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AXLE FOR TOYOTA 227911 Aftermarket Replacement Axle For Toyota: 227911

Toyota Forklift Parts

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Toyota Forklift Steering Parts - OEM and Aftermarket Steering System Replacements on Stock

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Toyota Forklift Steering System Parts
  3. Why are Most Toyota Forklift Steering Parts Located on the Rear Side?
  4. How to Preserve the Toyota Forklift Steering Parts?
  5. When is it Time to Replace the Steering Parts on my Toyota Forklift?
  6. How to Choose The Right Toyota Forklift Steering Parts
  7. Buy your Toyota Forklift Steering Parts at Lift Parts Warehouse
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The forklift's steering system is important because it easily allows you to maneuver your Toyota lift truck. The system has several key parts that work together, both hydraulically and mechanically. You have to know that these components deteriorate over time. That is why we must be prepared. With the right spare part on hand, your vehicle could be up and running again in a few hours. To help you with this task, Lift Parts Warehouse puts at your disposal below everything you need to know about Toyota forklift steering parts and what should be considered when choosing its replacement.

Toyota Forklift Steering System Parts

The Toyota forklift steering system is designed to provide precise control and maneuverability. These parts work together to provide smooth operation and responsive handling. Below we will break down the parts of your Toyota forklift steering system. Knowing the role that each of these elements plays will allow you to know the operation of your forklift in greater depth.

Schematic representation of Toyota 8FGC32 forklift rear steering parts
Toyota 8FGC32 forklift rear steering parts

Steering Axle

Steer axle parts of the Toyota forklift steering system are responsible for supporting the elements that allow the lift truck to be maneuvered without much difficulty. In short, it is the skeleton that connects the rest of the elements. As a general rule, it is made of highly resistant material such as cast iron.

A new aftermarket Toyota forklift steering axle 43110-U3530-71
The steering axle is the part of your Toyota forklift where all of the other rear steering components are attached

Steering Cylinder

The Toyota forklift steering cylinder helps the operator turn the forklift in the direction he needs. Hydraulic pressure causes the steering cylinder to unfold, allowing the movement to be easily transmitted to the forklift's wheels.

New aftermarket steering cylinder replacement for Toyota lift trucks: 00591-34543-81
Power steering cylinder for Toyota lift trucks: 00591-34543-81

It is bolted to the steering axle and, thanks to a series of pins, it connects to the steering linkages, allowing it to transmit its linear movement to the steering knuckles. Hydraulic fluid enters and leaves an interior chamber through two hoses connected to its body.

Steering knuckle

A steering knuckle is a crucial component in your forklift's suspension system that helps to keep the wheels in alignment. The knuckle works together with the ball joints and tie rod ends to allow the wheels to pivot as you turn the steering wheel.

New aftermarket steering axle knuckle replacement for Toyota lift trucks: 43212-22750-71
Steer axle knuckle for Toyota lift trucks: 43212-22750-71

Steering Linkage

The steering linkages connect the steering cylinder to the steering knuckle. Depending on the forklift model, its dimensions and shape can change. It is especially susceptible to vertical forces, so if the forklift's damping system is faulty or if the vehicle is working on uneven ground, the integrity of the linkage may be affected.

New aftermarket steering linkage lower tie rod replacement for Toyota lift trucks: 43750-22750-71
Steering linkage tie rod for Toyota lift trucks: 43750-22750-71

Wheel Hub

This element joins the brake drum and the steering knuckle of the wheel through a series of fixing bolts. Its shape changes from one Toyota forklift model to another, as does the number of bolts to use. It is also made of a very resistant material, usually cast iron.

New aftermarket steering hub 43811-20540-71 for Toyota Forklift 3-8FD20~30, 5-6FB30, 8FDN20~30
The steering hubs are attached to the rear wheel brake drums

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is the primary means by which a driver interacts with the forklift and controls its direction. It is attached to the steering column, which houses the mechanisms that turn the wheels. The steering wheel itself is simply a wheel that the driver can rotate to turn the vehicle, and it usually has a diameter of about 15-18 inches.

Operator's point of view showing the steering wheel of a Toyota electric forklift, as well as the lifting controls of the lift truck.
The steering wheel allows you to comfortably maneuver the Toyota forklift

Hydraulic Hoses

Toyota forklifts use hydraulic hoses to connect the various hydraulic mechanisms. They are made of rubber materials that can resist high pressures. These hoses have special connections that allow them to be connected to the different elements without fear that they will brake off when the pressure of the hydraulic fluid increases. In the specific case of the Toyota forklift steering system, they connect the steering cylinder with the hydraulic steering control box.

Oil Seals

The seals prevent the hydraulic fluid from leaking out of the steering cylinder. The seals also stop dirt, dust, or other liquids from getting inside the steering cylinder and damaging its interior. Contaminating the hydraulic fluid would harm the rest of the hydraulic elements.

Bolts and pins

Although they often go unnoticed, bolts and pins are an essential element. Thanks to the bolts, the parts of the steering system of your Toyota forklift can be held to the body of the forklift. On the other hand, the pins allow the moving parts to be joined without restricting them.

Aftermarket steering king pin replacement for Toyota lift trucks: 25844-32162
King pin for Toyota lift trucks: 25844-32162

Why are Most Toyota Forklift Steering Parts Located on the Rear Side?

