Forklift safety: Accessories that prevent major accidents

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Studies show that more than 70% of forklift accidents can be prevented by using standard safety measures, including forklift safety accessories. This article discusses the most common accessories necessary for forklift safety.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Forklift safety accessories

    1. Collision avoidance system

    2. Backup alarm system

    3. Forklift safety lights

    4. Guidance Lasers

    5. Strobe lights

    6. Blindspot camera

    7. Mirrors

    8. Seatbelt

    9. Safety vest

    10. Ergonomic forklift seat

    11. Safety signs

    12. Forklift backup handle with horn

  3. Our recommendation

  4. Takeaways


To put it bluntly, a forklift is a moving body of disaster, waiting to occur at your slightest indiscretion. Hundreds of fatalities and several thousands of serious injuries occur every year due to forklift accidents. Studies showed that over 70% of forklift accidents can be averted by simply following basic safety tips and installing some basic forklift accessories. We will discuss some of the basic forklift accessories and forklift safety tips in the next sections.

Collision avoidance system

These safety devices sense nearby moving pedestrians and other lift trucks. Some system only shows warning light and sounds alarm if it approaches a moving person or another forklift. Some advanced systems also control the forklift governor and decrease speed automatically when necessary.

An image of an advanced warning system for forklifts.

Figure: Advanced warning systems warn against moving persons and forklifts

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Backup alarm system

A backup alarm is a simple but very effective safety solution. Every time your forklift is in reverse gear, this will sound an alarm. This lets the nearby pedestrians know that a forklift is in reverse gear and that they should be careful.

There are other advanced versions of backup alarms where the alarm sounds only when an object or person is in its path. As there is no constant alarm, operators and pedestrians do not get used to it. As a result, when the alarm sounds, everyone is alerted.

An image of a forklift in reverse gear approaching a pedestrian

Figure: A backup alarm can prevent a lot of accidents related to reverse gear

Forklift safety lights

Safety light is another effective safety measure for forklifts. Usually, there are two types of safety lights seen on a forklift.

  • Blue Spotlight
  • Red Warning Light

Usually, blue spotlights are projected on 5-10 feet in the front and/or rear of a forklift. This light mainly warns pedestrians of an approaching forklift. The light is mounted on the overhead guard.

Image of a forklift with a blue spotlight in the rear

Figure: A forklift equipped with a blue spotlight in the rear

Red warning lights create visible lines and square shapes on the floor around the vehicle. These lights mark the safe distance around the forklift where pedestrians can stand. This helps them be aware of the turning radius and avoid rear-end swings.

Image of a forklift with a red warning light on both sides

Figure: A forklift equipped with a red warning light

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Guidance Lasers

Guidance lasers can be used in two ways. In most cases, forklifts operate in narrow isles. It gets particularly difficult when maneuvering in the narrow isles with stacked pallets obstructing vision. Having guiding lasers helps a lot in these situations to maneuver safely with any accident.

Image of a forklift fork with laser guidance

Figure: A forklift equipped with guidance laser

Guidance lasers can also give a visual reference to the operator while loading pallets. This reduces the risk of damaging goods with the forks.

Strobe lights

Strobe lights are quite an effective safety measure. While a steady light source like blue light can create some situational awareness, everyone gets used to it eventually. However, a strobe light gets your attention much more effectively by varying light intensity. They are placed at eye level where everyone can see it.

Image of an amber strobe light fitted on a forklift

Figure: A strobe light fitted on a forklift

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Blindspot camera

Blindspot cameras are very effective for operating forklifts with odd dimensions. Even with a regular forklift, driving around with a loaded fork can create a lot of blind spots. Also, loading pallets on the fork itself is a pretty difficult task without having a clear line of sight. A blindspot camera can solve all these issues easily. Most of these cameras are installed at the fork level, which helps both driving and material handling.

An image of a forklift dashboard with a blindspot camera system

Figure: A forklift with a blindspot camera makes it very easy and safe to operate

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Mirrors can be a much more economical alternative to cameras to handle blindspots. There are rear-view, side-view, and loading or front-view mirrors covering different angles. While rear- and side-view mirrors are pretty standard, front-view mirrors are quite clever. These mirrors can help you see the front of your forklift even when loaded pallets obstruct the view.

