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Whether you want superior personal cleaning equipment or your business wants to scale up by the use of industrial cleaning systems, you have Kaivac as your primary option. Inventors of smarter cleaning equipment have made sure that Kaivac has the right solutions for restroom, hard surface and food service cleaning. The strength of Kaivac today is still in being able to develop science-based hygienic cleaning systems that won't compromise on the quality even if the cleaning operations it engages is affordably efficient. An example of this premium cleaning commercial system from Kaivac is the No-Touch Cleaning® Systems.

Mops are generally the most useful and reliable cleaning equipment in the industry, but the great thing about what Kaivac offers is that it's able to integrate in its cleaning system some of today's most potent but safe chemical metering and injection. This is then integrated with a powerful wet vacuum and indoor pressure water. What this does is provide more effective, about 30-60 times better, cleaning system compared to microfiber and cotton mops. Nobody now has to touch anything and you won't have to think about other cleaning supplements to make your operations seamless and foolproof.

The Chemical-Free Speed Cleaning of Kaivac has been supported, too, by a NELAP-accredited laboratory and has shown to be able to remove 99.9% of targeted bacteria even if it's just using plain tap water. The patent-pending method today, too, is about 30-50% faster than the fast chemical-assist mode process in the Kaivac cleaning solutions. Pair this feature with Kaivac's multipurpose capabilities and you're all set to empower your business with today's state-of-the-art tech that can deliver quality cleaning solutions for kitchens, stairwells, locker rooms and many other areas.

We should mention here the fantastic features of Kaivac's OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac cleaning system. What this machine offers is a simple but fast-approach system in cleaning the floors in the safest, most germ-free way. The hygienic results that Kaivac can offer in this equipment has proven outstanding results even in heaviest soil and grease conditions. It's actually about 60 times better at making sure that the contaminants and soil are removed during the mopping process. Some of the more common uses of this cleaning system ranges from using it on daily kitchen and dining cleaning. This ensures that you not only won't need to worry about dirty, greasy floors that drive your customers away, but you can even cut your costs on cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions because of the reliable features already built on the Kaivac system.

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