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1266A-5201 : Curtis 36/48V 275A (3-Wire) SX Controller
1266A-5201 Curtis 36/48V 275A SX (3-Wire) Motor Controller
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Part Number: 1266A-5201

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1266A-5201 Curtis 36/48V 275A (3-Wire) SX Controller

Category: Curtis Parts

Product Description

This is a Curtis 1266A Series 36/48V and 275A Programmable Controller for Separately Excited (SepEx or SX) Motors with Parts Number: 1266A-5201.

Cross Reference: CL7012961, CT1266-5201, CT1266A-5201, CT390215201, HU4192733, YP582072057, 7012961, 1266-5201, 1266A-5201, 390215201, 4192733, 582072057

Suggested Accessories Parts Number: 76-1415-GOLF, 76-908HRNS48V, 76-908R3648BNJO, 94-CM174, 100-586117111, 100-586120111, 43-8012-30, 76-1313K-3231

Application: This Curtis SX Motor Controller is compatible with golf carts, small utility vehicles, and light on-road vehicles.

Product Specifications

Specifications of the 1266A-5201 Controller:

Part Category Programmable SX Motor Controller
Brand Curtis
Fitment Direct Replacement
Nominal Voltage 36/48V
Armature Rating 2 Minutes 275A
Field Rating 2 Minutes 25A
PWM Operating Frequency 16 kHz
Electrical Isolation to Heatsink (min.) 500 VAC (Minimum)
Logic Enable & Logic Power Input Voltage (minimum) 16.8V
Logic Enable & Logic Power Input Current (minimum) 160 mA Without Programmer; 200 mA With Programmer
Logic Input Voltage >20.0 V High; <7.5 V Low
Logic Input Current 10 mA
Heat Sink Thickness 4 mm
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
Heatsink Overtemperature Cutback Starts @ 85°C (185°F); Cutoff @ 95°C (203°F)
Heatsink Undertemperature Cutback 50% Armature Current @ -25°C (-13°F)
Environmental Rating IP5X
Regulatory Compliance ISO 9001 QMS, UL Recognized
Dimension 198 × 114 × 68 mm
Weight 3.9 kg
Condition Remanufactured
Fitment Direct

Curtis 1266A-5201 36/48V 275A SX Controller

Rebuilt controllers are a great way to get your golf carts and utility vehicles up and running without breaking the bank. The 1266A-5201 SX Controller is a microprocessor-based programmable controller for separately excited motors in light-duty vehicles. The 1266A-5201 Controller comes with Power MOSFET Technology that allows a smooth, efficient, and silent operation. The rugged enclosure is IP5X rated to protect the electronics inside.

Figure: 1266A-5201 Curtis SX Controller

Curtis 1266A-5201 Key Features

Below are the key features of the 1266A-5201 Controller:

  • Power MOSFET Technology for smooth, efficient operation
  • Programmable parameters allows customization
  • Overspeed protection prevents overspeeding while driving downhill
  • Hall effect sensor to control vehicle speed precisely
  • Anti-rollback and Anti-stall function
  • Reverse Buzzer function
  • Short duration current boost to overcome obstacles
  • Fully compatible with Curtis 1311, 1313 and 1314 Programmers
  • System monitoring, fault detection, and diagnostic capability using Curtis Programmer.
  • Half bridge armature and full bridge field provide regenerative braking

More details on the 1266A-5201 Controller can be found in this manual.

Warranty Information

The 1266A-5201 SX Controller comes with a 6-month limited warranty, which is upgradable to 36 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the level of environmental protection for the enclosure?

The enclosure is IP5X rated to protect the electronics inside.

Is this a new controller?

No, the Curtis 1266A-5201 Controller is a rebuilt item.

Is there a reverse alarm in this controller?

Yes, the controller comes with a warning buzzer for reverse driving.

Which carts can use this controller?

This Curtis 1266A-5201 is an SX Controller and can be used with SepEx motors on golf carts, utility vehicles, and light on-road vehicles.

How to customize the controller parameters?

You can use Curtis 1311, 1313, and 1314 Programmers to customize the controller parameters like speed, torque, and braking.

Is it a 3-wire controller?

Yes, it has 3 terminals for 3 wires.

What’s the 2 minutes field rating of this controller?

25 Amps.

Does it have downhill Overspeed Protection?

Yes, the Overspeed braking limits the speed when driving downhill.

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