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TRANSMISSION FILTER  NISSAN NI32132-48270 Transmission Filter For Nissan: 32132-48270

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Nissan Forklift Transmission Filter: Quality Replacement Part

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Nissan forklift transmission filter
Transmission filter location in Nissan Forklifts
How to fill transmission fluid in Nissan Forklifts
How do I know if my Nissan transmission filter needs replacement?
How to install a new transmission filter in your Nissan forklift
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In this article, we will learn about Nissan forklift transmission filters, its location in Nissan forklifts, how to fill transmission fluid in Nissan forklifts, how do I know if my Nissan filter needs replacement, and how to install a new filter in your Nissan forklift.

Nissan Forklift Transmission Filter

The transmission filter of Nissan forklifts plays a crucial role in protecting the transmission system from potential harm caused by contaminants, such as metallic fragments or dirt, that can infiltrate the transmission fluid.

It functions as a barrier that traps and removes these contaminants, ensuring the fluid remains free of harmful impurities. By maintaining proper fluid flow, it mitigates friction on critical transmission components, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring optimal performance.

Nissan Forklift Transmission Filter

Transmission filter location in Nissan Forklifts

The location of the transmission filter in a Nissan forklift depends on the specific model and type of transmission used in the forklift. It can generally be near the transmission unit, either along the side or at the bottom. Some Nissan forklifts may have the filter mounted directly to the transmission, while others may have it mounted remotely with hoses connecting it.

To determine the exact location of the filter in your Nissan forklift, you can consult the owner's manual or contact us for assistance. We can provide specific information about your model's location and replacement procedure.

How to fill transmission fluid in Nissan Forklifts

To fill the transmission fluid in a Nissan forklift, you will need to follow these steps:

Locate the transmission fluid dipstick

The transmission fluid dipstick on most Nissan forklifts is positioned near the transmission unit, frequently situated alongside or at the bottom of the unit.

Check the fluid level

Remove the dipstick from its housing and check the fluid level by verifying that it lies within the "FULL" and "ADD" indicators on the dipstick.

Add fluid

When the fluid level is low, add transmission fluid into the dipstick opening until it reaches the "FULL" level. Utilize the transmission fluid specified by the Nissan forklift manufacturer to avoid damage to the machinery.

Replace the dipstick

After correcting the fluid level, reinsert the dipstick and firmly secure it to prevent leaks or contamination.

Test the forklift

Start the forklift and test it to guarantee proper operation. Monitor the fluid level periodically after a few minutes to ensure it remains at the correct levels.

Strict adherence to the Nissan forklift manufacturer's guidelines and instructions when refilling transmission fluid is crucial for optimal performance and proper function. Deviations, such as over or under filling, can reduce efficiency and damage the transmission.

How do I know if my Nissan transmission filter needs replacement?

There are a few signs that may indicate that the transmission filter in your Nissan forklift needs to be replaced:

Reduced performance

If you notice that the forklift is shifting poorly or experiencing a decrease in performance, the transmission filter may be clogged, causing a reduced fluid flow to the transmission components.

Contaminated transmission fluid

If you notice that the transmission fluid appears dirty or discolored, this may be a sign of a clogged filter. Dirt and debris in the fluid can cause damage to the transmission components if left unchecked.


If you notice fluid leaks around the filter, this may be a sign that the filter is damaged or that the fluid level is too high.

Recommendation by manufacturer

Most Nissan forklifts have recommended maintenance schedules, which may include regular transmission filter replacement. These recommendations can help maintain the transmission's health and prevent costly repairs.

If you suspect your filter needs to be replaced, it's best to have it inspected by a qualified Nissan forklift technician. They can diagnose the issue and recommend the appropriate action to keep your forklift operating efficiently and effectively.

How to install a new transmission filter in your Nissan forklift

To change the transmission filter on a Nissan forklift, a specific sequence of procedures must be followed.

Locate the transmission filter

The filter on Nissan forklifts can be found close to the transmission assembly, often along the side or at the bottom.

Remove the old filter

After identifying the filter's location, utilize a filter wrench to dismount it from its fixture. Take care to capture any leakage that might arise as a result of the filter's removal.

Install the new filter

Before installing the new filter, make sure to thoroughly cleanse the mounting site to remove any debris or residue. Once the area is clean, attach the new filter and fasten it to the manufacturer's recommended specifications.

Refill the transmission fluid

Once the installation of the new filter is complete, it is good to refill the transmission fluid following the guidelines outlined by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance of the transmission system.

Test the forklift

After refilling the transmission fluid, start the forklift and conduct a comprehensive examination of the transmission to guarantee proper functionality and avoid any potential complications.

To prevent potential issues and ensure proper operation of the Nissan forklift, it is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines correctly when changing the filter.

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  • The transmission filter is a critical component of a Nissan forklift, as it helps to protect the transmission system from contaminants and wear.

  • Choosing a high-quality, reliable part from a trusted supplier is important to ensure maximum performance and longevity when purchasing a filter.

  • Reputable suppliers like Lift Parts Warehouse should have a wide range of Nissan forklift filters in stock and offer convenient ordering options to make the process quick and easy.

  • Regular maintenance, including replacing the filter, can help extend your Nissan forklift's life and prevent costly repairs.

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