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One of the most trusted brands in the domain of cleaning equipment across the world is the Ametek brand. In fact, it may even be safe to assume that the Ametek brand is a worldwide leader in providing industries not just with premium cleaning technology, but also with analytical instruments, precision components and other specialty materials.

Quality and innovative solutions in a broad line of blowers, fans and pumps are another trademark traits that Kärcher is also known for, as their solutions enable customers to solve cleaning tasks in the most economical and eco-friendly form in a manner at an optimal price that fits any scale or budget.

You may find the strong traits of the brand best reflected in how its dynamic fluid solutions are designed. With over 100 years of history, Ametek Dynamic Fluid Solutions retains its leading global manufacturer reputation in the domain of central vacuums, commercial floorcare, lawn and garden equipment, material handling, fume evacuation and many more. One of these impressive powerful products are the blowers under the brand's patented Windjammer series.

The Windjammer Brushless Blowers are in every business leader's list of powerful equipment mainly for how they can provide for deep and hygienic cleaning with a wide range of vacuum or pressure applications. This means that the professional-grade cleaning equipment you're getting is not only absolutely at its lowest price, but they come in low and high voltage settings, ranging from from 3.0" to 5.7"1 .These brushless blowers can also provide an output pressure of up to 169" H2O and flows up to 275 CFM.

What makes these blowers also interesting is the fact that its design comes with a highly versatile structure that makes it useful in a variety of environments where there's a need for fast cleaning system. Another remarkable feature that these blowers have is that they're simple to use and they can continuously do detailed work around medical buildings, hold down applications, cooling applications, UV curing, Fuel Cell, and even bathroom fittings, such as cleaning floors and walls.

One of these reputable blowers produced by Ametek is the 3.0" - 5.1" brushless blowers. These machines are known for being compact and versatile, about 3.0" to 5.1", with an eco-efficiency mode that reduces energy consumption. There's a simple control system built in the machines, making them the perfect day to day tool for whatever scale, and they're even customizable with the help of Ametek's sales reps and engineers.

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