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114RS 2800D ST 2800D-C ST
33 3366 3366XP Alto
3366XP ECP 3366XP-Alto 34 RST
3400D ST 3400D-C ST 34RST
34RST EcoFlex 4366XP 560B Upright Vacuum
590 Wide Area Vacuum 590B Wide Area Vacuum 600A Wet/Dry Vacuum
614 Upright Vacuum 614E Upright Vacuum 6150
6150 ZAOH 6150 ZOAH 616 Upright Vacuum
618 Upright Vacuum 618E Upright Vacuum 620 Upright Vacuum
6200H 6200S 6200SS
666 6700 700
7700 772 7730
7760 7760 Alto 7760-Alto
7760ECP 7765 91WS
934II 934IIAutoscrubber 66 (DS) Adfinity 17ST
Adfinity 20D Adfinity 20D-AXP Adfinity 20D-EcoFlex
Adfinity 20ST Adfinity X20C Adfinity X20C-AXP
Adfinity X20C-EcoFlex Adfinity X20D Adfinity X20D- EcoFlex
Adfinity X20D-AXP Adfinity X20D-EcoFlex Adfinity X20R
Adfinity X24D Adfinity X24D-AXP Adfinity X24D-EcoFlex
Adgility (220V) Adgility 10XP Adgility 10XP-220V
Adgility 6XP Adgility 6XP-220V Adgressor 2820C
Adgressor 2820C AXP Adgressor 2820C-AXP Adgressor 2820D
Adgressor 2820D AXP Adgressor 2820D-AXP Adgressor 3220C
Adgressor 3220C AXP Adgressor 3220C-AXP Adgressor 3220D
Adgressor 3220D AXP Adgressor 3220D-AXP Adgressor 3520C
Adgressor 3520C AXP Adgressor 3520C-AXP Adgressor 3520D
Adgressor 3520D AXP Adgressor 3520D-AXP Adgressor 3820C
Adgressor 3820C AXP Adgressor 3820C-AXP Adgressor 3820D
Adgressor 3820D AXP Adgressor 3820D-AXP Adgressor X2820C EcoFlex
Adgressor X2820C-EcoFlex Adgressor X2820D EcoFlex Adgressor X3220C EcoFlex
Adgressor X3220D EcoFlex Adgressor X3520C EcoFlex Adgressor X3520D EcoFlex
Adgressor X3820C EcoFlex Adgressor X3820D EcoFlex Adhancer 2400C
Adhancer 2400D Adhancer 2600C Adhancer 2600D
Adhancer 2810C Adhancer 2810C-AXP Adhancer 2810D
Adhancer 2810D-AXP Adhancer 3210C Adhancer 3210C-AXP
Adhancer 3210D Adhancer 3210D-AXP Adhancer R28-C
Adhancer R32-C Adhancer W28-C Adhancer W32-C
Adphibian Advenger 2400C Advenger 2400D
Advenger 2600C Advenger 2600D Advenger 2805C
Advenger 2805C-C Advenger 2805D Advenger 2805D-C
Advenger 2810C Advenger 2810C AXP Advenger 2810C-AXP
Advenger 2810D Advenger 2810D AXP Advenger 2810D-AXP
Advenger 3210C Advenger 3210C AXP Advenger 3210C-AXP
Advenger 3210D Advenger 3210D AXP Advenger 3210D-AXP
Advenger 3405D Advenger 3405D-C Advenger X2805C
Advenger X2805C-C Advenger X2805D Advenger X2805D-C
Advenger X3405D Advenger X3405D-C Advolution 20B
Advolution 20BT Advolution 24B Advolution 24BT
Advolution 2710 AFV Wet/Dry Tank Vac All Models
AquaClean 12ST AquaClean 16ST AquaClean 16XP
AquaClean 18FLX AquaClean 18ST AquaClean16XP
AquaRide SE AquaRide SE-AXP ATS 46/53
Autoscrubber 66 (DS) Autoscrubber 66D (DS) Autoscrubber 81 (DS)
Autoscrubber 81D (DS) Back Vac 10 Back Vac 6
BHS 5120 BHS 7014 Boost 28
Boost 32 BU800 BU800 20B
BU800 20BA BU800 20BAT BU800 20BT
BU800 24B BU800 24BA BU800 24BAT
BU800 24BT C-1600 Floor Machine C-1800 Floor Machine
C-2000 Floor Machine Captor 4300 Captor 4300 AXP
Captor 4300-AXP Captor 4800 Captor 4800-AXP
Captor 4800AXP Captor 5400 Captor 5400-AXP
Captor 5400AXP Carpetriever 22 Carpetriever 220
Carpetriever 220-5 Carpetriever 28 Carpetriever 280
Carpetriever 28DB Carpetriever 28XP Carpetwin 14
Carpetwin 140 Carpetwin 14XP Champion 28
Clean Track L24 CMAX 28ST CMAX 34ST
