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At, we put our customers' satisfaction at the highest level of our priorities. We don't see the procurement of parts as an unavoidable service obligation that you have to go through, but more like a vital part of your business success. For this reason, we make sure that all the elements that make up an outstanding customer service are present in our processes, and that we are the best forklift parts retailer in this sector as well.
No Waiting Times
We fully understand that time is your most precious resource, and we respect this by ensuring that all attempts to reach us will be addressed in a timely manner. Our agents will respond immediately to phone calls, emails, and chat messages, so no customer is ever left waiting. All requests are promptly evaluated and forwarded to a specialist so you won't experience the frustrating multiple bouncing from one agent to another and having to explain things repeatedly. We can guarantee that all requests will be resolved in a matter of a few minutes.
Transaction Transparency
We are very clear with transaction details such as the delivery timeframes, the item return terms, the discounting system, the shipping details, and the special offers in our online store. You can access this information through our comprehensive FAQ webpage. Moreover, you can freely create a customer account in our online platform, so that you will be able to access the full information about the status of your order, get tracking information, and report missing items right away. provides full transparency, giving you unprecedented insight on your order's shipment.
Part Specialists
We don't expect you to browse our vast online product catalogs to find what you need. Our parts specialists are always there to help you find what you are looking for in no time. They are constantly studying technical details about new and old parts, and they have all the part and equipment manufacturers' manuals at their disposal, so they can enlighten you even when you are not sure about what exactly it is that you need. Even if you are looking for a part that is deprecated, old, and very rare, our part specialists will do their best to locate it and most probably they will.
Trusty Relationship
We want to build a trusty relationship with our customers, and no matter the amount and frequency of orders we respect each and every one of you. That said, our agents are friendly, respectful, helpful, and quick to act. We strive to provide consistently good service, providing information about your orders in a timely manner, and addressing the customer needs and special instructions. We care about our reputation, and we value your feedback after each order. Based on this feedback, we continuously improve our order processing and shipping processes to match and exceed the expectations of even the most highly-demanding customers. We listen to our customers, we learn from what they have to say, we know our products, and we are committed to keeping our promises. All this has brought us to the position of enjoying numerous trusty relationships that we have built with our loyal customers during the past decade.