28115-G01 36V Ezgo Powerwise Charger for CUSHMAN, E-Z-GO
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Powerwise 28115-G01 36 Volt Battery Charger for E-Z-GO and CUSHMAN Golf carts

Category: Electrical

Product Description

This is a Powerwise 36 Volt Battery Charger for E-Z-Go and Cushman golf carts with Parts Number: 28115-G01.

This part can also be found under the following part numbers:

  • EZ28115G01
  • EZ28115-G01
  • CU28115G01

Cross Reference: CL7011003, EZ28115-G01, HU4113713, LE25900-EZ, YP550102829, YP5501028-29

7011003, 28115-G01, 4113713, 25900-EZ, 550102829, 5501028-29

Application: E-Z-Go and Cushman golf carts with 36V batteries

Product Specifications

Specifications of the Powerwise 28115-G01 36V EZGO Powerwise Charger:

Category Battery Charger
Brand Powerwise
DC Voltage 36V
Current Rating 10 Ampere
DC Charging Rate 20A
Frequency Input 60 Hz
AC Input 110-120 VAC
Dimension 8" x 10.5" x 8"
Weight 30 lbs

Powerwise 28115-G01 36V EZGO Charger

The Power Wise 28115-G01 Charger is a battery charger for your E-Z-Go and Cushman Golf Carts. It also works on other carts that support 36V and 20 Amp Chargers with similar plug-ends.

An image of a 28115-G01 36V Charger

Figure: Powerwise 28115-G01 Charger

Selecting Correct Powerwise Battery Charger

The Power wise 28115-G01 charger is a very popular charger for E-Z-GO Golf Carts. Before buying the Powerwise 36 Volt Golf Cart Charger, you should make sure of the specifications of your golf cart battery. You can simply check the manual to determine the specifications, especially the required voltage. If you don't have the manual, you can easily find the voltage yourself. Just pop up the seat of your cart and count the number of cells in each battery.

An image of an E-Z-Go golf cart battery assembly under the hood

Figure: Counting cell caps is a sure way to know your required voltage

Each cell cap means 2 volts. If you have 6 cells in each battery and 3 batteries in total, your required voltage is 6 x 2 x 3 = 36V. The majority of the E-Z-Go golf carts use 36 Volts battery.

It is also important to consider the charger connector. Most old model carts use Crowsfoot Connector. Newer models either use D-connectors or RXV connectors. Make sure your charger has the right connector.

Warranty Information

28115-G01 Ezgo Powerwise Charger comes with 6 months warranty, which can be upgraded to 36 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Power wise 28115-G01 a brand new charger?

No, the 28115-G01 Charger is a rebuilt item.

Which golf carts can use Power wise 28115-G01?

It is a popular battery charger for E-Z-GO and Cushman golf carts. You can use this charger with any E-Z-Go and Cushman cart batteries that require part numbers EZ28115G01, EZ28115-G01 or CU28115G01.

Do I need to pay a core charge for this Powerwise 36 Volt Charger?

Yes, all remanufactured and rebuilt items, this Powerwise 36 Volt Golf Cart Charger is subject to a core charge. The core charge is refundable. The refund amount will be determined by the status of the core returned.

What is the Ampere rating of this charger?

The 28115-G01 Charger has a 20 Ampere current rating.

What is the frequency input of this Powerwise battery charger?

The Powerwise 36V Golf Cart Charger has a 60Hz Frequency Input.

What is the current input of this Powerwise battery charger?

The Powerwise Charger has an AC Input of 110 - 120 VAC.

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