CombiVac 12 CombiVac 14 Condor 4030C
Condor 4030C AXP Condor 4030C-AXP Condor 4030D
Condor 4030D AXP Condor 4030D-AXP Condor 4530C
Condor 4530C AXP Condor 4530C-AXP Condor 4530D
Condor 4530D AXP Condor 4530D-AXP Condor 4830C
Condor 4830C-AXP Condor 4830D Condor 4830D AXP
Condor 4830D-AXP Condor X4030C EcoFlex Condor X4030D EcoFlex
Condor X4530C EcoFlex Condor X4530D EcoFlex Condor X4830C EcoFlex
Condor X4830D EcoFlex Condor XL Convertamatic 16C-C
Convertamatic 17B Convertamatic 200B Convertamatic 200BD
Convertamatic 200E Convertamatic 200LX Convertamatic 20E
Convertamatic 240LX-J Convertamatic 24C-C Convertamatic 24D-C
Convertamatic 260B Convertamatic 265LX Convertamatic 26C-C
Convertamatic 26D Convertamatic 26D-C Convertamatic 285LX
Convertamatic 28C-C Convertamatic 28D Convertamatic 28D-C
Convertamatic 28LX Convertamatic 325LX Convertamatic 32B
Convertamatic 32BD Convertamatic 32D-C Convertamatic 32LX
Convertamatic 340LX Convertamatic 385LX Convertamatic 38BD
Convertamatic 38LX Convertamatic X24C-C Convertamatic X24D-C
Convertamatic X26C-C Convertamatic X26D-C Convertamatic X28C-C
Convertamatic X28D-C Convertamatic X32D-C ConvertaMAX 20
ConvertaMAX 26 ConvertaMAX 28 ConvertaMAX 34
CR28 BOOST CS7000 CS7000 48B
CS7000 48B EcoFlex CS7000 48D Hybrid CS7000 48D Hybrid EcoFlex
CS7000 48G Hybrid EcoFlex CS7000 48H Hybrid EcoFlex CS7000 48LP Hybrid
CS7000 48LP Hybrid EcoFlex CS7000 48LP LEV Hybrid CS7000 48LP LEV Hybrid EcoFlex
D14 Upright Vacuum D18 Upright Vacuum DS 66 Autoscrubber
DS 81 Autoscrubber DS66 Autoscrubber DS81 Autoscrubber
ECB-1500 ECB-2000 Encore D28
Encore D28 WB Encore D33 Encore D33 WB
Encore D38 Encore D38 WB Encore L17 Cylindrical
Encore L17 Rotary Encore L20 Encore L2426
Encore L2426 OBC Encore L25HD Encore L26 Cylindrical
Encore L26HD Cylindrical Encore L28 Encore L30
Encore L33 Encore L33HD Encore L33HD Cylindrical
Encore L38 Encore MAX Encore R
Encore S17 Cylindrical Encore S17 Rotary Encore S20
Encore S20E Encore S2426 Encore S2426 OBC
Encore S28 Encore S28 WB Encore S28XP
Encore S30 Encore S33 Encore S33 EB
Encore S33 WB Encore S33XP Encore S38
Encore S38 WB Encore S38XP ES4000
ET600 (100) ET600 (100H) ET600 (400H)
EXT 515 Filtra-Pac Canister Vac Filtra-Vac 14 Upright Vacuum
Filtra-Vac 18 Upright Vacuum Focus C28 Focus C33
Focus II BOOST L20 Focus II L17 Focus II L20
Focus II L20 Cylindrical Focus II Micro Rider Focus II Midsize BOOST 28
Focus II Midsize BOOST 32 Focus II Midsize Cylindrical 28 Focus II Midsize Disc 26
Focus II Midsize Disc 28 Focus II Midsize Disc 34 Focus II S20
Focus L17 Cylindrical Focus L17 Rotary Focus L20 Rotary
Focus L28 Focus L33 Focus L38
FOCUS Rider Scrubber Focus S17 Rotary Focus S20 Rotary
Focus S28 Focus S33 Focus S38
Fusion 27 GD 10-220V GD 5-220V
GD 930-230V GD 930HS GD 930HSP
GD 930HSP2 GD 930S GD930
GU 305 GU 305 (Spectrum 12P-220V) GU 355
GU 355-2 GU 355-2 (Spectrum 15D-220V) GU 455
GU 455-2 (Spectrum 18D-220V) GU305 GU455-2
GW 1020 GW 1030 GW 4512
GW 6016 Hip HipVac Air Cycle HEPA
HipVac STD Hydro-Retriever 200HD Hydro-Retriever 2042
Hydro-Retriever 2052 Hydro-Retriever 2067 Hydro-Retriever 240HD
Hydro-Retriever 260BHD Hydro-Retriever 265HD Hydro-Retriever 2800
