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Factory Cat Parts

If you want reliable industrial floor scrubbers, floor sweepers and other cleaning equipment, you'd be hard-pressed to find any brand that can offer you better options that what Factory Cat offers. Being known worldwide to be the producer of remarkable innovative solutions, like the MicroMag Scrubber, Micro-HD Scrubber, Mini-Hd Scrubber and Mag-HD scrubber, Factory Cat helps your company lower the industrial budget that you have for your cleaning system. Plus, the different styles of Factory Cat Floor scrubbers today means that you always have the options that can be tailor-made to your unique industrial needs.

We must highlight here some of the strengths of one of Factory Cat's most robust innovations: the MicroMag Walk Behind Floor Scrubber. What gives this scrubber dryer its good reputation is the fact that its' designed based off the already well known Magnum and Mini Mag blueprint design. Which means that other than being targeted as the smallest Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer available in the market, it also has a reliable features of a MiniMag, which include a Brush-Assist Drive that's great for level surfaces and other added features that are cheaper compared to the alternative.

There's the added Traction Drive, too, which offers unparalleled performance when climbing steep ramps and when operating on non-level surfaces today. Another powerful machine from Factory Cat is the Pilot-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer. It's best in the market because of its simple design and durable construction, as well as for the fact that it offers unmatched affordability in terms of pricing.

This may make it easy for companies to budget their industry needs, especially because this Micro Rider comes equipped with a Traction Drive that includes a powerful all-gear transaxle for powerfully climbing ramps and for max operator ease. Constant durability is also what drives this scrubber dryer to be the best in the market, as can often be expected in most, if not all, of the Factory Cat machines available today. You can also find this scrubber dryer to be available either in disk or cylindrical scrub heads. Disk is popular in most applications where there is a need for regular general cleaning, and the cylindrical would be the one you'd be after when you want to get rid of small debris.

Factory Cat also offers Green Cleaning solutions, which means that they use products and services that have a lesser or efficiently reduced carbon footprint, which lessens the damage they have on your health and environment.

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