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1510A-5250 48V 250A (0-5K) Sx Control
1510A-5250 SX DC Motor Controller 48V 250A for Club Car
Our Price: $342.41

Part Number: 1510A-5250

Remanufactured OEM ($342.41)


1510A-5250 48V 250A (0-5K) SX DC Motor Controller

Category: Model 1510

Product Description

This is an SX DC Motor Controller for Club Car and other golf carts with Parts Number: 1510A-5250.

Cross Reference:

  • CL7008691
  • CT1510A-5250
  • HU1690477R
  • PHAX00002137
  • YP5243210-49R
  • 7008691
  • 1510A-5250
  • 1690477R
  • AX00002137
  • 5243210-49R

Suggested Accessories Part Numbers:

76-1415-GOLF , 76-908HRNS48V , 76-908R3648BNJO , 94-CM174 , 100-586120111 , 24-CBHF2-CC , 43-8012-30 , 62-1313K-CC , 76-1313K-3231 , 76-1415-GOLF , 76-908HRNS48V , 76-908R3648BNJO , 94-CM174 , 100-586120111 , 24-CBHF2-CC , 43-8012-30 , 62-1313K-CC , 51-FX302G015K , 51-FX302G016K , 51-FX302G021K , 51-FX503G015K , 51-FX503G016K , 51-FX503G021K , 76-1268-5501CK , 76-1510AS-5350

Application: This controller suits 2004 - 2009 Club Car DS and Precedent Model Golf Carts.

Product Specifications

Specifications of the Curtis 1510A-5250 DC Motor Controller:

Category DC Motor Controller
Brand Curtis
Condition Rebuilt
Voltage 48V
Current 250A
Throttle Type 0-5k 3-wire MCOR Throttle
Other Features Club Car Precedent IQ System

1510A-5250 DC Motor Controller

This is a rebuilt Curtis SX DC Motor Controller for Club Car golf carts. It is a 48V Controller with a maximum 250A current rating. The throttle is an MCOR, that smoothly transforms your pedal movement into motor output.

An image of a 1510A-5250 SX DC Motor Controller

Figure: Curtis 1510A-5250 SX DC Motor Controller

Why do you need a DC Motor Controller?

A DC Motor Controller controls the speed of the motor. Without a DC Motor Controller, your golf cart would start with the full power from the battery whenever you apply throttle. This would cause violent take-offs, putting extreme stress on the drive components and risking your safety. Moreover, if your golf cart uses an AC or a brushless DC motor, it won’t even move without a motor controller. These kinds of motors need a precisely timed AC signal, which is generated by Motor Controllers like Curtis 1510A-5250. A motor controller also meters out the power consumption of the cart battery based on your input. Overall, a suitable Motor Controller is a crucial component of your golf cart.

Warranty Information

The Curtis 1510a-5250 Controller comes with a 6-Months warranty, extendable up to 36-Months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 1510A-5250 Controller a brand new part?

No, it is a remanufactured item.

What are the Voltage and Current Ratings of Curtis DC Motor Controller 1510a-5250?

48V and 250Amps

Does the 1510a-5250 Curtis Controller require a core charge?

Yes, all remanufactured and rebuilt items are subject to a core charge. A core charge is refundable. The refund amount will be determined by the status of the core returned.

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