Hydro-Retriever 280HD Hydro-Retriever 285HD Hydro-Retriever 3200
Hydro-Retriever 320BHD Hydro-Retriever 320HD Hydro-Retriever 325HD
Hydro-Retriever 3800 Hydro-Retriever 380BHD Hydro-Retriever 380HD
Hydro-Retriever 385HD Hydro-Retriever 4500 Hydro-Retriever 5000
Hydro-Retriever 5000B Hydro-Retriever 5010B HydroCat 5015
HydroCat 5015B I-MAX 28C I-MAX 28HD
I-MAX 32C I-MAX 34HD Image 14 120V
Image 14 230V Image 16i 120V Image 16i 230V
Image 16ix 120V Image 16ix 230V Image 20ix 120V
Image 20ix 230V Image 26B Klenzor 16
Klenzor 18 Klenzor 18MPH KT151-Hatbox
Micromatic M17B Micromatic M17E Micromax 17B
Micromax 17E Micromax 20B Micromax 20C
Micromax 20DC Micromax 20DD Mini-Max 26
Mini-Max 28 Mini-Max 30 Mobilmatic 17
Mobilmatic 17B Mobilmatic 17B-5 Mobilmatic 20
Mobilmatic 20B Mobilmatic 20B-5 Model 614 Upright Vacuum
MPV-60 MPV-60 ECP ProSense 12D
ProSense 15D Razor 17B Razor 20
Razor 20B Razor 20BT Razor 20T
Razor E17 Razor Plus 24C Razor Plus 24D
Razor Plus 26D Razor Plus 28C Razor Plus 28D
Razor SV17 Retriever 3600B Retriever 360B
Retriever 360G Retriever 360P Retriever 5200G
Retriever 5600D Retriever 5600G Retriever 560B
Retriever 560G Retriever 5800 Retriever 5800B
Retriever 5800D Retriever 5800G S
SC351 SC450 SC6500 40C
SC6500 40C EcoFlex SC6500 40D SC6500 40D EcoFlex
SC6500 45C SC6500 45C EcoFlex SC6500 45D
SC6500 45D EcoFlex SC6500 48C SC6500 48C EcoFlex
SC6500 48D SC6500 48D EcoFlex SC750 26D
SC750 28C SC750 28D SC750 28R
SC750 ST26D SC750 ST28C SC7730
SC7740 SC7750 SC7750 ECP
SC7750ECP SC800 28C SC800 28D
SC800 32C SC800 34D SC800 71
SC800 71C SC800 86 SC800 ST34D
SC8000 1300 LPG SC8000 1300D SC8000 1600D
SC8000 1600LPG SC8000 48 D SC8000 48 D EcoFlex
SC8000 48 LPG SC8000 48 LPG EcoFlex SC8000 60 D
SC8000 60 D EcoFlex SC8000 60 LPG SC8000 60 LPG EcoFlex
SC8000 62 D SC8000 62 D EcoFlex SC8000 62 LPG
SC8000 62 LPG EcoFlex SC900 ST SelectGloss 20B
SelectGloss 20BT Smart 2000 Spectrum 12H
Spectrum 12P Spectrum 12P-220V Spectrum 12P220V
Spectrum 15D Spectrum 15D-220V Spectrum 15D220V
Spectrum 15P Spectrum 18D Spectrum 18D-220V
Sprite 5 Sprite 8 Sprite Air Scoop 8
SPS-28 Sweeper SPS4800 SR5730
SR7770HC SR9772 SS-10 Wet/Dry Vacuum
SS-15 Wet/Dry Vacuum SS-7 Wet/Dry Vacuum ST750 28R
ST8000 ST34D Symphony 12 Symphony 12cc
Symphony 12PF Symphony 16 TMD-40 Wet/Dry Vacuum
TMD-50 Wet/Dry Vacuum TMD-GCU Wet/Dry Vacuum TMS-40 Wet/Dry Vacuum
TMS-50 Wet/Dry Vacuum UHR 70-1700 Ultra Speed 1500
Ultra Speed 2000 Ultra Speed 2500 UZ 930HPRS
UZ 930HS UZ 930S UZ930S-Hatbox
VacRide 3400 VacRide 3400C Vantage 14
Vision 17B Vision 17BT Vision 17E
Vision 17E 115V Vision 17E 230V Vision 20B
Vision 20BT Vision 20E Vision 20E 115V
Vision 20E 230V Vision 20ET Vision 26I
Vision 26IX Vision 32I Vision 32IX
Vision 38I VU500 Warrior AXP X28C-C
Warrior AXP X28D-C Warrior AXP X32C-C Warrior AXP X32D-C
Warrior EcoFlex X28C-C Warrior EcoFlex X28D-C Warrior EcoFlex X32C-C
Warrior EcoFlex X32D-C Warrior ST 28C Warrior ST 28C-C
Warrior ST 28D Warrior ST 28D-C Warrior ST 32C
Warrior ST 32D Warrior ST 32D-C Whirlamatic 2000B-W
Whirlamatic 2700 Whirlamatic UHSB17 Whirlamatic UHSB20
Whirlamatic UHSBD20 Whirlamatic VS20 Xtrac

