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Benefits of Buying Remanufactured Parts

While there are several business owners or individuals who prefer using brand new parts for their materials handling equipment, it is important to also consider the immense growth of remanufactured parts which are now being used widely as much as new ones. Most of such remanufactured parts are built to form an actual substitute for the original parts, given that you purchase those from a reputable dealer like Lift Parts Warehouse.

In most cases, you will be able to get the same level of longevity and performance from remanufactured forklift truck parts, like you would from new ones. This is mainly because these parts are subjected to a wide range of durability and performance tests to ascertain that they are in proper condition to enable proper operation of lift trucks. And like any other process, remanufacturing is also updated regularly and several new and unique methods are introduced in the process so they are built better.

Before moving on to the benefits of getting remanufactured parts, you should first understand the difference between remanufactured and used parts because many individuals think that these terms refer the same.

Used parts refer to those parts that have been used for a while on different forklifts. If they were properly maintained, you will get parts that are in decent condition, for a good discounted price. On the contrary, remanufactured or refurbished parts are those that were returned to the dealer or manufacturer for different reasons. As they cannot be sold as new anymore, manufacturers examine and rectify the problem with those parts and sell them as remanufactured. There are quite a lot of reasons why parts can be remanufactured, some of which include: returned parts, parts that were damaged in shipping, demo parts, defective parts, and parts in open boxes.

Why Buy Remanufactured Parts?

If you have been using your present fleet of lift trucks for several years now, then it is most likely that the part models of those trucks are obsolete, or in simple words, no longer in production or use. For such cases, remanufactured parts are the best solution, as you can easily find them online. Lift Parts Warehouse are professionals when it comes to finding obsolete and remanufactured lift truck parts.

One other benefit of using remanufactured parts on your lift trucks is that you will be able to maintain same standard across all the forklifts you use. If you use remanufactured parts, your entire forklift fleet can be patterned or made consistent for version control, upgrades, and also for repairs. And why should you standardize your vehicles? Because it will help you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Also, refurbished parts are usually a lot less expensive when compared to new forklift parts. The savings you make from choosing to use refurbished parts can be used in other better ways that will improve the performance of your forklifts.

For all your remanufactured parts needs, Lift Parts Warehouse is the one stop solution. We are experienced and reliable dealers of genuine remanufactured parts.