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Toyota Forklift Propane System Parts - The Best OEM and Aftermarket Replacements for Your Lift Truck

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. How does a Toyota Propane Forklift Work?
  3. What are the Main Toyota Forklift Propane System Parts?
  4. Why is My Propane Toyota Forklift Not Starting?
  5. Get your New Toyota Forklift Propane System Parts at Lift Parts Warehouse
  6. Takeaway


Besides gasoline and diesel, some models of Toyota forklifts can also run on liquid propane gas (LPG). LPG is a clean-burning fuel that is often less expensive than gasoline or diesel. For this reason, they are in high demand. If you're looking to replace one or more Toyota forklift propane system parts, you've come to the right place. At Lift Parts Warehouse, we want to share how the Toyota propane forklift works and what you should consider when buying a new spare part.

How does a Toyota Propane Forklift Work?

Toyota propane forklift has a simple but effective mechanism. When you start a forklift powered by propane gas, the fuel pressurized in the tank travels to the engine's combustion chambers. As the LPG travels, it depressurizes, which causes it to change state from liquid to vapor. It mixes with air in the right proportion when it gets to the engine. A spark plug then ignites it. The vapors from the combustion make the cylinders move, which turns a shaft connected to them.

 Toyota propane forklift operator storing a load in a warehouse
Propane-powered Toyota forklifts are an excellent alternative to save fuel costs in the long run

The Toyota propane system is one of the most efficient ones available, which can save you a lot of the fuel cost per year. LPG can be up to 40% cheaper than other fuels. In addition, it is a less polluting fuel since it releases up to 14% less CO2 emissions than gasoline or diesel engines.

What are the Main Toyota Forklift Propane System Parts?

The different Toyota propane forklift fuel parts work together to ensure that the lift vehicle runs smoothly. These parts help the fuel reach the right conditions so that the engine can run properly. If any of these components are not working as they should, it will negatively affect the engine's performance. Below, we highlight each Toyota propane system part used on its LPG-powered forklifts. With this information, you will have greater clarity of what role they fulfill throughout the work process.

LPG Toyota fuel system parts arrangement. The regulator and mixer location are highlighted with red circles.
The components of the Toyota forklift propane system are easy to identify

  • Propane Fuel Tank. A propane fuel tank serves a critical function in a propane-powered system. It is responsible for maintaining the fuel at the proper pressure to keep it liquid. In turn, this component performs a kind of fuel pump since to let out part of the liquid gas, the pressure difference between the tank and the rest of the system serves as an impeller.
Toyota Forklift Operator Changing the LPG Tank of its lift truck
The Toyota propane system efficiency will be highly influenced by the condition of the LPG tank

  • The Regulator. The propane regulator aims to deliver the correct amount of fuel to the combustion chamber at the right pressure. It accomplishes this by depressurizing the LPG and changing its state from liquid to vapor. The pressure is then adjusted to 3.5-5 PSI, which is necessary for the injector to deliver the correct amount of fuel. If the regulator fails, it can cause a drop in pressure that can affect the engine's performance or even cause the engine to stall.
  • The Mixer. The mixer is where air and depressurized vapor propane are combined. If the proportions of these two gasses are not correct, it can negatively affect the combustion process.
  • The Throttle Body. The throttle body is the device responsible for controlling how much mixture of air and propane vapor enters the engine. When you accelerate your Toyota forklift, this device allows more of the mixture to enter, creating more powerful combustion.
Aftermarket replacement throttle body for LPG Toyota forklift: 22030-78B00-71
Throttle body for Toyota propane forklifts: 22030-78B00-71

  • The Fuel Injector. The injector is the device responsible for expelling the mixture of air and propane vapor inside the combustion chamber.
Aftermarket injector replacement for LPG Toyota forklifts: 23260-76001-71
Injector for LPG Toyota lift trucks: 23260-76001-71

Why is My Propane Toyota Forklift Not Starting?

If you are having problems with your Toyota propane forklift starting, it might not necessarily be because of a bad main part. Sometimes, this problem could be easily fixed. Below we list some possible causes that could generate failure to the ignition system and are not related to defective Toyota propane system fuel parts.

  • Working outdoors during the winter could be problematic in controlling the pressure of the LPG.
  • You may have the tank valve wide open. This creates a surge in the system when you accelerate, affecting fuel flow. Hold it open with just a quarter turn.
  • The double tank O-ring may be faulty.
  • The air filter may be clogged.
  • Make sure the mixer adjustment screw is at the proper setting point.

Get your New Toyota Forklift Propane System Parts at Lift Parts Warehouse

Any Toyota propane forklift needs all of its fuel system parts to work perfectly to do its job correctly. However, over time and with extended use, these parts will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Complete LPG kit for Toyota propane forklifts
Toyota propane system works with the highest quality parts

At Lift Parts Warehouse, we understand that finding the right Toyota forklift propane system parts replacement for your LPG-powered lift vehicle can be difficult. That is why we offer our customers the opportunity to locate all of the necessary replacement parts in one place. Regardless of your needs, we are confident that you will get the perfect spare part for your lift truck with us.

New aftermarket replacement propane regulator for LPG Toyota forklifts: 23530-U1103-71
Aftermarket replacement propane regulator for LPG Toyota lift trucks: 23530-U1103-71

We have a wide variety of purchase options in our catalog, including OEM and aftermarket replacement products. In addition, each Toyota propane forklift fuel system part available in stock has a 1-year warranty. This means that you can be sure the purchased products you buy are of very high quality.

New aftermarket replacement solenoid for LPG Toyota forklifts: 23620-23340-71
Aftermarket replacement solenoid for Toyota propane forklifts: 23620-23340-71

We remind you that if you need any other component for your Toyota forklift, you can also locate it on our website. We've got you covered whether you need new filters, a hydraulic pump, or just a brake parts change. Contact our staff today! Never before has it been so easy to keep your Toyota forklift in such good condition. Lift Parts Warehouse always will be your trusted online retailer.


If you have a Toyota forklift that uses liquefied propane gas (LPG), it is important to ensure that the fuel system is always in good condition. The correct operation of your lift truck depends on it. If any of these components do not work properly, they could negatively affect the rest of the engine vehicle parts. To prevent this from happening, do not hesitate to contact Lift Parts Warehouse, where you will find the right Toyota propane forklift parts. You won't find a better offer than the one you get at Lift Parts Warehouse, so don't think twice - Investing in new propane system parts is a smart decision that you will not regret.

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