a supply line often consisting of a metal or rubber hose, and a fuel tank. It is important to note that the components of most forklift fuel systems are all connected by piping which transfers the fuel from one element to another until it finally makes its way into the engine for combustion. Fuel is transported from the tank to the engine employing pumps, which vary in design based on whether they are electrical or gasoline-powered.

Why choose Lift Parts Warehouse

Lift Parts Warehouse is a forklift parts supplier that provides customers with the best forklift part products. This includes new replacement forklift starters, forklift ignition system, forklift fuel system, etc., for your forklifts and other kinds of machinery with low prices and same-day shipping.

Note: we only sell top-quality forklift parts online at low prices.


  • A forklift starter is used to start the engine of a forklift truck.

  • Starter motors can be tested by measuring their resistance with an Ohmmeter while manually turning the shaft of the Starter Motor.

  • Fuel systems on these vehicles vary in design based upon the specific purpose of the vehicle, as some are intended for indoor use within commercial facilities.

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