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Toyota Forklift Transmission Parts - Replacements With 1-Year Warranty

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Do Toyota Forklifts Have Transmissions?
  3. What Kind of Transmission is in a Toyota Forklift?
  4. What are the Signs of Gear Transmission Problems?
  5. Is it Cheaper to Rebuild or Replace a Toyota Forklift Transmission?
  6. Can I Rebuild a Toyota Forklift Transmission on My Own?
  7. Lift Parts Warehouse the Best Place to Buy Toyota Forklift Transmission Parts
  8. Takeaways


It can be a major headache when your Toyota forklift transmission starts to fail. You have to deal with the downtime of your lift truck, but you also have to decide about which Toyota forklift transmission parts to buy and whether to do a complete rebuild or just a minor repair. The costs can quickly add up, so it's important to get the right information to make the best possible buying decision. With that in mind, Lift Parts Warehouse wants to summarize some basic information about your Toyota forklift transmission.

Do Toyota Forklifts Have Transmissions?

The transmission is an essential component of any Toyota forklift. It is responsible for transmitting motion from the engine to the wheels, allowing the operator to choose the direction of travel (forward or backward). The transmission also allows the forklift to be placed in a idle state, which can be helpful in specific applications.

A Toyota forklift series 8 FGCU 25 with its engine hood raised, where the location of the transmission is highlighted
The transmission allows the motion transferred from the engine shaft to the forklift wheels

The Toyota forklift transmission parts help ensure that the correct amount of power is being transmitted to the wheels. When the transmission is not working as it should, it can cause the engine to stall or cause the vehicle to lurch forward or backward. In addition, it can also cause the lift truck to overheat, which can lead to engine damage.

What Kind of Transmission is in a Toyota Forklift?

Automatic transmissions

Toyota's automatic transmission is a hydrostatic type, which uses hydraulic pressure to provide power to the drive wheels. This type of transmission is more efficient than a conventional mechanical transmission, and provides smoother operation and better fuel economy.

This system uses sensors to detect the load on the engine and forks, and then adjusts the transmission accordingly. This prevents the engine from being overloaded and makes driving the forklift much smoother.

A cross section view of a Toyota forklift automatic transmission
Automatic transmission view

These transmissions are also very efficient, meaning they don't require much maintenance or repairs. However, automatic transmissions can be expensive to replace if they break down.

Mechanical transmissions

Toyota forklifts with mechanical transmissions have a clutch that disengages and engages the engine from the transmission, allowing the operator to shift gears. The operator uses a lever on the right side of the seat to shift gears. Toyota forklifts drivers must know how to properly operate the transmission in order to prevent damage to the forklift and load. Improper use of the transmission can lead to excessive wear and tear, as well as decreased productivity.

 A cross section view of a Toyota forklift mechanical transmission
Shifts in a mechanical transmission are done manually by the operator

They offer good speed and power but can be less efficient than automatic transmissions. These transmissions also require more maintenance and repairs, so they may not be the best choice for those who want a low-maintenance forklift.

What are the Signs of Gear Transmission Problems?

When the transmission of your Toyota forklift begins to present failures, it will be noticed by some of the following symptoms:

  • Burning smell. If you notice a burning smell while driving your Toyota forklift, it's important to take action immediately. The most likely cause is that your transmission fluid is low or has degraded. When this happens, the fluid overheats and starts to burn. This makes your engine run hot and contributes to early wear, excess debris, and corrosion.
  • Weir sounds. It's never a good sign when your car starts making strange noises. In the case of transmission problems, clunking, humming, or whining sounds can indicate something is wrong. With a manual transmission, clunking noise when shifting gears is often a sign that there is a problem.
  • Worn gears. When the gears are worn, you will notice that the vehicle will not respond as it should when you want to make a gear change. On the other hand, it could be the case that in the middle of a maneuver, gears slip to a new position by themselves.
  • No Response or Slow Response. The transmission should respond immediately to the gear change when it operates in optimal conditions. However, if you notice a delay between when you make a gear change and when it is executed, something inside the transmission may be failing. This problem can be caused by various factors, ranging from low fluid levels to worn-out gears. If you notice any problems with your transmission, it is best to take your Toyota forklift to a mechanic to have it checked out.
  • Sudden shakiness. During gear changes, the Toyota forklift may experience slight shaking. This is because the engine is not properly aligned with the transmission. While this may cause some inconvenience, it is not a major problem and can be easily corrected. Realign the engine and transmission, and the shaking should stop. However, if the problem persists, it may be necessary to replace one or both of the components.
  • Fluid leak. If your Toyota forklift's transmission is low on fluid, it can significantly impact the system's health. When there isn't enough fluid to lubricate the components, they will start to rub against each other, generating heat and causing wear and tear. Over time, this can lead to severe damage, such as seized gears or a cracked transmission case.
  • Clutch drag. Extra slack in the clutch pedal makes it hard for the clutch disc to disengage and leaves the clutch spinning. It's impossible to change gears because the clutch can't transfer the engine power to the drive train.
A mechanic holding a Toyota forklift driveshaft with worn gears
A skilled mechanic can determine which of your Toyota forklift transmission parts are failing

