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EZ-International Inc. Parts

EZ International Inc. is a privately held company that was incorporated in WI after being established in 2003. The estimates from expert source showed that the company is a single-location firm without a staff of approximately 14 people. The company is also filed under the Industrials sector in the Electrical Equipment industry.

Some of the most popular innovations from Ez-International Inc include the Ez-International Inc. 0707248 - Pot Assembly and the Ez-International Inc. 070910 - Circuit Breaker. You can also expect quality and robust wheelchairs from this brand for over 16 years now. One of these wheelchairs that are run through the supply chain system of EZ-International Inc. is the Breez 1025 and 1025-G Patient Chair Transport products.

Some of the features of the Patient Chair Transport-BREEZE 1025 is that it's able to transport the user safely and comfortably by providing a motorized wheelchair transport. The mobility it offers to impaired individuals will be able to eliminate excessive push-pull forces for the caregivers. This gives tremendous relief for the caregivers and lets them do their job most comfortably and efficiently.

This chair transport could also be navigated even through tight crowded hallways or even elevators, and can transport individuals that weigh as heavy as 750 pounds. The seat widths are about 30 inches wide and are the perfect measure for a perfectly ergonomic solution for bariatric patients. The seats are also custom built, so the configurations are customized to what the customer wants.

Other features of this chair include an automatic dynamic brake and parking brake to prevent rollaways and a separate coarse and fine speed controls that can provide comfort and control for the staff; an emergency stop button attached to a set of anti-tip casters located in front; a swing away set of footrests that have adjustable armrests that can be flipped up. You can also expect that this machine has a maintenance-free operation with its batteries sealed along with its advanced solid state charging system for a maximum battery life that lasts for a very long time.

Another powerful mobility solution from EZ International is the EZ Shopper 8000 Series. This is a customer favorite not just for its increased capacity, durability, safety and accommodations for disabled shoppers but for the way it is designed with a transaxle drive and unmatched operational safety attached. It always helps to add features that increase the users' maneuver motion. Plus, this electric shopping cart has an extra-durable frame that can prevent tip-overs and collusions, minimizing the risk and safety hazard that the user can encounter.

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