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General Motors has established itself for so many years already to be a leader in numerous tech innovations, including the creation of zero-emission, premium cleaning equipment for various industries. With headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, GM, the brand has heroically created jobs for over 180,000 people, getting people out of poverty from across 6 continents and speaking over 70 languages. General Motors today stands out in creating some of the most sustainable personal mobility vehicles in the market. One of them would be the autonomous vehicle programs that are growing in their expansion projects.

The electric and autonomous vehicle programs from General Motors support a shift in eco-friendly solutions and Global Propulsion Systems engineering that taps into the unique modern battery manufacturing facilities today. In the domain of cleaning equipment, the General Motors Snow Plows and Spreaders cannot be beaten.

The General Motors Specialty Vehicles also deserve special mention. Whether you're a business owner or fleet manager, the product specialists from GM can offer you the perfect cleaning or industrial vehicle that suits your needs. From platform beds, stake beds to dump beds, there are available vehicles from General Motors that can answer your demands. One of these vehicles would be the Chevrolet Express 3500 Cutaway.

This vehicle comes with a 2WD or 4WD capability and a GVWR package threshold of about 25,950. No matter what kind of storage space versatility your business requires, General Motors offers an answer specific to your niche.

What's worth mentioning, too, is the fact that General Motors has some of the most powerful safety solutions in its vehicles. These features include mechanisms that help prevent collisions and a comprehensive suite of available safety technologies that ensure low-speed forward automatic braking, rear cross traffic alert, rear parking assist and forward collision alerts. These features may not be available in the other categories of vehicles, but rest assured, there are equivalent system add-ons that make the vehicles extra competitive and valuable in the market today.

GM Mobility is another strength of the company. With its adaptation to today's travel innovation and vehicle ideas, such as the OnStar Safety and Security Plan Coverage and Remote Access Plans, with available 4G LTE and Wi-fi Hotspot, there is always a scalable way to expand your business with the solutions provided by General Motors. Solutions from General Motors that develop vehicle parts have earned commendation, too, in the industry today because they're able to facilitate the adaptive equipment installation process that helps other companies expand and elevate their operations.

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