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Toyota Forklift Cable Assembly Replacement - OEM and Aftermarket Replacements

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Wire or Cable?
  3. What Type of Cables are Used in Toyota Forklifts?
  4. Can I Drive with a Broken Toyota Forklift Parking Brake Cable?
  5. Can I Use Any Parking Brake Cable Replacement on My Toyota Forklift?
  6. How do I Know if My Toyota Forklift Accelerator Cable Needs to be Replaced?
  7. How Do You Diagnose a Bad Toyota Forklift Battery Cable?
  8. Purchase Your New Toyota Forklift Cable Assembly Replacement at Lift Parts Warehouse
  9. Takeaways


As any operator knows, any Toyota forklift cable assembly plays a crucial role in Toyota lifting vehicles, for that reason they must be kept in good condition at all times. However, even with the best care, these cables will eventually wear out due to use, poor maintenance, or exposure to the elements. When it comes time to replace them, there are a few things to keep in mind. At Lift Parts Warehouse, we want to share what you should know about Toyota forklift cable assemblies and what considerations you must consider to choosing their replacements.

Wire or Cable?

The wire and cable terms are often used interchangeably. But in the case of material handling vehicles, the context can create some misunderstandings. In electrical terms, wires and cables refer to conductive elements whose sole purpose is to serve as a conducting channel for electrical current. The only difference is that a wire is an electrical conductor, while a cable is a group of conductors enclosed in a protected jacket. There are regulations about which wires and cables are suitable for specific electrical applications and their precise installation methods.

On the other hand, both the Toyota forklift parking brake cable and Toyota forklift accelerator cable do not use the term "cable" in an electrical context. In this case, the word "cable" refers to several steel threads twisted to form a kind of rope. This twisted pattern allows them to withstand high levels of mechanical stress without breaking or deforming.

To avoid confusion, it is essential to be as specific as possible. In any case, all Toyota forklift cable assembly replacements are identified by a number. Consult your Toyota lift truck manual and look for the corresponding part number you need.

What Type of Cables are Used in Toyota Forklifts?

Toyota forklift cable assembly can be classified into two large groups: those that perform electrical or mechanical functions. Below we will highlight the most outstanding Toyota forklift cable assemblies.

Parking brake cable assembly

The Toyota forklift parking brake cable is one of the most important safety devices on any Toyota lifting vehicle. It prevents the lift truck from moving on its own. Unlike regular brakes, the emergency brake does not depend on a hydraulic system.

New parking brake cable assembly for Toyota forklift: 46420-3219-71
Toyota forklift parking brake cable assembly: 46420-32190-71

The emergency brake cable is engaged by pulling a lever located near the driver. This lever activates a mechanism that locks the brakes, keeping them fixed in place. Once the emergency brake is engaged, the operator can release it by pressing a button on the lever.

Battery cable assembly

Toyota forklift battery cable assembly is a type of conductor that allows the primary electrical power source (battery) to communicate with the rest of the vehicle's electrical system.

These battery cables are vital for most Toyota electric forklift models, where the entire power source relies on the battery. The battery cables are covered by a protective jacket that helps them withstand high and low temperatures and serves as an electrical insulator to prevent any short circuits.

New battery cable replacement for Toyota lift truck: 00591-02140-81
Toyota forklift battery cable assembly: 00591-02140-81

A color code usually identifies jackets to differentiate the positive pole connector from negative. The red color is associated with the battery's positive pole, while black is related to the negative pole.

Accelerator cable assembly

Toyota forklift accelerator cable, also known as a throttle cable, is a braided metal wire that connects the accelerator pedal to the engine throttle plate. By applying and releasing pressure on the accelerator pedal, the lift truck driver can control the vehicle's speed.

New accelerator cable replacement for Toyota lift trucks: 00591-35371-81
Toyota forklift accelerator cable assembly: 00591-35372-81

The accelerator cable is constantly used while the forklift drives, no matter how long the drive is. Because of this, the accelerator cable can endure a great deal of wear from friction.

Electrical Cables

The electrical cables serve as conducting channels for the electrical current to the rest of the forklift element that requires it, such as the lights or the starter. Wire size, also known as "gauge," determined the amount of current that could safely pass through the wire without causing any damage. The larger the gauge of the wire, the finer the internal copper wire will be, which means that the less current it will be able to pass without heating.

Electrical cables used to power the headlights of Toyota forklifts
Ensure that electric cables are well insulated to prevent a short circuit

Can I Drive with a Broken Toyota Forklift Parking Brake Cable?

