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Clean environment and sustainable operations are now the most prominent names now associated with the brand, Kubota. With Kubota's engines aiming for better life conditions and equipment that answer the demands of the market, it leads in the competition of providing global tech and innovation that are high performance, energy efficient and labor-saving. The fundamentals that shape Kubota's engines for its tractors, combines, mini excavators and other manufacturing equipment are the core of its success today.

The engines for the generators and compressors for Kubota have also been regarded to have premium emissions standards that continue to make sure that companies can escalate in their development and manufacturing conditions in their business. With the tagline For Earth, For Life, Kubota, indeed, shows the world with its products that change can be possible for better sustainable business. One Kubota product that embodies this vision is the MERT (Mixing Element Radiant Tube).

MERT is a Kubota original that offers a new way of tube cracking that has a mixture of elements that make centrifugally cast tube possible inside it. This renders the tube to be good in heat effect and a homogenous heating of fluid in the tube. Another innovation from Kubota in its cleaning system and material offers is the TXAX (Brake Pad Material). This potassium titanate powder is commonly used for brake pads and have the superior frictional properties and resistance that make it withstand continuous abrasion of heat and extreme weather. In fact, many countries already recognize this product to be a powerfully practical utility in various establishments.

For utility vehicles that may be used in general industrial use, Kubota has a strong powerhorse line-up of products. One of them would be the diesel-powered RTV-X900 that can be either two-passenger or four-passenger and will come in different cab models. Regardless of the terrain or load, the independent suspension that comes on all the four wheels of such vehicle ensure it to be a truly exceptional ride. In fact, Kubota created the Extra Duty IRS (Independent Rear Suspension ) technology that sets a new standard for durability that truly makes sense to a lot of business needs in the cleaning system department.

Kubota also innovated the excellent hydraulics that are backed with useful features. With just a single lever, the hydraulic-lift cargo box and cargo slide can have a responsive hydrostatic power steering that only gives you tighter controls over the terrain you want to navigate.

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