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Gatekeeper is already a leading brand in the market for high-resolution video security and safety system for various mobile applications. Transit authorities, schools, first responders and even marine markets already equip the products from the Gatekeeper Systems brand and help detect, analyze and respond to safety and security threats to many companies. It is the vision of the brand to build safer and smarter communities with the technology related to camera systems, cleaning, dashboard cameras, infrared licence tag readers and DVR recorders.

For the School Bus system, Gatekeeper Systems provides reliable, scaleable G-series digital video recorders that can support to about 16 cameras in a real-time video coverage. The S-Series Cameras offered by the brand have high-resolution capacity with infrared technology for high-level precision. Truly, with Gatekeeper Systems's provisions, offices and businesses find, save and promote new solutions to synchronize all programs that protect people from incommodious incidents.

Other solutions from Gatekeeper in the field of transport include the Gatekeeper G4 Vision. Its key features include a Batman Emergency Alert Button and scheduled wireless transfer; wireless configuration for DVRs; event-based auto wireless transfer and GPS with Real Time Map Display. The system health check reporting and on-demand wireless transfer that comes with Autowake would indeed improve the security and technical buffer of any company using it.

Other strengths of the Gatekeeper Systems solutions today include having the ability to control a driver emergency alert switch that improves the security of the drivers and passengers. There is also a GPS with Real Time Map Display for the vehicles using them that may utilize cellular data connection for faster configuration. What this does is that Google maps will be able to display the location of the vehicles and will inform the management of what to do in case there's a delay, emergency or any deterrence to the supply chain operations.

You also see some relevant case studies from the brand that offer solutions to the market in a way that always makes a difference. One landmark case study pioneered by Gatekeeper is the Calgary Handibus project that offered a solution for the challenge of making sure that the safety and comfort of the passengers and drivers of the school are guaranteed. The solutions that Gatekeepers spearheaded made sure that the personalized door-to-door shared ride service offered to the market will be responsive to the needs of the target market.

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