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640 Electric 835 Electric All Models
Bellhop-2 1500 lb 8 HP Gas (1991-1994) Bellhop-4 2700 lb 18 HP Gas (1991-1994) Clays Car Electric (2003 - 2012)
Clays Car Gas (2003 - 2012) Cushman 2200 Cushman 280
Cushman Hauler 1200X Gas Cushman Hauler 800X Gas Cushman Refresher 2000 Gas
Cushman Shuttle 2 Electric Cushman Shuttle 2 Gas Cushman Shuttle 4 Electric
Cushman Shuttle 4 Gas Cushman Shuttle 6 Electric Cushman Shuttle 6 Gas
DGA 30-06 (1992-1995) Executive 36V Express L4 Electric
Express L4 Gas Express L6 Electric Express L6 Gas
Express S4 Electric Express S4 Gas Express S6 Gas
Express X6 Gas GA 30 (Floating Head) (1992-1994) GA-30
GA-30 EC GA-60 Pt GT-1 1200 lb 36V
GT-1 1200 lb 36V (1991-1994) GT-1 1200 lb Gasoline GT-1 1200 lb Gasoline (1991-1994)
GT-1 Turf 1200 lb Gasoline (1990-1993) Hauler 1000 Electric Hauler 1200 Gas
Hauler 1200X Electric Hauler 800 Electric Marathon Electric (1989 - 1991)
Marathon Gas 2 Cylinder (1992 - 1993) MPT 1000 Electric MPT 1200 Gas
MPT 800 Electric MPT 800 Gas MPT 800 Sport II Gas
MPT CC2200 Gas MPT1000 Electric MPT800 Electric
PC4 Electric PC4 Electric (1989 - 1991) PC4 Gas
PC4 Gas (1989 - 1991) PC4GX Electric PC4GX Gas
PC4GXI Electric PC4GXI Gas PC4X Electric
PC4X Gas Refresher 1200 CC2200 Gas Refresher 1200 Gas
Refresher Gas Shuttle 4 Express Electric Shuttle 4 Express Gas
Shuttle 4 ST Gas Shuttle 4X Electric Shuttle 4X Gas
Shuttle 6 Express Electric Shuttle 6 Express Gas Shuttle 6 ST Gas
Shuttle L4 Gas Shuttle L6 Gas Shuttle S4 Gas
Shuttle ST Express Electric Shuttle ST Express Gas ST 350 Gas
ST 350 Sport Gas ST 400 Electric ST 480 Gas
ST Sport 2 + 2 Gas (2003 - 2012) ST Sport Electric (2003 - 2012) ST Sport II 48V Electric
ST Sport II Electric ST Sport II Gas ST Sport Vehicle Gas
ST400 Gas Stock Chaser Electric Terrain 1000 Electric
Terrain 1000 Gas Terrain 1500 Gas Terrain 250 Electric
Terrain 250 Gas Terrain 500 Gas Titan Electric
Tug Electric 36V (1990-1994) TXT 5 Passenger Electric UTV-Max 1200 lb 14 HP 4-Wheel Gasoline (1994)
UTV-Max 1200 lb 53 HP Motor 48v 4-Wheel (1994) UTV-Maxim 1200 lb 14 HP 4-Wheel Gasoline (1994) UTV-Maxim 1200 lb 53 HP Motor 48v 4-Wheel (1994)
WH 1000 Electric WH 1200 Gas WH 800 Electric
WH 800 Gas Wood Boundary MAV XI 300 Electric
XI 300 Gas XI 500 Electric XI 500 Gas
XI 801 Electric XI 804 Gas XI300 Electric
XI300 Gas XI500 Electric XI500 Gas
XI804 Electric XI804 Gas

EZ-GO Parts

When you want to live larger, live most environmentally friendly, without the glitches of inferior technology, you'd have to consider what EZ-Go can offer you in terms of cleaning equipment and assistive mobility tech. With powerful products like the Express S4 Elite and Express L6 Elite, and the Freedom Series consisting of the Freedom RXV and Freedom TXT, you are empowered with so many options that could not get any better.

What makes the Express S5 Elite and the other vehicles under the same series extra powerful and reliable is the fact that they are made with a maintenance-free Samsung SDI lithium battery system that's proven to stay with you for many years to come, especially with its unprecedented 8-year warranty offer. The next adventure you will have should be worry-free and energy-efficient with this as your official ride. Other features of this vehicle include a zero-maintenance lithium battery with unbeatable energy efficiency and an 23-inch desert eagle tires.
There's also the convertible rear seat and optional premium seats that come with this vehicle, which even makes it an even more indefatigable option to choose for your next adventure.
For electric golf vehicles, you have a lot of options, including the RXV, TXT, Freedom RXV and Freedom TXT.
The ELiTE Lithium Vehicles in the market have also been known to be revolutionary electric golf cars that have the same Samsung SDI Lithium Tech that's not only zero-maintenance in its battery power but also comes with high-efficiency unlimited-amp-hour warranty. The lowest operating costs in the industry can be found in the Elite Lithium series.

What's great about the series, too, is that their battery size are half the size of what's standard use in the market. This means that the Elite Vehicles weigh considerably hundreds of pounds less, which takes a big load off your turf, protecting your assets and lengthening their lifespan. The consistent performance in the vehicles is also worth mentioning. Even if the vehicles of the Elite Series will reach more than 5 years, you're still guaranteed that you can use them as the best golf cart to climb steep elevations because of its consistently high-climping power.

The EZ-Go vehicles are also all made with the most sustainable eco-friendly technology made available in the market. With zero-emissions and a greener battery technology, you don't have the guilt of enjoying golf with a high carbon footprint. What you have are lithium batteries that will last longer and will allow your fleet to run a longer time span and will have a lesser time in the recycling cycle.

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