917-4810 Ez-go Charger 48V/13a
917-4810 EZ-GO CHARGER 48V/13A
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Part Number: 917-4810

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917-4810 E-Z-Go Charger 48V/13A

Category: Electrical

Product Description

This is a 48V/36A battery charger for E-Z-Go Golf carts with Parts Number: 917-4810. This part is also listed under part no 9174810

Cross Reference:

  • CL7009335
  • DQ917-4810
  • EZ602089
  • EZ607468
  • EZ622416
  • HU4069676
  • PHAX00000238
  • YP550068864
  • YP5500688-64
  • 7009335
  • 917-4810
  • 602089
  • 607468
  • 622416
  • 4069676
  • AX00000238
  • 550068864
  • 5500688-64

Suggested accessories part number: 93-Batclean

Application: E-Z-Go and other RXV carts.

Product Specifications

Specifications of the 917-4810 EZ-Go Charger:

Part Type Golf Cart Battery Charger
Brand Delta-Q
Input Voltage 120 V
Output Voltage 48 V
Input Current 8 A
Output Current 13A
Frequency Input 50/60 Hz
Weight 3.49 Kgs
Brand Delta-Q

917-4810 48V/13A Charger

The 917-4810 DeltaQ Charger is a charger for E-Z-Go RXV cart batteries. It is a 48 Volts and 13 Amp charger.

An image of a 9174810 EZGO Charger

Figure: 9174810 EZ-Go Charger

LED Operation Code for 9174810 48V/13A Charger

  • Short Green Flash = Battery is less than 80% charged
  • Long Green Flash = Battery is more than 80% charged
  • Solid Green = Battery is 100% charged
  • Red Flash = Fault code

LED Fault Codes for 917-4810 EZGO Charger

  • Flash Red - Light turns on briefly but nothing after that - Check for valid AC voltage.
  • One Red Flash - Charge Enable Fault: Poor contact in DC connector or battery temperature fault: battery temperature is greater than 122° F (50° C) or less than 14° F (-10° C).
  • Two Red Flashes - Battery Voltage Fault: Battery Pack is less than 36.0 Volts or more than 67.2 Volts. The battery pack is too discharged or overcharged to be charged.
  • Three Red Flashes - Battery Charge Timeout: Charge time 12 hours exceeded. This may indicate a problem with the battery pack (old battery pack) or that the charger output current was severely reduced due to high ambient temperatures.
  • Four Red Flashes - Battery Fault: Charge time exceeded. This indicates a problem with the battery pack voltage not attaining the required nominal level within the maximum time allowed.
  • Five Red Flashes - Charger Fault: an internal fault has been detected. If Fault 6 is again displayed after unplugging and then plugging the DC power cord, the charger must be brought to a qualified service center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 9174810 Charger brand new?

No, this is a rebuilt item.

Which golf carts can use this charger?

It is a popular battery charger for E-Z-GO and other RXV carts.

Do I need to pay a core charge for this 917-4810 Charger?

Yes, all remanufactured and rebuilt items are subject to a core charge. The core charge is refundable. The refund amount will be determined by the status of the core returned.

What is the Ampere rating of this charger?

This is a 13 Ampere charger.

Warranty Information

9174810 E-Z-GO Charger comes with 6 months warranty, which can be upgraded to 36 months

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