Toyota forklifts have their steering system located at the rear of the forklift. If you turn the steering wheel, the rear wheels will pivot around the back tires. The turning action of the front wheels is much faster. This is ideal for maneuvering in a limited space.

Toyota forklift operator moving comfortably in a limited space thanks to the rear direction of the vehicle
Rear steering gives the Toyota forklift more control in tight spaces

The rear-wheel steering allows for very sharp turns and high-precision mobility in narrow spaces, ideal for material handling vehicles. It also provides excellent stability, especially when turning, since forklifts are designed to support large weights in the front part. So if you want to access the steering parts of your Toyota forklift, use a jack and uncouple the rear wheels.

How to Preserve the Toyota Forklift Steering Parts?

You can keep your Toyota forklift's steering system in good condition for a long time by following these simple steps. This will not take up much of your time, and it is essential to do this regularly. If you don't, problems may develop over time that could cost you more in the long run.

 A Toyota forklift rear wheel steering parts compromised due lack of maintain
Make sure to do periodic maintenance to the steering system of your Toyota forklift

  • Regular cleaning. Over time, dirt, dust, and grime can build up on these parts, making it harder for the forklift to turn. This can eventually lead to damage or even failure of the steering system. By regularly cleaning the steering parts, you can help preserve their lifespan and keep your Toyota forklift running smoothly for years.
  • Change the seals before they deteriorate. One way to help prolong the life of your Toyota forklift is to change the seals on your steering components regularly. Seals help protect moving parts from dirt and dust and prevent leaks. By replacing seals before they deteriorate, you can help preserve the life of your Toyota forklift steering parts, especially the steering cylinder.
  • Do not exceed the capabilities of the forklift. You should try not to overload your Toyota forklift. When you do, the steering system has to deal with a lot of stress. If the stress is too much, it will find a way to release it. This usually happens in the joints and pins connections or their surroundings.
  • Look for signs of hydraulic fluid leaks. If you add more power steering fluid to your lift truck, but it still doesn't help, you may have a power steering fluid leak. Power steering fluid is not always the same color but is typically clear, red, or pink. Check under your Toyota forklift for any leaks. If you have a power steering leak, there's a good chance the residue will collect beneath the vehicle's rear.
  • Refill the hydraulic tank to maintain its level. Make sure the hydraulic fluid level is at the desired levels. The lack of hydraulic fluid will damage the operation of the steering cylinder and make it difficult for you to turn the wheels of the vehicle comfortably. In addition, it is a good idea to change the hydraulic fluid from time to time, purging the Toyota forklift steering system and changing the filters, which guarantees that you always work with clean hydraulic fluid and its properties intact.
  • Always maintain tire pressure. If the forklift wheels are not always pressurized, it will stress the steering system. This will cause the parts that make up the steering system to deteriorate faster over time.

When is it Time to Replace the Steering Parts on my Toyota Forklift?

There are not many early warning signs of steering system problems. That is why we need to be careful and look out for any clues. Some faults will be easy to repair, but the change will be inevitable in others. Below we will highlight the cases that require a complete replacement of the Toyota forklift steering parts.

  • Rust and Corrode Parts.
  • Cracks.
  • Bended Parts.
  • Misaligned Tires.

How to Choose The Right Toyota Forklift Steering Parts

Before buying a new component for your Toyota forklift's steering system, make sure that the part is the source of the problem. This will save you a lot of headaches. A specialist mechanic should check your forklift to confirm which Toyota forklift steering parts must be replaced.

Mechanical technician evaluating the steering system of a Toyota forklift
A professional mechanical technician will be able to properly diagnose the issue and determine the necessary replacement

The next thing to consider is the budget you have. In the market, you will find a wide variety of parts for your Toyota forklifts, but mainly you can classify them into three categories.

The first one is OEM parts, which are manufactured and distributed in this case by Toyota itself. Also, OEM parts can be obtained from various authorized Toyota dealers. You have the advantage that they are made according to the strict Toyota specifications and will fit perfectly in the models for which they were designed.

On the other hand, the aftermarket parts are much more accessible and are usually compatible with a wide range of models, even from different brands. The last option you might consider is buying used parts. Depending on the state of the part and your needs, it could be a viable option.

Once you decide what type of part you want to buy, make sure that the part is compatible with your Toyota forklift. To do this, consult the manual for your specific forklift model and check the part number.

Buy your Toyota Forklift Steering Parts at Lift Parts Warehouse

When you need to replace an element of your Toyota forklift steering system, there's no better place to find its replacement than at Lift Parts Warehouse. In our online catalog, you will find a wide variety of steering parts compatible with many models of Toyota forklifts.

We have a wide range of products for you to choose from, including OEM and aftermarket parts. Plus, each product we sell comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can be sure that you're getting a quality product.

We have a well-experienced staff who will help you choose the right forklift for your needs based on the year and model of your forklift. We also have an excellent delivery service that will get your order to you in just a few days, no matter where you are. If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to write or call us today.


If any element of your Toyota forklift steering system deteriorates, it can seriously affect your lift truck's control. This could lead to an accident and put the driver and other people at risk. However, this can be avoided if you have the right replacement on hand. When you need to replace any part of your Toyota forklift's steering system, look no further than Lift Parts Warehouse. We have Toyota forklift steering parts that will get your lift truck running smoothly again in a short time.

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