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Repair Program

Importance of Repairing
Repairing something that is broken is always the first approach to a problem. However, a successful repair is rarely achieved due to the lack of specialization and expertise by most repairing services, the fact that most parts weren’t manufactured with the provision to allow for extensive and repeated repairs, and finally the lack of specific components and materials that are needed for the repair.

Repairing something though is beneficial both from the owner’s financial perspective and also for the protection of the environment as fewer parts are discarded in landfills and fewer materials and energy are spent on the production of new parts. That said, repairing a part is a very important activity that must be assigned to the right people. If not, a part may not work correctly damaging other interworking parts, may not work safely thus increasing the risk of an accident, and may not work for long enough to make up for the expense of the repairing service cost.

Our Rapid Repair Service
Lift Parts Warehouse offers a superior “Rapid Repair” service that is aimed at those who are in need of a swift yet highly reliable repair. The process is simple:
a.) You contact us via a toll-free phone number or chat and give us the details about the part that needs repairing.
b.) Our skilled engineering team evaluates the repair quote and provide their feedback to you within two business days.
c.) Your part is picked up by our agents.
d.) Your part is repaired, upgraded, and tested. This process lasts for two business days at maximum.
e.) Your part is delivered back to you as soon as possible, carrying a tracking number and packaged safely to avoid damage during shipping.

We offer rapid repair for motors, torque converters, and all electronic parts that are not in our re-manufacturing program such as power supplies, printed circuit boards, industrial control units, and much more.

What makes us different from any other repairing service is the fact that we don’t just correct the malfunction of your part, but we also perform the required upgrades to bring the part to the latest OEM specifications. After the repair/upgrade is complete, the part is thoroughly tested by our team of certified electronic technicians and engineers who use state of the art measurement equipment to ensure that every aspect of the part’s operation is immaculate. This quality testing procedure reveals any underlying issues, and so we can guarantee customer satisfaction for an extended period of time.

The status of the parts that are shipped back to the owner can be checked through our own online platform using the provided tracking number. We respect our customers and do everything that we can to assure that their business will continue to run seamlessly with the timely reception of the critical parts.