Clarke Parts

It's easy to see why Clarke is considered to be a brand sustained by continuous professional performance and quality products distributed across the globe. Across a variety of markets and domains of products, resources and solutions, Clarke has the answer for an assortment of industrial-scale cleaning problems ever since 1916, when Alex A. Clarke created the brand as a provider of solutions for restoring wood bar tops and school desks.

Now a merging partner with Nilfisk-Advance, Clarke continues to be a leader in new product innovation and development with an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps fuelling ideas for long-lasting products that faster and more sustainable. These powerful products include scrubbers, drying machines, sweepers, sweeper-scrubbers, floor machines, burnishers, and carpet extractors. One of the most exigently popular and cost-efficient cleaning solutions from Clarke would be the SC1500.

Guaranteed to be value for money, this cost-efficient cleaning solutions enhances your cleaning productivity to deliver superior cleaning performance all the time. It's a stand-alone scrubber that's flexible and extremely maneuverable use for medium-sized and small areas. Plus, you can be guaranteed that this has a high-capacity tank and high scrub speed capabilities that will surely get the job done in no time.

Daily scrubbing applications need a robust machine and that's why the 20-inch-disc model that the SC1500 offers will let you spend more time on your floor because of its 12-gallon solution tank and low flow rate. Providing 75 minutes of scrub time is no joke, and that's why this machine remains a significantly sound investment for companies.

Another compelling producs that Clark offers for the market of cleaning equipment is the CEX410 self-contained carpet extractor. It is impressive in the sense that it has a low sound level of only about 68 ±3 dB(A), which makes it ideal for daytime cleaning. Plus, its productive 120 psi pump working pressure makes for an outstanding robust machine for any type of use. Its other features include a foot operated parking stand for brush protection; a compact design that's also equipped with an adjustable handle and a large transport set of wheels for maximum navigation.

Fastest shipping options available from multiple locations. Manufacturer-grade parts, made with components of the highest quality, and rigorously tested to pass manufacturer standards to deliver you only the best - or your money back!

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59955A Tire/Rim Assembly, Non-Marking, Foam Filled for Clarke
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