If your Toyota forklift begins to present some of these symptoms, it is recommended that you take it out of circulation immediately. Please leave it in the hands of your trusted mechanic so he can find the fault source.

If you do it in time, it is likely that the problem can be solved simply by replacing some basic Toyota forklift transmission parts, such as the gaskets, to name one. Otherwise, you expose yourself to carrying out a complete rebuild or directly choose to buy a new transmission.

Is it Cheaper to Rebuild or Replace a Toyota Forklift Transmission?

A transmission repair for a Toyota forklift will depend on the type of transmission. As a general rule, manual transmissions are easier to disassemble and repair. That's why their costs are more accessible. On the contrary, manual transmissions are more complex and expensive to carry out.

A change of car, for example, can be around $800 to $1,400. But when we talk about rebuilding a transmission or replacing it completely, the price increases considerably. To give you an idea, a complete rebuild transmission, just in labor, can cost between $1000 to $4,000.

So it would be best if you considered all these factors before making a decision. Repairing, rebuilding, or replacing this component usually represents one of the biggest expenses you have to make when the time comes.

Can I Rebuild a Toyota Forklift Transmission on My Own?

A transmission rebuild is not a minor task and must be carried out by skilled mechanics. Not for nothing is it usually a fairly expensive repair.

If you have the space, the tools, and the experience, nothing stops you from doing your Toyota forklift's transmission rebuild on your own. But keep in mind that it is a process that could take several days of hard work.

Doing these rebuilds will cut costs quite a bit since you only have to worry about the costs associated with the Toyota forklift transmission parts that need to be replaced.

A transmission overhaul kit for Toyota forklift 7 series
If you plan to rebuild a Toyota 7 series forklift transmission, an aftermarket overhaul transmission kit can be a great acquisition

Lift Parts Warehouse the Best Place to Buy Toyota Forklift Transmission Parts

Whether your machine is used for light-duty tasks or heavy-duty work, the transmission will inevitably start to wear out over time. When this happens, it's essential to choose the right transmission parts for your repair.

Whether you decide to carry out a Transmission repair on your own, or leave it in the hands of your trusted mechanic, when you need new Toyota forklift transmission parts, Lift Parts Warehouse has it for you.

A new aftermarket disc assembly - dry clutch replacement for a Toyota forklift 31280-23601-71
Aftermarket replacement disc assembly - dry clutch for Toyota Lift Truck 31280-23601-71

When it comes to your Toyota forklift, you want it to be in top condition. That's why we offer a wide range of components that can help improve your transmission's performance. In our online catalog, you will find everything, from disc-clutch to complete transmission overhaul kits.

At Lift Parts Warehouse, we want to provide our customers with the best possible service. Our staff is highly qualified and has many years of experience working with Toyota products. They will be your guide, so with just a few clicks from your computer or smartphone, you can make your purchase of the product you need.

We remind you that all our products have a one-year guarantee. You can purchase from us with confidence, knowing that you are covered. If this were not enough, we offer you excellent delivery service. No matter where you are, Lift Parts Warehouse has a worldwide delivery service. Do not miss this opportunity. Write to us today via chat, or if you prefer to call us, our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

You also have other spare parts for your Toyota forklift that may interest you. Among the most requested by our customers we highlight the following:


You don't have to let your Toyota forklift's transmission deteriorate to an irreversible point. The costs of repair, reconstruction, or replacement are too high for us to neglect them. Proper maintenance and replacing the right Toyota forklift parts on time could save you a lot of headaches. When you need new spares for your transmission, you can count on the support and service of Lift Parts Warehouse. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you with your task.

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