An image of a forklift equipped with a forward-view mirror

Figure: A forklift with a forward-view mirror helps see past the visual obstruction

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Since forklifts usually operate at a much slower speed than a car, many operators ignore the necessity of a seatbelt. However, there can be a lot of scenarios where a forklift seatbelt will prevent you from a major injury. Forklifts can and do lose balance, tilt, and even tip over due to various unexpected reasons. In such a scenario, wearing a seatbelt will prevent the operator from being catapulted from the forklift cabin.

 An image of a tipped-over forklift

Figure: A tip-over like this can cause serious injury if a seatbelt does not secure the operator

Here is a great demonstration of why forklift seatbelts are necessary:

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An image of a forklift operator fastening the seatbelt

Figure: Fastening the seatbelt is the first thing you should do after getting on the forklift

Safety vest

Most environments where forklifts operate are very busy and crowded with workers and other forklifts. Sometimes it becomes difficult to notice everything around you. Wearing a reflective safety vest at least helps others notice you even when you aren't looking.

An image of a forklift operator and a pedestrian both wearing a safety vest

Figure: Wearing a safety vest is important for both operator and pedestrian

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Ergonomic forklift seat

This particular element is ignored very often when we think about forklift safety. A lot of time, forklift operators spend hours at a stretch inside the forklift cabin. An uncomfortable seat not only creates risk for musculoskeletal issues but also diverts operator attention. The latter is one of the major reasons for forklift accidents. While most OEM seats are quite good, you can always upgrade to aftermarket ergonomic seats. Ergonomic seats have better lumbar support, which helps the operator sit comfortably throughout the shift.

An image of a forklift operator sitting comfortably on an ergonomic seat

Figure: An ergonomic seat helps the operator concentrate on more important things

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Safety signs

They are the simplest safety solution for forklifts. These illuminating safety and warning signs are hard to miss. The areas frequented by forklifts can utilize these signs. Workers and pedestrians will take notice of them and increase their situational awareness.

An image of a safety sign warning about forklift traffic

Figure: A simple warning sign can make workers more aware of their surroundings

Forklift backup handle with horn

Forklift backup handles are less known safety accessories but quite useful. When operators reverse their forklift, they tend to grab onto the overhead guard for balance. This exposes their hand outside and sometimes leads to a serious hand injury. Also, while reversing, operators need to remove their hands from the steering wheel to sound the horn. This can also lead to an accident. A backup handle with a horn solves both of these issues.

An image of a safety sign warning about forklift traffic

Figure: A simple warning sign can make workers more aware of their surroundings

An operator can grab onto the handle while keeping his hand inside during reversing. He can also use the horn button on the handle. In this way, he can keep his hand on the steering wheel while sounding the horn.

Our recommendation

Most forklift safety accessories are not very costly. Equipping your forklift with simple accessories, like forklift safety lights or mirrors, saves lives, money, and resources by averting accidents. While some accessories like an advanced warning and blindspot camera systems can be a bit expensive, they always have much cheaper alternatives.

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  • Collision avoidance systems detect approaching pedestrians and other forklifts.
  • Backup alarm sounds warning when the forklift is going reverse.
  • Forklift safety lights crate visual warnings and mark the safe distance from a forklift.
  • Guidance lasers create a visual reference for operators while loading and driving in tight spaces.
  • A strobe light is an effective way to get the pedestrians' attention by varying the warning light.
  • Blindspot cameras help the operator see the surroundings better.
  • Mirrors are much cheaper alternatives to blindspots cameras.
  • Seatbelts secure the operator inside the cabin in case of tipping over or impact.
  • Safety vests make pedestrians and operators more visible to each other
  • Ergonomic seats ensure operator comfort and focus in long shifts.
  • Forklift signs are used to warn pedestrians of forklift frequented areas.
  • Backup handles with horns allow operators to maintain balance and control while reversing.