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It can be hard to find the best brand for cleaning equipment and its parts without considering the profuse offers of the Betco® brand in the field of chemical and equipment solutions, comprehensive market programs and training resources for sales professionals.

Indeed, Betco is one of the strongest operators in the global industry, and it had started serving industries since 1950 when its founders Carl and Ann Betz established it in Toledo Ohio. Since inception, the brand has been designing, producing, distributing and replacing parts of thousands of companies in the cleaning and sanitation industry all over the world.

We should hand it to Betco, too, for being the leading distributor of the Crete Rx CM30. With this concrete maintainer's features, such as the three counter-rotating, high RPM satellite tool drivers, aggressive 330 lb down pressure, Safe, EPA/CARB certified emissions, this machine is already synonymous to quality investment that can unlock huge profits or massive savings.

Another powerful cleaning Betco equipment used for all-purpose cleaning in various departments and environments is the Betco MotoMop™ Small Area Cleaning Machine. With this machine's HEPA rated and battery-operated and easily foldable design that folds for easy storage, you can be sure to get the best deals with your money. There's also the case of these machines being an ultra-lightweight that will encompass entry-level accessories across a variety of markets. Truly, you won't be mopping your floor the old-fashioned way again with this equipment.

You can trust Betco too when you want machines that are powered with an advance-style battery that offers 360-degree motion and that works like a tiny auto scrubber, but will still deliver superior maneuverability and efficiency, which are right now the strong set of features for the Betco MotoMop™.

We must add that the MotoMop is designed to be an already established name in being a true time saver. The strong suction in its machine is mixed with a lightweight and comfortable feature that will never fail on the users today. With robust battery packs behind this machine, you will never get delayed. Your operations will never stop and you won't get burdened by extra time you may need for charging the equipment before using it again.

When you want spare parts or replacements for Betco's machines, you can get the guarantee that with a few clicks on your keyboard, you'd easily find the ones you need. Betco's machines have intricate mop and bucket systems, and such capacity may be hard to replace or repair if they were from other brands. Since this is Betco, you can easily find replacements to such motors, even if they are of the ⅓ Gallon Solution Tank Size and Waste Tank Size.
Other features that distinguish the Betco brand from the rest include a motor that's built with a 13.5 inch Cleaning Path; and a noise level that's only about < 70 dB(A). Betco also creates an airflow system that's better than what can be seen in others. What the others have usually consist of a 29 litres volumetric airflow (per sec) and a power cord that can go to as long as 16 meters.

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