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Nissan Forklift Carburetors for Sale

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Quality Nissan Forklift Carburetors
  3. Brand New Nissan Forklift Carburetor Parts!
  4. Replace Your Faulty Nissan Forklift Carburetor Assembly Before it's too Late
  5. Is it Worth Repairing the Carburetor on Your Nissan Forklift?
  6. Get Your New Nissan Forklift Carburetor Assembly at Lift Part Warehouse
  7. Takeaways


There are still plenty of Nissan forklift models with carbureted engines. In particular, it is not uncommon to find a carburetor assembly on Nissan forklift models that use LPG as fuel. While carburetors are rare in today's mainstream vehicles, in general, the picture changes a lot when it comes to forklifts. That's why these forklift carbs continue to be in high demand. If you're looking for a new quality Nissan forklift carburetor assembly, you've come to the right place. Lift Parts Warehouse has been a lead distributor of spare parts for forklifts and other material-handling vehicles for years, and Nissan is one of our most requested brands. Take a look at our online store, and if you don't find what you need, leave us a message or put in contact with our staff; we assure you that we can find it for you.

Quality Nissan Forklift Carburetors

If your Nissan forklift's engine relies on a carburetor, then you want to make sure you keep it in the best possible condition. A well-cared-for Nissan carburetor can have a fairly long lifespan, but that doesn't mean that it can't suffer from the wear and tear of constant use or the past of time. At Lift Parts Warehouse, we know how important and useful it is to have a quality carburetor assembly always on hand, which is why we brought you quality Nissan forklift carburetors at the best prices.

 Nissan Forklift Carburetor Assemblies for Sale
Nissan Forklift Carburetor Assembly

Any Nissan forklift carburetor assembly works like many others of their kind. The main function of a carburetor is to get the fuel and air mixed in the right proportion. When it is done correctly, the mixture can be ignited, and the engine's combustion process is efficiently activated. Most carburetor models consist of a venturi tube with a throttle valve, also known as a butterfly valve, inside of it. This flat valve controls the airflow, which passes through the venturi tube when the gas pedal is pushed down.

At a certain point, you will notice that the tube's inner area narrows to then be expanded once again; this configuration creates a low pressure zone at this particular point. This arrangement is called a "Venturi tube," and it's what allows the fuel to go from its chamber and be mixed with the air when the throttle valve opens.

Watch the following video to learn more about how carburetors, in general, work.

Brand New Nissan Forklift Carburetor Parts!

You may not need to replace the entire Nissan forklift carburetor assembly; you may only need to replace one of its parts to reach peak performance once again. At Lift Parts Warehouse, we always suggest to our customers that it is always best to replace the entire device, but if you wish, we can also supply you with the Nissan forklift carburetor parts you require.

Nissan forklift Carburetor Assembly Diagram
Brand New Nissan Forklift Carburetor Parts

Several elements make up the carburetor of a Nissan forklift. The most important and to which we must pay special attention will be summarized below:

  1. Inlet hose. It delivers fuel from the fuel lines into the float chamber.
  2. Throttle Valve. This valve controls the flow of air into the low pressure area of the venturi tube. It opens and closes by turning on its central axis.
  3. Venturi Tube. The venturi tube is a tube with a particular shape. At some point of its length, on its inner side, its radio narrows to then comes back to its original form. This contraction generates a low pressure area when a fluid such as air, gasoline, or a mixture of both passes through it.
  4. Choke Valve. Has the same shape and function as the throttle valve but is located after the venturi zone. When it is closed, it allows more fuel to get into the combustion chambers.
  5. Needle Valve. Also known as a float valve, it's activated when the buoy goes down. It's the valve responsible for getting the fuel to pass into the float chamber.
  6. The Buoy. It is a plastic float that controls the opening and closing of the needle valve according to the fuel level in the float chamber.
  7. Air Vent. It's a ventilation channel that connects the float chamber with the outside. Its purpose is to keep the pressure inside the float chamber stable.
  8. Float Chamber. It is the space where the fuel is stored before going to the venturi tube when the throttle valve opens.
  9. Main Nozzle. It's a channel that communicates the float chamber with the venturi tube. The fuel will come out through the main nuzzle with the ideal proportion.
  10. Slow Jet. It's from where the fuel passes when the engine is idle.
  11. Screw Control. There are usually two screws on a carburetor. One screw controls the air, and the other screw controls the air-fuel mixture. Sometimes we need to adjust the carburetor, and we can do this by adjusting these screws.

Replace Your Faulty Nissan Forklift Carburetor Assembly Before it's too Late

When a Nissan forklift's carburetor assembly begins to fail, it won't take long for the first symptoms to show. If your Nissan forklift's carburetor exhibits one or more of the following symptoms, it most likely needs to be readjusted, repaired, or even replaced.

  • Hard starting.
  • Your Nissan forklift experiences rough or fast idles when driving.
  • Your Nissan forklift engine usually stalls when you let go of the gas pedal.
  • The engine responds it is slow when you press the accelerator pedal.
  • You notice a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe of your Nissan forklift.
  • You notice the fuel it's consumed more rapidly than it used to.
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Get a new Nissan forklift carburetor assembly before major problems appears

When your Nissan forklift's carburetor fails, the engine is the first element to be compromised. The combustion process won't be carried out effectively if the engine does not receive the right ratio of air and fuel mixture. This will ultimately trigger all of the issues mentioned before. It is best to address these failures as quickly as possible' prolonging the use of a faulty carburetor assembly can lead to costly repairs later.

Is it Worth Repairing the Carburetor on Your Nissan Forklift?

An excellent way to know if it is worth it or not to repair the carburetor assembly of your Nissan forklift is by comparing the cost-benefit ratio of the operation. If the cost of the parts and labor needed to repair a forklift carburetor assembly exceeds 60% of the cost of a new one, it is best to just replace it with a new one. However, if it's lower than this rate, then it is worth it to repair. The good news is that before this happens, you will be able to get the most out of your Nissan forklift carburetor. With the proper maintenance and adjustments, you can extend the lifespan of your carburetor for years.

Nissan Forklift Carburetor Assembly Repair
Repair your Nissan carburetor only if It's cost worth it

Get Your New Nissan Forklift Carburetor Assembly at Lift Part Warehouse

At Lift Parts Warehouse, we know overwhelming could be found the right part for a lift truck, especially if the model is old. But don't worry; our professional staff are more than capable of helping you find the perfect carburetor for your Nissan forklift.

When you make your purchase, you can be sure that you are getting a top-quality product. We offer a 1-year warranty on each of our products. Plus, we have an excellent shipping service that will deliver your order in just a few days. If, for some reason, you are not happy with your purchase, don't worry! You can return it and ask for a refund. For more information about our return policy, click here.

You can exploit your order and accompany it with other parts. We remind you that if your order exceeds $650, the shipping is completely free. Among the most popular Nissan forklift spare parts, we suggest the following:


Carburetors still are one of the most important parts of plenty Nissan forklift models out there. The carburetor assembly helps to mix the air and fuel in the proper proportions. Nissan forklift carburetors are designed to be durable and easy to maintain; however, like any machine element, they may need to be replaced at some point. When the cost of your Nissan forklift carburetor repair is no longer worth the price, it's best to get a new one. So when you need a new carburetor assembly for your Nissan forklift, don't hesitate to contact Lift Parts Warehouse services. We assure you that with our new carburetors, your Nissan forklift's engine will once again run at peak efficiency.

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