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Flo-Jet Corp Parts

Founded in 2008, the Flojet Corp is a company that encompasses wholesale distribution of transport equipment and supplies. With 50 or more employees, it is able to manufacture and supply water pumps across the globe, including their accessories. The company distributes small motors, diaphragm pumps, gear pumps, valves and beverage dispensing and food service systems. There are also agricultural/lawn and recreational vehicle equipment sold by the company that boost the productivity of many of today's global companies.

Now a Xylem brand, Flojet is now known to be the creator of the Triplex Series High Pressure Pump. This is an impeccable brand because of its flow rates that reach to about 5.3 litres/min, which is about 1.4 US Gallons/min. There is a pressure switch control that's capable of pressures that can reach as high as 10.5 bar (150 psi). A known model offered by the brand is the R3811 Series. You can expect the series to have a pump sealed in corrosion resistant material that offers unparalleled performance and life.

The Bypass System in this model is able to eliminate pulsation and cycling, too, which is accompanied with today's latest co-injection system tech that also reduces potential leak paths. You can be assured that there's no metal parts on the wetted areas in this model. For applications Flojet Triplex pumps have many. From being a versatile pump on the market to being able to emit spraying, misting, cooling, espresso brewing and purification system, your food and beverage and construction business would really get a lot of value from investing in it.

Other solutions that Flojet offers today include the products from environmental monitoring and analysis that may be used in various cleaning programs. There are also hydro turbines, light and power, mixing equipment and pumps and packaged pump systems. All of the cleaning equipment from the brand are also able to identify problems in HDPE pipes, bends, wyes, tees and flange adapters. HDPE or High-density polyethylene pipe can be used in industrial, mining, environmental and construction markets as a good way to handle various water pressures.

For Hydro Turbines, the Flojet brand is known for creating easily installed and maintained turbines that are efficient, reliable, invisible and quiet. There's a head that's from 1m to 22m attached to a fully submersible generator that can go to a depth of about 65 feet (20 m.) Long-life bearings in these turbines provide extended operational lifetime. The attached temperature sensors found in the machine's stator winding and main bearing can be monitored easily even before their damages worsen.

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