Operating a Toyota forklift without a functioning parking brake cable is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted. If the emergency brake is broken or not working properly, it could fail when you need it most, leading to serious injury or even death.

Always ensure your Toyota forklift parking brake cable works well before operating the vehicle. If you are ever in doubt, consult with a qualified technician for assistance. Remember, your safety is always worth more than the cost of repairs or replacement parts.

Can I Use Any Parking Brake Cable Replacement on My Toyota Forklift?

The parking brake cables on a Toyota forklift are built to withstand a certain amount of tension. Depending on the model of the Toyota lift truck, the dimensions and specifications of the brake cable may vary. Even if two cables appear to be the same size, they may not have the same strength.

Operator lifting a parking brake lever to keep a Toyota forklift from moving
The Toyota forklift parking brake cable must be adjusted so it is not too tight or too loose to ensure its proper operation

When you purchase a new brake parking cable, ensure that it meets your Toyota forklift's specifications. With the right brake cable, Toyota lift trucks can operate at peak efficiency, ensuring optimal safety and productivity.

How do I Know if My Toyota Forklift Accelerator Cable Needs to be Replaced?

Because you use your accelerator pedal every time you drive your lift truck, many times during even the shortest working shift, the acceleration cable takes a lot of wear and tear. Constant friction can result in wear; if it wears too much, it can break. When this happens, the outcome is never good.

Toyota forklift throttle cable assembly in optimal conditions
Always check the throttle cable tension to see if it needs adjustment

How long you can expect your Toyota forklift accelerator cable to last will greatly depend on how often you use the lift truck. The more use the accelerator cable gets, the more prone it is to fraying and breaking. If any damage is found, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. Usually, you can expect to get no less than five years from your accelerator cable before it needs to be replaced.

A Toyota forklift accelerator cable usually doesn't break or come loose suddenly. If you pay attention, you can spot the deterioration symptoms of an accelerator cable. This will allow you to replace the cable before it becomes a problem.

These are the typical symptoms that reveal wear in the accelerator cables:

  • Changes in the tension when you press on the throttle pedal.
  • Delayed engine response when you depress the accelerator pedal.
  • No engine response unless you push down very hard on the accelerator pedal.

Throttle cables usually don't snap or suddenly come loose. If you pay attention, you may be able to spot the symptoms of a deteriorating throttle cable. This will allow you to replace it before it becomes a problem.

How Do You Diagnose a Bad Toyota Forklift Battery Cable?

Insulation jackets on most Toyota forklift battery cables are tough and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. This helps to protect the wires inside from damage. If this protective coating is damaged, wires will rapidly deteriorate and their power transmission capacity will be lower and ineffective.

Bad and worn forklift batteries cables connected to its battery.
With bad battery cables your Toyota lift truck wont performs as it should

If the battery current path is blocked due to a bad Toyota forklift battery cable, you will get no response when you try to start your Toyota forklift. If the Toyota forklift is electric, then it will be utterly inoperable until you change the battery cables.

The following symptoms might indicate one or both Toyota forklift battery cables are damaged and need to be replaced:

  • The Toyota lift truck won't start.
  • Corroded battery terminals.
  • Low voltage battery.
  • Dim headlights.
  • Battery cables are toasted and damaged.
  • Hot Battery cables

Purchase Your New Toyota Forklift Cable Assembly Replacement at Lift Parts Warehouse

At Lift Parts Warehouse, we understand the importance of having a reliable Toyota lift truck. That's why we offer a wide variety of replacement parts, including Toyota forklift cable assemblies. We offer a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a single Toyota forklift cable assembly or a complete set, we have you covered.

Don't wait until your forklift's throttle or brake cables break to go out and buy a replacement. Contact our professional staff if you are unsure which cable assemblies suit your lift truck. Just by telling us the year and model of your Toyota forklift, we will take care of finding for you the set of cables that best suit your requirements.

Also, you will find other spare parts for your Toyota forklift that may interest you. Among the most requested by our customers, we highlight the following:


Each Toyota forklift cable assembly performs important functions, so we must ensure they operate in optimal condition. For that reason, you should always have an eye on them to spot on time deterioration signs. That way, you could purchase the necessary replacement before the negative consequences increase. When you need a new set of cables for your Toyota forklift, whether it's for emergency brakes, accelerator cable assembly, or just a new pair of battery cables, don't hesitate to contact the Lift Parts Warehouse. We are sure that you will find the replacement you need for your Toyota lifting vehicle on our online store.

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