Hyster Lift Truck: 5 Critical Parts for its Maintenance

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There's no doubt that a Hyster lift truck (forklift) is a vital piece of equipment in any warehouse or distribution center. But to keep it running at peak performance, you need to maintain it properly. Let's talk about the 5 critical Hyster Forklift Parts to perform the maintenance properly.

Table of contents

  1. Keep your Hyster lift truck in good conditions
  2. How often does a forklift need to be serviced?
  3. Regular and monthly maintenance of Hyster lift trucks
  4. Parts needed for scheduled maintenance of your lift truck
  5. Where to find Hyster Forklift Parts online?
  6. Takeaways

Keep your Hyster lift truck in good conditions

There are a few important reasons why keeping your Hyster lift truck ( also called forklift) in good condition is crucial. First and foremost, if you don't take care of your truck, it won't take care of you. This means that if you don't properly maintain your truck, it could eventually break down when you need it most. Additionally, keeping your truck in good condition can help to ensure its longevity, saving you money in the long run. Finally, following a regular maintenance schedule for your truck can help to prevent accidents and injuries.

You can do many things to keep your Hyster lift truck, especially if it is 100% operative. First, make sure to always follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule. This will ensure that all the truck parts are properly lubricated and functioning properly. You should also inspect the truck for any damage or wear and tear regularly and address any issues as soon as possible.

Additionally, be sure to use only approved parts and accessories when performing any repairs or maintenance on the truck. This will help to ensure that the truck is operating safely and reliably. Finally, always heed all warning signs and instructions when using the lift truck, and this will help keep you and others safe while using the truck.

Hyster Lift Truck
Hyster Lift Truck

How often does a forklift need to be serviced?

Forklifts are solid machines, but also they are potentially dangerous machines. They help make warehouses and industrial jobs easier to manage, but they must be maintained at all times. Without proper maintenance, the machine may break down or cause damage to whatever it is passing by. How often your lift truck needs to be serviced will depend on many things, but some important things to take into account are:

  • Manufacturers recommendations
  • Working hours
  • Working environment

Regular and monthly maintenance of Hyster lift trucks

For a Hyster lift truck or other forklifts of any other brand, it is important to perform routine maintenance checks to run smoothly.

  • Regular forklift maintenance (Daily forklift maintenance plan): The more hours the machine uses, the more often it needs to be serviced. Of course, it is impossible to be serviced after every hour of work, but some companies use heavy transport equipment like forklifts for more than 8 hours a day. So, parts are working more and their lifespan decreases. Thus, they will need to service their machinery more often. This routine includes checking tire pressure, oil, and fuel levels on the engine, checking the coolant level, etc.
  • Monthly forklift maintenance: A monthly forklift maintenance is carried out a little after to pass the 200 working hours. This maintenance includes battery checking, lubrication of components, and cleaning air filters.
forklift maintenance
Remember to use always protection equipment during a forklift maintenance

Parts needed for scheduled maintenance of your lift truck

When it comes to lifting truck maintenance, a few essential parts need to be inspected and/or replaced regularly. Here are the five most important ones:

  • The battery: The battery is responsible for providing power to an electric lift truck, so it's essential to keep it in good condition. A weak or damaged battery can cause problems with the truck's performance.
  • The brakes: When you need to stop quickly, your brakes are the most important driving part. Without them working correctly and at just the right time, it could cause injured people or equipment damage.
  • The engine: The engine powers the lift truck and needs to be in good condition for the truck to run properly. Regular tune-ups and oil changes are essential.
  • The tires: A forklift's tires are essential for the machine. They play a crucial role in the safety and performance of the forklift. Tires must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they are in good condition and safe to use.
  • Hydraulic fluid: This provides hydraulic power to the lift truck and should be checked regularly for contamination and level.
avoid injuries or accidents at work
Brakes are important to avoid injuries or accidents at work

Where to find Hyster Forklift Parts online?

If you're looking for Hyster lift truck parts, there are a few online resources that you can check out. But if you're looking for quality Hyster Forklift Parts, then you should consider buying at Lift Parts Warehouse. Some of the parts that you can find there are:
  • Shoe - Brake Na For Hyster: 162135 is simple to install and even easier to use. This product is designed to make parking your lift truck easier than ever.
  • The Transmission Filter For Hyster: 1328692 is designed to protect the hydraulic system from contaminants, which can cause damage and decreased performance. This filter must be kept clean and functioning correctly to keep the truck running smoothly.
  • Fuel filter for Hyster:1304950 It keeps impurities and other unwanted materials from entering the engine and causing it damage. This increases the longevity and efficiency of your machine, saving you money in replacement costs and increasing productivity for your business!


It is important to keep your lift truck in good condition as it can help you avoid accidents or a machine that is out of service. There are different types of maintenance that you should be doing depending on the type of lift truck you have. You can find Hyster Forklift Parts needed for scheduled maintenance online, and we recommend a reliable, fast, and successful option to buy them.